Friday, December 16, 2005

Day one of ninteen complete

So I have ninteen days in total where I am not obligated to do anything school related if I don't want to. Now granted, I'm a total loser keener who has already bought two textbooks and started reading them but that's beside the point. The point is that I have realize now the importance of these days, their holiness, their sacredness, and their motto, as Jeff would say, is 'today's special', and it is people, it is. So each day I am going to wake up and think of something I can do that will remind me of how grateful that day is, a day where school isn't a factor. Doesn't have to be big, quite small, maybe insignificant to the untrained eye, but never-the-less, it will mean something to me. So today, I spend about three hours deciding (and as yet, undecided) a stitch pattern for which to start my latest project. That's right, three hours deciding a stitch pattern! Oh the power of it all! I looked through all my books and magazines, tried out some, frogged them all, then decided to walk to the library, then decided it was too cold, then went online and searched for patterns, then Jenn took me [/heart] to the library and I flipped through book after book (when it comes to knitting books, the PG library is painfully out of date, which isn't that big of a problem cause a lot of the older stuff has some neat techniques in it but they have an entire vogue collection from the 80s that is one big tacky sweater after another), and then I came home and looked through all the books I had gotten and tried some more, then resorted back to a previous idea and frogged that time after time again and yeah. It was great. Three hours! (there were lots of break inbetween for sushi and such but you get the idea)
So that was my wheeeee no school thing of day one. I also kinda worked on my room (sorted laundry and papers), did dishes, sushi lunch with Jenn, grocery shopping, and played Sims. My first family that I ever started on Sims2, the Fables, well their twin girls just grew into teenagers and they just moved into a new house and Milla and Ashley are thinking of having another baby after her next promotion. Hee... wow.... I completely sound like I have no life or maybe.... I really don't have a life.


Anyhoo, speaking of my own life, I have about... letseehere..... 6, yup, 6 people I have to call this week. Two of them are unreturned phone calls because school = irresponsible negligent Leone. I also haven't sent out my christmas cards yet. Maybe they will be Happy New Years cards, or Valentine cards. I dunno.

Oh yeah, and if anyone can get me one of these, I will marry you! (or not, whatever). Alright, I'm outta here. I'm going to bed. I'll blog again soon and let you know what I'm doing to truely appreciate these holiest of days. Hope you all do the same! Hooray for not going to universityl!

editors note: I just read this and holy crap am I having tense issues or what? I'm not going to change it because I'm quite tired and I believe that is the main source of difficulties here but I just wanted to point out my own awareness of my inability to stay in the present, the past, or the furture. Meh. And thanks for reading.

Monday, December 12, 2005

two types of tired

1. Dirty Monkey Ass Tired
This is the tired where it physically hurts to breath in too quickly. You can't focus on things right away because they appear to be wavering back and forth, untill you realize that's you wavering back and forth. It takes about 5 seconds to properly process questions but sometimes you answer anyways without really knowing what the question is and that can be a big, big mistake. You forget how to work the debit machine and in vain search for the period not realizing it's just like bank machines and you just punch the numbers in order. Someone asks you something at the back of the store and by the time you take them to the front of the store, you've forgotten their question and have to ask them why you took them to the front of the store. You walk into the bathroom door because you forgot to open it first. You enter a zen stage with knitting and after fifteen minutes realize you have been staring at the wall while knitting and freak out frantically searching for any dropped stitches or mess ups (miracously, there are none). You switch prices while reading them out to the customer... like staying something is 99 dollars and 24 cents, when it is actually 24.99. Do that twice in one night.
2. Freaky Donkey Ass Tired
This is when you are so tired, everything is funny because nothing makes sense. You realize you have an exam in three days worth 50% of your grade and you have barely started studying: start laughing hysterically in the middle of the mall. You drop something, snort loudly, then laugh because you snorted. Your coworker asks you what's with you tonight, giggle like a hyena then let out a very heavy, long sigh. This tired is also associated with random feelings of wanting to cry, when you can feel that burning of salt tears behind your eyeballs. Don't cry, because then you know you will get snotty nose and blotchy skin. Laugh about it afterwards.

memo: this is suppose to be funny, not depressing. Jenn's all depressed now. It's funny! The crying bit is random crying, you know, when you are so tired that you want to cry for no reason (well, maybe you want to cry because you are tired but still... random). So funny, people, this is a very funny post. And everyone go console Jenn now too.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

crazed carb filled caffeine day (and some smirnoff)

oh so tired

had lots of bread today... toast... subway six inch honey oat.... terayki chicked burger... half a paninni (spelling wrong)... so much bread. I feel like a seagull I guess.

