Wednesday, September 28, 2005

ten pm on a wednesday

where-abouts: home, computer room

doings: vegging on computer, refusing to study

drinking/eating: just finished a glass of warm milk and am full of yeasty flax seed oil popcorn

last TV: watched so you think you can dance with Jenn and Jim. I'm rooting for Ashle, cause she's totally kick-ass, and Jamile, cause he's hot and the other guy continously does the splits.

listening: Beethoven's Symphony number 7, allegretto (cult classic)

kitties: romping

room: moderately messy because all my laundry is still downstairs

tests: did one today, and on Monday, may have one tomorrow, two on Friday, one on Tuesday, another one possibly on Tuesday

stress: high but manageable

roommates: already in bed

crushes: maybe two, but definately one

hair: dark purple

tattoos: still just three

aspirations: have a bath then go to bed

thursday update: did have test in class today, so total this week is up to five

Thursday, September 15, 2005

just because you can ~ doesn't mean you should

So.... did yoga last night. Found out, I'm kinda stretchy. I can lie on the floor in a kneeling position with my forehead on the ground, lock my fingers behind my back, and stretch my arms back soooooo high! Wowza, I was so impressed with myself. So was Jenn. 'Way to go' she says. What an ego boost (after the difficultness of the down dog position where Jim came in the living room to see the commotion and I proceeded to yell at him quoting firefly 'keep walking preacher man' and then Jenn made me apologize). So then, onto the next yoga move. Slight problem, my arms aren't really going back down. Well they are, but they really, really, really, don't like it. So after slowly, ever so slowly, lowering my arms (ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow) back down I stay in the child position for awhile while calling out my woes to a smiggling (cross between smirking and giggling) Jenn goes on. But otherwise than killing my shoulders, it was all good. I did the shoulder stand where you start on your back than you climb your feet up a wall then you prop up your lower back with your hands and your shoulders tucked under your back (which is up in the air now) and then you (with the help of Jenn) lift your feet off the wall and bend your knees above your head and it's difficult to explain but I did that. So today my arms are still screaming constantly and hey, it's cause I did YOGA! yeah baby yeah. But still, the name of the blog is also the moral of the blog. Learn, my tadpole, grow.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The new 'stats' class

I'd even be happy with all 'meh' courses, but no... can't have that! There is a new class, a new 'stats' equivalent class. On the outside it is called biopyschology.... I'm not going to tell you what I call it. Whatever, get a good mark (for this class I will be happy with a b-, but I do expect to get higher), and then get out and never have to take.... oh wait, next semester I have biology! Argh!

disclaimer ~Leone seems to be complaining an obscene amount since school started. Is this her fault or the fact that school is evil?

School is evil.

Well, I have only one other 'meh' course and three smiley courses so I should mention that.

School is still evil.


Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I love the shelf-life

So here I am, at school, it's 8:23 am. I'm the only student in the computer lab (there are many more students in the computer lab downstairs, hence why I am here). I don't have much to blog about but I remember yesterday thinking I had something to blog about so I just turned on blogger and logged in hoping I would remember but I haven't yet and even though I keep on typing..... wait! I remember! Right, I was doing that flipping through the other blogs last night when I was suppose to be sleeping but I got drawn in and all. Anyhoo, I saw so many blogs that had no comments but the people like blogged every day like they were writing a friend and then I saw this one blog that I am so sure is a fake because it's this guy talking about his sexual adventures and how hot he is and stuff and I guess it could be real but why would a guy like that blog? Oh, and then there was this other blog written by a youngish girl and it was english but it may have well been in another language because like was spelled lyk and the 4 instead of for, u instead of you, r instead of are and so on but I mean it was consistent and like a whole other language, it was insane, and then I saw this other girl's blog and it was interesting because she wrote in english and another language (no idea) and I noticed she had comments so I clicked on them to see which language they were written in and all her comments were spam! So anyhoos, moral of the story is sometimes I get moody when I don't get a lot of comments but they I realized I should just appreciate the people I know who read this and be very thankful for all those who do comment. Yup. I just realized there are no cameras in this computer lab. I should pick my nose or something.

Monday, September 05, 2005

stressed about not being stressed

So having a relaxing week can only really happen if you don't plan it I guess. Being frantic about getting all the relaxing things has actually stressed me out. Now I have guilt because I haven't finished my book, nor do I think I have played enough sims, and for not finishing both my knitting projects (I finished one but it's kinda.... messed up but oh well, it's a christmas present so). How did this happen? Now school starts tomorrow and I've got school stress ontop of that. And oh yeah, I might get in the local newspaper with a photo of me and everything. Meh.