Friday, January 27, 2006

Kinda caught up.... a little I guess

So I'm not quite caught up in my biology homework but we do three chapters a week so it's hard to keep up on the current stuff as well as go over the past stuff. I'm still doing the readings before class but I've gone back to redo my notes for the chapters because I was not understanding what was going on. It makes me appreciate my friends Adrienne and Jodi more because biology is ridicously hard.

So incase nobody knew this yet.... Jenn and Jim are getting married in Costa Rica in March! 2006! Then Jim and the Bears are moving here! Wheeeeeeeeee!!!! Fun-ness is going to Jenn's blog and going through the present registry. I've already decided what I'm going to get them but I don't know if I should get it now or wait till Jim moves here. Knowing me, I'll get it pretty soon because I loooove giving presents. I'm thinking of ordering it while they are in Costa Rica and giving Jenn a card for them to open on their wedding day with a picture of what it is. That's a good idea eh? I'm so happy for them!

My room is trashed. Last night I went around and picked up all the receipts (is that spelled right?) and misc. paper off my floor except for the one corner of my room that is a mass of clothing, papers, and books. And the area by my door. That's a mass of papers, knickknacks, and bags. Oh, but the kitties had fun last night when I changed my sheets. Spike will stay underneath the covers no matter how hard you nudge him, he'll just burrow deeper, and Chuck just spazzes out constantly and will a) attack the sheets, scare himself b) attack Spike under the sheets, get scared c) attack my hand when I tucks the sheets in, get scared or d) spaz out for no reason.

Oh, and that flashing picture on my previous blog entry was suppose to be a link to this but for some reason it didn't work. sigh.

And thanks to Mom for telling me about this.
North by Northwest Knits on Saturday Jan 21..with a show all about this very popular art/craft. For those interested in the Scarf Swap here's how it will work: everyone who sends in a hand knitted scarf will get one in return from another BC knitter. Please include with your scarf a note with your name and address, sone information about the pattern and the wool and some little anecdote about you and knitting. The Swap will continue through Feb and possibly into March depending on the response from around BC.

Otherwise, my life has been pretty low-key of late. It's been lovely having Jim here. I work a lot, well, every Saturday and Sunday so I don't really have a technical day off but Thursday my only class is from 630 to 8 so meh. Last week I slacked on school work and watched a lot of TV (I heart Project Runway) so this week has been a mad scramble to catch up which was unfortunate because it's hard to 'catch up' on something that is due that day... like let's say a colliquium paper, or an annotated bibliography. Yeah. Not the best plan of attack.

Away I go!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Topic approved!

Well, since my previous cheerful topic of female genital cutting was deemed too sociological for my psychology seminar class(which, in all fairness, it was), I've decided to do my research on the equal or even more cheerful topic of the high rate of senior suicide! Wheee! Anyhoo, the three courses is working out well. I still have a tonne of coursework but at least it is manageable. I've been getting a lot of congratulations from people which is always so nice and lots of wonderful phone calls. Love love. I have also been able to start up some drawing again, right now just drawing out of my sister's Faerie book by Brian Froud. Knitting still, I went crazy at Darlene's yarn store the other day but the results are beautiful. I have some fun stuff I want to do with my blog, which included starting movie reviews based on my humble opinion but I just wanted to blog right now and say hello to people (hello) and also tell people that I just got a wonder woman notebook in the mail. Is there anything better than that?

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

And now I'm back


I'm breathing now. (for drama show... see previous blog of about... oh three minutes ago)

I'm not a failure. I'm very smart (Jenn says so and she's really smart so she must be right).

Reasons I'm smart.
  1. realizing that I am unhappy and doing something about
  2. realizing that I am ignoring aspects of my life that I love like my friends, family, and artwork
  3. realizing that going to school for thirty two months straight is insane
  4. realizing that attending school for another year means I can apply to places like University of Victoria, UBC, SFU, as well as UNBC
So I'm not crying anymore, though I can't promise I won't again because I am a complete spaz, but I promise that I won't cry about this decision. And even though I want to go back and delete my last blog, I won't because I think it's hilarious that I had a nervous breakdown in blogdom. Heh. Wheeeeeeeeee for me.

