Thursday, March 25, 2010

Balance and Appreciation

So like...... life is weird. Thought you'd like to know.

Here's my dilemma. And what a dilemma. Wow, when you hear about my dilemma, you are going to realize I lead a really really hard life. Anyhoo, work has been a little slow and we are just coming off of Spring Break so you know, March is kinda blah. I'm down to one contract so just one day a week guaranteed. I mean, it's still the same or more than I'd make working any other job with about a third of the time but still, I'd like to be working more. Blarg. And on top of that, it's hard to make plans because I never know when I'll get called in, and I can't do yoga in the evening because I have to be able to answer my cellphone. Blarg. And also, subbing has been great lately and all, but I don't love it. It's so hard. I just want my own classroom so badly. Sometimes having to go from other people's classrooms to other people's classrooms is just depressing. Double blarg.

The appreciation part comes in with realizing that I shouldn't complain. The only one I take care of is myself and I'm doing fine. I have no children, no dependents, really, not much responsibility at all. If I don't get called in I can spend that day playing computer games. It's scary a little. I try to make sure that I recognize that this won't always be the situation, and when I get my own classroom, this really won't be the same situation. So trying to appreciate my lifestyle right now.

The balance comes in with this 'dilemma'. A friend has offered to pick me up on her way to a two day annual fibre fair out of town tomorrow if I don't get called into work. Do you know how awesome that would be? And it's a good friend who I don't get to see that often, sometimes only once a month, and on top of that, it's a friend I rarely get to spend non-group time with. We're also planning a road trip to Oregon Coast soon so it would be a good trial. Regardless, it would be an awesome freaking day, and not one easily ever replicated. How do I balance work and awesomeness? How?!??!

So, after all that, what do I do if I'm called in? Of course I would accept the job but at the same time all my nerves scream NO because of that whole appreciating my current situation and getting the most out of it. When you step back, it's so easy (and true) to say that spending a day with a good friend is way more important than work. Another part of me also notes that taking off on a Friday would not be possible with an actual classroom or with kids! Do this now when you still can! So many factors say reject the call, and have a great day with your friend, one you will remember.


Life is just weird. Spike agrees.

Monday, March 22, 2010

643 days to go.

Been messing around with my 30 by 30. I think it's important to stay fluid on what this list in and adjust it without totally corrupting it. And I had to update it as well because a few more are DONE! I've left the whole list below but here are the mods and the explanations. I recognize that this might be a really boring post for most cause it's all about ME ME ME but I find that saying things on my blog mean that I have to actually do them. If I kept this list to myself it might never get done so please bear with me! BEARS!!!


#14. Pick up some kind of activity or sport thingie DONE! Yoga has been maintained for over six months and now I'm biking so check check and check.
#22. Participate in a charity marathon even if I just briskly stroll the whole thing Done. June 7th, 2009 Childrun for BC Childrens' Hospital
#28. Adopt another kitten DONE! February 17th, 2010.

In Progress...

#3. Make a really awesome bookshelf In progress~ signed up for a woodworking class.
#6. Bike around one of the islands In progress~ got a bike.
#11. Publish one of my poems (and not self-published) In progress. Writing poems on my phone.
#19. Organize a serious charity knitting project In progress~ emails have been sent!


#9. Bike a century (160km) in two days **changed from Visit my friends in Gimli see #21**
#15. Learn how to be awesome at chess and play a game with those really serious russians downtown **this one is in danger. I've no one to play chess with and the computer is boring**
#21. Go across Canada **changed from Go swimming in the Atlantic Ocean with my friends on the East coast because #9 (Gimli) and this one were too similar**
#23. Go to Vietnam with Julia **changed from Do the European coastline trip with Julia ** because I really want to go to Vietnam now. Like really really. The coastline can wait.
#24. Do a whole day hike. **use to be Hike the West Coast Trail **changed to do a whole day hike because I recognize that I will not under any circumstances go over rickety bridges or unsafe ladders. I do not find it fun or exciting or anything, and it would be five times worse if I was already really tired or under pressure because of people around me*
Make a 100 book reading list. **use to be Make a life list** changed because I researched life lists and they are 1. pretentious 2. sets people up for failure 3. all seem to be attaining for other peoples' ideals of what your life should look like (it's like the list itself is a sad performance to get attention) and 4. people have too much money or too much debt because these life lists are bonkers.

With that being said... got any book suggestions?

