Sunday, July 31, 2005

Geography is Mean III:stupid crappity

must stop now. have pain in wrist from pressing shift button to make capitals. and the kitties are being very bad indeed. jenn was really funny just now, she wants spike out of her room but i think he just ran under her bed so she yelled 'out out damn spike'. heehee. i have too much info in some sections and not a lot in others so i have some more writing but i will be done this sucker by tomorrow. then just three more three hour classes, one map test, and one final then i'm DONE geography and hopefully if my grade is good enough i will never have to take it again. ever. ever ever. ohmigod, did i just turn into jenn writing about her thesis work..... i have been here for one week today so maybe that's it. hm. interesting. now off to the world in my head! (after flossing and brushing my teeth and washing my face *sigh*) bon nuit.

Geography is Mean II: an hour later...........

so I got like two paragraphs done about the frickin' fish. I'm onto the oil now. I really don't want to be doing this. I'm so tired. I want to go to bed and go into my little made-up world in my head. Things aren't too good there right now, but it's an interesting suspensful situation, not.... UNBC. I think I'll pretend to go pee and read the Ikea catalouge for awhile. Excellent.

update: I got bored with the catalouge really quickly (I think it's the act of reading that is getting to me) so I brushed the kitties and now I'm chewing gum..

Geography is Mean I: sssshhhhhhhh.......!

Sh! Be very very quiet! Sneaky, oh so sneaky. I am suppose to be working but instead I'm blogging! Heehee. I have this paper on Newfoundland and Labrardor, and as of right now, my title is: I Just Don't Care. And it's not because I don't care about the region, it's cause I don't care about geography. I want to say, I've read the books, I know more about Newfoundland than I do about BC, it's all good, but I don't want to write a frickin' paper so just give me a passing grade and let me be on my way. Punk. You know what else is funny? As I write this I am whispering the words inside my head. That's pretty funny. Oh well, back to the economic activities of the oil industry. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I'll blog later and let you in on the progress or lack of such. Sssshhhh!

Monday, July 25, 2005

yeah... so I moved.

Yup. I moved. I'm living with Jenn now. It's nice cause we just drove home from the University (classes? what classes?) and voila. I'm home. The kittens are running amok and my room is coming along greatly. I have my bed, three bookshelves, two end tables, and a dresser all fitting quite nicely inside. The move was rather insane and all, and I still actually have my basement suite till the end of August so I still have some kitchen stuff and storage over there that I still need to get. My phone number is still the same so no worries there.
July is crazy month. Let all who read know now that July is crazy month. Also, you should note that taking three courses at once, two of them being condensed one month courses, is a bad idea. Bad. Grrrr.
OHMIGOD! Jenn defends... er I mean, presents her thesis tomorrow morning! Gasp! I'm so excited! I just went to the senate room today at UNBC where she'll be defending.... presenting her thesis (a very beautiful room by the way) and ohhhhh exciting!
I have to go write some papers now so I promise I'll try to blog more.
Just for a side note, geography is not only boring, but it sucks monkey ass as well.
And that's all I've got to say about that.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

a little tipsy in kitimat

just got back from a concert at tamitik arena (kitimat spelled backwards... ohhhhhhh) with Colin James and opened with The Goat, a cover band from Kitimat (tamitik spelled backwards). Florence and I, being the exceptionally cheap drunks we are, proceeded to get rather tipsy and had a wonderful time. Her sister, Callie, was our designated driver so we bought her continous ice teas and chips. So highlights of my trip to Kitimat include the wonderful fireworks display that was just amazing!, meeting the most lovely of salesladies at Jean Warehouse One, Amber, who stole our hearts and is our new best friend, the waterfall and beach Flo took me took where we got some rocks to paint, knitting cause we've done a lot of that, and going to pizza hut and getting a cheese stuffed crust pizza with extra cheese so it's actually amazing we haven't had a heart attack yet, and going to the theatre in Terrace to see Mr. And Mrs. Smith and there was shag carpet tacked or something on all the walls and the bathroom were so old and rickety with wood doors that wouldn't close properly and two pink toilets that looked like urinals so we avoided those and the movie screen was too long so the people were a little stretched but you got use to it and there was plaid curtains going down the wall and it was soooo tiny. We also went to Kitimaat village and played on the ocean front and looked at all the green something or other that covered bits of the ocean water islet and that was sooooo neat. I met a lot of people from Florence's work and they were nice but the people she graduated with, well, they were just boring and plain so we avoided them. I should go now. Florence was playing Titanic a little while ago on the piano but now she has disappeared. Oh Flo, where did you go?