In other news, I got a kick ass japanese animation artbook that displays all the popular artists right now and it's amazing. I got it with the gift certificate from my aunt and cousins. I love them.

Where does the student end and life begin?

Well, having a little angst crisis here. You can leave now, I wouldn't blame you. In fact, I've a half mind to leave as well, but I've been drinking, so my judgement is very, very questionable. Anyhoo, back to my angst. I've always joked about how much I bitch about school in my blog, I mean, just look at my titles over that past year or so. I despise it, it wasn't always so, but it is very so now. Other people have knitting blogs, I have a hating school blog. And I'm in school. And I hate it. This isn't a good thing me thinks. So, as I said to myself as I was mulling to myself on the bus tonight after a rather silly library tutorial, I have a few options. I could not blog anymore, but that is a stupid option, so let's forget about it. I could drop out of school, but frankly, I NEED to be a teacher at this point. I've read so much about it and seen so many amazing people doing it that I do feel that being a teacher will make the difference in life that I've been seeking;hence, not dropping out of school. So what's a girl to do?

I don't know. I just don't. Well, that's a lie. I do. I just hate it right now. I'm going to drop the amount of courses I am taking and take another year at school and writing that has made me start to cry because I feel like a failure.

And now I'm going to go because I can't have any sort of liquid near my sister's laptop.

Friday, January 06, 2006

School is stupid

That statement is becoming a time honoured tradition in my blog. Hm. Anyhoo, I don't have much time to bore you currently as I am about to pick up this computer (just the screen as it is very light) and chuck it at the wall since there's a journal issue that is solely dedicated to my seminar topic and is impossible to track down but meh... I'm hungry. So if my blogs are few and far between as of late it's because I decided to download a virus onto Jenn's computer because I'm that frickin' helpful. I also could bitch about my insane courseload but I'll save that for later when I have actually attended all my classes and can revamp my blog as well. So far, the coolest thing I have learned is that rain began life, which is cool, I don't know why, but it is. Rain is what cooled the earth and they figured that life began in the pools of fresh water with all the radiation and stuff. I really do like my biology professor. Why he had to assign three chapters a week, I'll never know, but he's neato. As well, speaking of cool things, guess who purchased the official Star Wars chess set? Me! Heh. It's got a good side (Chewbacca, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Obiwan (Ewan), C-3po and R2D2, Padme, Yoda, and Luke) and an evil side (Darth Vader, Sidious, Maul, Count Dooku, Boba Fett, Emperor, Sidious' bodyguards, and stormtroopers). Yeah.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Spoiled brat reporting in