Life list take two

Original here.
Mods March 22nd here.
  1. Design and knit my perfect cardigan out of hand-spun hand-dyed yarn
  2. Get a spinning wheel
  3. Make a really awesome bookshelf
  4. Crochet a bedspread with one of my Grandmother Hazel's crochet hooks and laceweight
  5. Go on a real vacation
  6. Bike around one of the islands
  7. Get another tattoo
  8. Pay off bank student loan
  9. Bike a century (160km) in two days
  10. Get really good at the violin- like stellar
  11. Publish one of my poems (and not self-published)
  12. Become an Aunt again
  13. Keep my blog (or still have a blog- maybe a cooler design)
  14. Pick up some kind of activity or sport thingie DONE! Yoga has been maintained for over six months and now I'm biking so check check and check.
  15. Learn how to be awesome at chess and play a game with those really serious russians downtown
  16. Be a bridesmaid again cause it is fun
  17. Use my 5' by 7' canvas for a painting
  18. Get another family portrait with all the new people in our family (stolen from Annika)
  19. Organize a serious charity knitting project (stolen from Annika)(again)
  20. Get involved with a Feminist organization (prompted by my current reading- The Story of Jane Doe: A Book About Rape)
  21. Go across Canada
  22. Participate in a charity marathon even if I just briskly stroll the whole thing (suggestion via facebook from Jubbers) DONE!!!! June 7th, 2009- Childrun for BC Childrens' Hospital fight against cancer. 205 dollars raised.
  23. Go to Vietnam with Julia
  24. Do a whole day hike. (Thanks Beentsy)
  25. Scuba or snorkel
  26. Garden- no matter how small
  27. Write and illustrate a picture book
  28. Adopt another kitten DONE! February 17th, 2010.
  29. Make a 100 book reading list.
  30. Design and sew a dress that is spectacular

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Back on Earth

Some friends have commented that I kinda dropped off the face of the earth the past week. I also have no idea what day of the week it is. A friend texted me on Thursday and I had no idea it was Thursday. I don't know what day I thought it was~ frankly I hadn't paid it much thought. Why yes it is Spring Break.

And on top of all that I found an amazing seat sale flight home so pretty last second I packed...
Points for effort no? (I'll have you know the two kittens were taken great of by the wonderful Darcy)

I jumped on a plane and, among other things, got to see...Spike's Dad (big cat)...
Spike's Mom (tiny cat)....
my Mom's kitties, Zac and Jamieson...
my loveliest Grandparents...

I also saw, unphotographed, Jenn and Jim, Mom and Dad, Jodi, Saroj, my godparents, Chuck and Rupert, and someone else... mmmm.... who could that be. Oh right...


Mom and I drove back (well, Mom drove) and I'm constantly amazed at how well my camera takes landscape photos. For such a little odd camera, it's all quite odd.
We're off to paralympics curling!!! Fun!

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Head's catching up with the eyes

My friend Darcy made that comment upon seeing Lala for the second time on Thursday.

She's still got those big eyes (the vet commented on them) but as we know so does Spike so they can be Bette Davis siblings.

Here's them napping together. Can you see the Lala? I actually freaked because it took me awhile to find her here.
I was actually very happy because Spike adjusted to Lala so much quicker than anyone expected. They aren't best buddies or anything but he's gone from the denial stage of 'if-I-don't-look-at-you-you-don't-exist' to mild acceptance. They play now a little, and I leave them alone together.

They are so similar. Both love small spaces, drinking out of my water glass, chasing treats, and killing the yoga mat.

Lala, unfortunately, has some allergies, which makes her quite a modern day kitten if you ask me. We don't know if it's plastic or chicken she's allergic too so I'm cutting out both. I'm going to slowly adjust her over to hypo-allergenic food over the next month. Poor thing was developing acne on her chin and was starting to lose hair off her ears!!! I mean, I love the fact that she's part manx (the tail) and polydactyl (the toes) which the vet said was pretty rare, but those are both really cool things! Acne and hair loss not so much with the cute.

Lala was so great at the vet. So different from Spike. So very very different. No technicians were called in. No giant oven gloves. No wounds. No howling from the depths of hell. She was really done with it all after her final shots but once I got her home she was fine. She even had blood drawn without being sedated first! During the quiet times she either sat on my lap or cocooned herself in her blanket. Wish I had a photo of that.

And onto one of the reasons I've been so quiet lately. Not only did I get a sinus infection but hello allergies!! Took these photos on the way to get a cinnamen bun. Enoy.