Monday, June 18, 2012


 I know it's been awhile.  It's weird because I felt like I did blog because I wrote a very long post two weeks ago but I never published it.  I wanted to share some of the things I had down with my class this year but I ended up deciding to keep my work and my blog separate at the end.  I didn't show any of my kids, just large pieces of art we had done together and various projects we completed throughout the school year.  It was a good post and I'm sad I'm not sharing it but I just decided I wasn't comfortable hitting publish. 

Nevertheless, I'm fine showing you our butterflies.  All six caterpillars grew large and fat!  All caterpillars made cocoons!  All cocoons survived!  All butterflies emerged and survived the three days in the laundry hamper!   I was so pleased.  Our classroom was a lot chillier than the other K classes so the other classes were letting their butterflies go while we had cocoons.  I was convinced they were dead but no!  It was great when one butterfly emerged from its cocoon during class time and the children got to watch it unfurl its crumpled wings.  Pretty cool times. 
Things are crazy right now.  School is wrapping up which is unbelievable.  It's pretty exciting that not only is this the first year at one school, but so far I'm at this school next year as well!  I'm so happy about that.  Things outside of work are also nice.  My best friend got married the other week which was AWESOME.  I didn't have my camera but I've got to say, a small group of friends, getting married at the seawall, a steak dinner and boardgames?  Not only one of the best weddings I've been to but I think it's fair to say my friends are the best.  The boyfriend and I are having a lot of fun throwing brunch and game days on Sunday.  He does all the cooking but I provide priceless emotional support (ie. I play Diablo III on his computer).  So far we're pretty happy with just playing Smallworld with our friends.  So yeah, things are busy but all good right now.  :)
In knitting news I finished my sister's birthday present only a month late.  It's soaking right now so pictures tomorrow.  I started a pair of socks with some pretty special yarn and so far so good.  I'm hoping to not get second sock syndrome on these ones but it does look like I've fallen to my typical small sock syndrome so my mom may be getting them.  Pics tomorrow as well.  It's dark in here. 

I'm off to figure out if there is a bedroom floor under the knee deep piles of clothing.  Pics of knitting soon!