Spoiled I tell you! Spoiled. The brat part comes in because poor Jenn is trying to clean the house and I so far have played computer games, slept, and knit. And now I'm blogging. Anyhoo, this is going down as one of the best Xmases in history; however, very bittersweet because it was my sister's last visit with us for quite awhile since she left today to Sudan for a year to be the amazing person she is and work with MSF. I have a journal that I write her letters in and when it's full I'm going to mail it to her. It's from this line called Yellow Bus that puts out all these crazy messed up translation journals and notebooks with these cozy bears and kitties who knit. So yes, spoiled. I have a lot of things I want to blog about but I'm going to save them for later. Hopefully get one more blog in before I have to start classes (nnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooonononono) and I do want to give my blog a little of a makeover, just cause it's been over a year now and things need to change (bloom county fans dispute this but it's true). So today I'm just going to notch down my haul and pay tributes to the people that made it possible. Did that make sense? Notch down? I just wrote it without thinking and yeah. Hm. And here they are, in no order, Leone's prezzies galore (Xmas and Birthday combined).
  • The Complete Calvin and Hobbes! I kinda lost it when I saw this. I mean, can you, can you honestly get any cooler than this? I still get heart palpatations when I see it on my dresser. It's so revered that I'm not putting it on my bookshelf. It know stands beside my knitting needles. (Angels singing inserted here)
  • Bubble bath from lush, a future plant, and chocolate was a kooky wonderful gift from Adrienne
  • A wonderfully soft red houserobe that I am wearing right now cause it's wonderful (after recieving it and leaving home, I think I spent more time in it than regular clothing, in fact, we have these wonderful family photos where everyone is dressed and pretty and I'm in my robe. heh)
  • My friend Kayla continued her tradition of beautiful unique gifts in giving me a wonderfully esquisite blown glass ornament in the shape of... CAAAANDY!
  • My Aunt Shirley got me the most amazing mohair yarn from New Zealand (seriously, you can't get it here, it was bought in NZ) and it's all different shades of purples and blues.
  • I had two new bears to bring home with me! Mosiac is a purple dragon from Sheena, and Rupi is a handmade knitted bear from Jodi. Mosiac would like me to mention that the link is just to show off what his breathen looks like, but that he is not defined by the 'poem' nor the site, and neither are his siblings. Bear solidarity! He's also a lot cuter than the picture.
  • Julia and Jason got me tonnes of stuff in the above mentioned yellow bus line. I have a little money bank that doesn't open, two booklets, and a day planner, plus a sketchbook that has kitties all over it, a stamp set of little kitty stamps which if I ever get my thank you cards (read: belated christmas cards) out those stamps will be on them, a pencil bag, a pirate girl postcard, and (trumpets here).... a kalidoscope! I love it. It is inspiring me to knit fair isle but I really am not allowed to get any more yarn. All of this also came in a box covered in hearts and sparkles that reads 'Sweet Love: It's right out of something from a fairy tale. A terribly exciting and a scary tale'. Heh, I love messed up translations.
  • this purse which I love and is now my official sidekick. Um, I don't think that site is where Julia and Jason got it from though. Which makes it even cooler.
  • My grandparents got me special shampoo and conditioner for curly hair, which combined with the frizz ease Santa got for me in my stocking and the haircut I got, means my hair is actually presentable! Whee!
  • Jenn got me loads of fun stuff like a beautiful vase that hangs on the wall that the cats are already trying to kill, fused glass earrings, and hand spun hand dyed wool from Darlene which I profused my love to repeatedly last month. I don't know what I'm going to make out of it yet. I'm thinking a triangle shawl or a very wide lace scarf. I love it like caaaandy.
  • I also got lots of bamboo knitting needles from my family and Jodi, and more yarn from my family, maggi's tweed (it's the blue one) and soooo soft galaxy yarn 'star' as well .
  • An abstract painting from my newly engaged Katima-friend John, who is, if you are wondering, engaged to Vero, who is another Katima-friend, they were both in my group, which, again, if you are wondering, makes two couples out of a group of ten. Who knew? I'm so happy for them, they are seriously the most cutest, random couple ever.
  • A beautiful framed photo of my friends and I from Sheena from the summer when all four of us managed to be in the same place at the same time and entertained people with our conversations at bean scene.
  • I also got a gift certificate to reitmans (santa i think) and to coles (my aunt and uncle and cousins)
  • Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Mmmm.... Angelina Jolie.......... Yes, so thanks to Jim for sending that to me, we watched it and everyone agreed to was a good movie. I'm hoping to blog my thoughts of it soon. I have some deep thoughts about that movie. Also some diry ones, but I won't blog about those. My mom reads this people!
Goodness gracious spoiled indeed! And while I've been blogging, I think Jenn did the dishes again. crap. So I hope I got everything because if I forgot someone I am sooooo sorry! But I don't think I did. I hope I didn't. I loved everything I got and everyone spoiled me unmercilessly (is that a word?) but Wheeeeeeeee for Xmas and a meh for new years because well, I dunno, but I was in the bath when new years happened. And while looking up links to stuff I found this article which is an interesting read. Good night everyone!