Friday, February 29, 2008

And the weiner is....

Norberta won with a grand total of 22 points! Squiddy is a close second (sorry Jess) with 19, then we jump down to Sally (13 points), Kitty (12 points), and Pasha (11 points). My scoring system is very faulty so this isn't definite. Pasha had higher mentions but Kitty had more mentions so that's how he jumped ahead. Overall, I will be casting on for Norberta this weekend! She's pretty easy to knit but I've noticed she requires a lot of seaming. I'm starting to get the hang of seaming (read-Grandma's cardigan) so hopefully it won't be too bad.

Well, I was going to write about some fun I've had on public transportation, Spike's new picky eating, or how I am turning into a whipstitch master (it's a sewing thing- weirdo) but blogger is effed up again and doing that one letter at a time ever so slowly thing again. I'll just end on a general question: is even contemplating moving to the Yukon crazy?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cheese begets Cheese

My post is mostly ramblings today, so I figured a short story from last night will help explain the title of the post. Last night I wanted cheese and Jim bought me a pizza while him and Jenn were here and I really wanted to eat it last night but I was like 'no!- you are going to save it for a night when you have no time to cook!' so I decided to eat little bit of feta to make up for it (no- I'm not lactose intolerant, why do you ask?). Anyhoo- as you can guess by the title that the moment I finished eating the feta I went and popped that pizza into the oven. It was sooo good. And then I got the leftover for breakfast. Mmmm.

Thanks for all the notes on the knitted goods for Balthazar. I'll tally them soon and present to you the order. I have to finish some projects before I can cast on for anything new- I'm drowning in UFOs right now (unfinished objects). One that I am working on like a mad woman is the Strawberry Lace Cardigan from Knitting Classic Style by Veronik Avery. I bought this book even before it was put on the shelves (my friend was the one who reached into the box and grabbed it though) and cast on for the cardigan the same day. The yarn (cascade 220) was my last yarn purchase since January 11th (oh yeah). My friend Tammy and I have a competition to see who can go for the longest without buying yarn and it runs until September or until one of us caves. This will prove to be interesting. Anyhoo- a very poorly lit photo of the cardigan. The edges roll so I can't take a good photo of it without using pins and I'm rather lazy. The two front parts and the back are done and I'm working on the first sleeve. I fell four days behind schedule on this so am trying to race through the sleeve to get back on schedule.

Baby baby baby. Jim and Jenn came and visited me for three days. It was awesome. We ate some awesome food. It's not lost on me how ironic it is that two days after they left I found out about the greatest sushi place in Vancouver, but we'll save that for the next trip! I felt Balthazar kick (and kick and kick and kick) and tried to finish the crochet star blanket but to no avail. I'm hoping to finish it soon but it is crochet so it may come out... you know.... stupid. And that's not because it's crochet, it's because it's me AND crochet. I frogged a project today and am going to cast on for a Balthazar cardigan soon. This is Ecoknit cotton and is soooo soft. Next to it is the tin that Julia got for me at Hong Kong disneyland. Too cute and it had candy in it! As I type I am chewing on a sugar coated mickey mouse head gummy.And some spinning. That I started -oh- over a month ago? Sheesh. It is beautiful though.
Seriously, I need to finish some projects cause look at all this yarn just sitting around my apartment (in this case- ontop of my fake fireplace mantle- those come in handy you know).
And then there is this guy who is so zonked out right now. And oh yeah, thar be glow in the dark dinosaurs climbing up my walls.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I'z be getting a nephew- gar!

and he shall be a pirate! Gar! Yes-the Jenn and Jim team are having a boy and so the question becomes...

which shall I knit first?!?! (the point being that I want to knit ALL of these, but I know that may not happen before the beeb is born, or even before he is, you know, 24, but whatever. If he is anything like his parents, he'll enjoy these at 80 so)

Knitted Goodness Number One: Kitty! by Judy Head.
This adorable kitty is not to be found in your local walmart. He's unique and tres fun! Can be used with a variety of funny and serious voices and is easily litter trained.

Knitted Goodness Number Two: Sally The Eco Fairy by Yeaaaahhh! She's an ecological fairy! Yeaaaahhhh!!!!

Knitted Goodness Number Three: Norberta by Kate Kuckro
this is the second appearance of Norberta on my blog. I should just go ahead and knit this fluffy wonder eh?

Knitted Goodness Number four: Pasha by
Is there anybody here who doesn't want to squish that belly? Squish it!

Knitted Goodness Number Five: A Squid by Kristi Schueler
I've seen some knitted squids with little people caught in the tentacles. How cool would that be?

So... the order you would like to see them knit, please post below. Suggestions of additional knitted goodness are acceptable, but remember this is only the big knitted looklook category. There are more to come. Thanks!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Silent Poetry Reading

So this is from Oak's annual silent poetry reading and last year I did Adrienne Rich and this year um... don't know yet- going to go look through my poetry books.

Okay, I'm still not sure. This is hard. Okay, I know now.


top to keep the skin spread open to the air that
moves through the world-tree message seems
unnoticeable capable to the area over which
limbs cover all those upright configurations for
the connection between branches and roots
likewise any surface to depth genetics provides
unmentionable because invisible soundings
taken quickly re the mouthings of the trembling
body another language like French might place
elsewhere simple as tongue there is after all the
reaching for the water, reaching for the sun

-Fred Wah Music at the Heart of Thinking