I studied at starbucks today and got my free (messed up previous order) venti latte, then my new best friend who works there made me a chai eggnog latte and a chantico and a sampler of a strawberry creme frappucino then I went to school and had an americano. and i had a pepsi (first one since thanksgiving canada). and nearly two litres of water. I peed a lot today.

so... i've been studying... then working.... then taking an exam (monday education)... then working.... then studying... I usually get to the school around 830 with jenn then study till one thirty then go home and eat and go to work between three or four then work till nine but oh ho ho I had today off of work! so I woke up at 8 and left the house at nine fifteen and studied at starbucks and at school till 6 when i took my exam for the worst class ever and I really, really, really did not do well but i could actually fail the exam and still get a b (if i didn't take the exam i would have still gotten a c+) which is crazy cause i mean for a class to be the worst class ever and i still have a good grade... i mean, it's got to be really bad then. and then after that, i studied some more for my exam tomorrow morning... and i also had a cooler because it was bought for me. heh... while studying... but after my exam. not like it would have made a difference. really. got home at nine thirty. so yeah. nice day off eh?

going to bed now... once i've finished brushing my teeth.

as the kayla would say.... tootles

Monday, December 05, 2005

Spawnkitty for sale!

Get 'em while their bad! Vulcan Spawnkitty Spike limited time offer! This Spawnkitty likes to knock over garbage cans, jump on the counter, and attack expensive storebought buns in plastic bags while his pets are away. He's a sturdy Spawnkitty, being able to knock over scratching posts and still sometimes scale door frames. He is heavy into the corruption of other kitties and will often pin crimes on them successfully. His likes are eating vegtables off cutting boards, lying in human laps while they are trying to do stuff, and shedding. His dislikes include shower curtains, wrapping paper, and being picked up. A limited time offer, Spawnkitty Spike* is going for only 99.99$!!

*Spawnkitty Spike is not actually for sale. Any money received will be considered belated Spike birthday presents and spent on tuna and yarn. While Spike has lapses of saneness, his pet still loves him immensly. The way he is a total lapwhore, how affectionate he is even to strangers now, how he rushes to the door (most of the time) when she gets home, how he doesn't eat her yarn as much as he used to, when he sleeps on her feet and night and purrs when she moves, when he burrows under the blankets and hides in corners, when he mews and then collapses and rolls at her feet, when he pushes himself around on his back by bracing his feet against the wall, and when he stares out the window, protecting the home.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Christmas already?

I've already received christmas presents! At my Christmas dinner with Florence, she got me Sin City, a wonderful silver chain with a beautiful charm, and a kitty angel pin (it was made in Alberta). We had a wonderful dinner, we spend most of it talking about sex. Letsee, so I've finished a few presents but I still have a ways to go. It's crazy I tell you. I started knitting a present for one of my friends, but then I found this yarn that screamed out her name (hint: A-something-e) so now I'm going to do something with the new yarn so now I have a nearly finished other knitting project with no home so I am going to finish it but I dunno what's going to happen to it. I may just keep it as a spare incase I forgot anyone. I'm also really not allowed to buy more yarn for awhile, not because of money, but because I have sooooo much yarn. So much. I handed in my knit for kids last week, (If I can wing it the picture should be below) they received over 1000 items for the salvation army (knit for kids is a thing that Lewiscraft puts on that you can knit kids items for winter and return them and the sally ann hands them out during winter). Well, I need to go study like an insane person who has left a lot of her studying too late and slept in again this morning. I'm also listening to my new CD: Pink Floyd The Wall. Heh. I am so friggin' cool.