Friday, June 24, 2005

Meiosis Mitosis

I drew a very nice rose today in math class.

You know those people who think sexism doesn't exist? Well, they are so stupid it's not worth going into but just for a causal little comment about sexism. Jenn and I were for lack of a better show watching Celebrity Dancing (or something like that~and oh yeah, Law and Order was on but it had already started and when you miss the beginning it's hard to get into sometimes) so yeah, and Joey McIntyre (New Kids on the Block for those of you, like me, who had no idea who he was) and his partner did a really good dance, frankly the most complicated out of all of them but they only got mediocre marks from the judges. Then Ms. Rachel Hunter (Amazon) came on and barely danced but did do the splitz upsidedown and was rather... well, skanky all around. Surprise surprise, the two male judges give her excellent marks. Then this other couple come on and they were good too, he was really funny. Mediocre marks again. Then the fourth and final couple come on and the strap on the chick's dress breaks so it looks kinda like something you'd see at a cabaret or something because the two take turns holding her boobs to make sure she doesn't fall out! And guess what their marks from the male judges were? Incredibly high! Wowza. Sheesh.

Anyhoo. So, what's new with you?

Friday, June 17, 2005

Stupid People Everywhere

I have about three things to blog about but I have class in about 20 minutes and I need to eat something so just one topic right now: People are Stupid. Canadians and Americans! First I was watching Canadian Idol the other day right (I heart cable{hence, consequently Jill and Damion too}) and I was blown away by the talent! I couldn't believe it! After watching the pain that was American Idol and seeing last years Canadian Idol (which both sucked monkey balls by the way) I was flabbergasted! I didn't watch the entire thing because I think I made popcorn or something but yeah. This one chick, Dianelys or something, amazing; in fact she is my new girlfriend. I love her. Anyhoo, I find out only three people make it out of the first group of 8, and it's icky soul patch (that wasn't even cool in the 90s!) metrosexual guy got in which makes me squishy up my mouth like I ate something gross and raise an eyebrow suspiciously, and the little 16 year old who sang Mariah Carey and sounds like Mariah Carey and well frankly, he's good, but I mean, Mariah Carey? And then this mediorce chick who was just as boring as the other two winners and I concluded, you know what? Canada is full of talent, amazing fucking talent, but the people who watch this show and who vote are all friggin' idiots!


Anyone, some other time I was watching TV (Hey, Ju~I watch TV and knit, do I burn more or less calories than reading?) and I came across one of the worst shows ever which is Trading Spouses. So I see this woman in a party full of vegans trying to give them dried alligator heads, and the other woman in New Orleans or something dealing with a ROTTEN son and husband complete with matching mullets. I liked that, made me feel a whole lot better about where I am in life and me as a person. I can't remember what I was watching but I came back over that channel later and saw the vegan-friend woman crying saying 'this isn't what I thought it would be' and I'm sorry but when you go on a show called 'Trading Spouses' what the hell do you think it's going to be like? No pity! No pity for you; you silly, silly woman! Honestly.

People are stupid.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Bears rule and flesh eating disease doesn't

Thank you for the poetry Bears! Most wonderful indeed. So I got up to the news this morning: someone 'toppled' from a bridge into a river and drowned, someone died from the flesh eating disease in PG (it started with you Jenn!), and someone is poisoning dogs. Least to say, I turned off my radio, pulled my covers over my head, and went back to sleep. Consequently, that whole plan of mine to get to the school early to study for french was rather moot. I have caught on up my blogging a tad however. I had a theme weekend; knitting and Buffy (season 5). We had a crazy thunder storm last night and it caused the power to go off for (oh-just saw that cute guy I like...) about 5 seconds but it reset all my clocks and I had to phone my mom to get the time. I still have no idea how I set the clock on my stove for daylight savings time so right now I'm leaving it where it is. It's nearly exactly 4.5 hours ahead so that was neat. This is an odd blog. I always think of interesting topics to write about, like the significance of a show like 'extreme home makeover' good or bad? or my issues with convocation, or why Buffy couldn't have loved Riley and why he was doomed and should have left much sooner, or on vital issues (not politics like Julia because I just don't get them but I'm trying) but like other issues that I know some stuff about but not really so actually I think it's a good thing I don't talk about some issues cause a whole lotta you intellectual types read my blog and I imagine you read it for some kinda of comic relief and if I did bring up an issue you would all start discussing it and then I'd get really lost and then just copy and paste something out of the Globe and Mail and that would be wrong. Well, I'm going to class now. Tata!