Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I'm Spoiled

So Christmas is coming up. I know because I think I only have 50% of my knitting done. Hm. Anyhoo, here is my little list of things. I love making lists. Especially lists like this one.

Ceramic mugs from local potters

Pestle and Mortar for spices and salsa

Pepper Grinder

Yarn- anything jewel tones. I like silk. Cashmere. Yak. Whatever.

These glasses are super neat. I need glasses. I think I'm down to four. Oh, and wine glasses. Mine are dumb. And I only have two. I fail at being a grown up continuously.

Knitting things. I don't know if that link will work but it's a swift, interchangeable steel or wood needles, and the Yarn Harlot's new book.

Cute stitch markers. My only requirements are that they are not stupidly expensive (really? Four stitch markers for 20 dollars? What is wrong with you?) and they aren't long charms because those get stuck in my knitting.

I love this guy. All the work is neat (the unicorns are pretty awesome too) on that site.

I love fabric. The more bizarre and unique the better. Right now sticking with cotton mostly because of quilting but I wouldn't say no to silk.

Anything with a jellyfish on it.

The Office (American) on DVD.

Coffee from the Bean Scene or JJBean.

Earrings or pendants.

Cool buttons.

Ukelele Tuner.

That's all I got my friends. I hope this was helpful for the people who requested it. My roommate would like me to add that the cats would like a bag of tuna and catnip. I live in a weird house.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Yeah Yeah

So sure it's the first of December. Am I saying I'm going to blog every day of December? No. Firstly, cause you all saw how well November worked out. And secondly, December is a busy time my friends.

Moving along lots to tell you. Mostly about knitting. Sorry for the vagueness about projects and lack of photos. A lot of the gift receivers are also readers. The Christmas list thus far (I am so sorry to anyone from Ravelry that I haven't updated since October. I'm awful I know). Been doing a lot of this lately. Coffee and yarn. I lead a very nice life my friends.

Mom- done. But I want to knit her more so I've got a project ready for when I finish the other big ones.

Dad- all steeked. Just need the button bands. I was worried about the loose gauge so I sewed up the edges I wanted to cut with a piece of fabric underneath for extra reinforcement. It's working like a charm and I'm an un-necessary genius.Grandma- done! Woo!
Grandpa-getting chocolate. He's happiest with chocolate- it's true.

Julia- I weighed my yarn and I don't have enough for what I want to do so I may need to buy yarn or something. I'm actually low on yarn- it's either scraps, extreme luxury (my cobweb lace is tangled- that's another post) or designated for sweaters. Very annoying.

Jennifer- started but taking a lot longer than expected. Jenn was great and requested what she wanted knit. Now, that could backfire since I can't buy the yarn requested for the project but am using yarn I already own (I'm quite poor is the gist of this) so hopefully her expectations aren't high (hi Jenn).

Malcolm- mostly done. Just a few hours of mindless knitting to finish the last part of his project and then we have possibly the cutest nephew present ever.

Hazel- finished! Have I mentioned lately how cute that one is? Thankfully she doesn't have the most discriminating tastes yet so I'm sure she'll tolerate her present as much as she tolerates anything else (drools on it).

Jim-not started but I have the yarn picked out and it should only take me a weekend or so. Fingers crossed.

Jason- unfortunately I asked him what he wanted. He wants a scarf. Should have just knit him an oven mitt. So I had to buy some yarn because I'm not knitting a scarf one month before Christmas in sock weight scraps. I got some nice aran, got about four inches done, and then took it to a dark pub with Kat and royally messed it up. Once I get back on track it's a good one to take on the plane with me or what have you.

That's it! I'm off. Sweet dreams!

Colours of a Vancouver Fall