Monday, August 20, 2007



turns out I was in Raverly months ago. They sent me an invite on JUNE SEVENTH!!!!

my bloody hotmail account noted it as spam so I never got it.

*smashing forehead on table*

but now I am in.

so I'm going to go there and try to feel better.

I'm trying to reconcile with it since I have been really busy with school and it would have been a major distractions.



and now I have a clock that tick tick ticks

I don't have a picture of the new clock, but I do have a picture of sushi. Mmmm...... sushi. So my Mom was up for a few days which was awesome. She was home waiting for me after my last class for the summer semester. We had a great visit, ate fun food, took lots of photos with her spiffy new camera, and rearranged my living room! It looks neato fantastico now. We also went to Granville market, the Vancouver Art Gallery, and went to see friends, and of course, shopping. Anyhoo, my new and improved living room looks as thus....
It's hard to see the Spike on the daybed, but he's there. We found wonderful muted purple pillows that were priced too good to pass up. There be some Bears beside the daybed there. The print is from the VAG, it's Romaine Lacaux by Renoir which brought me to tears the first time I saw it (you would cry too if you were there). The yarn on the chair there is in prep for a small knitting party I'm throwing tomorrow.
Ah, here is a shot of the Spawnkitty himself. He's guarding my knitting.

Here's another shot of my mantle as I wasn't happy with the earlier ones. The glass stars I purchased at a artisan fair in the North. The cubes are from a project for a class. Those took way too long to make.
Oh! Here's Mom and I at our sushi place (these photos aren't in order). Mom and I have a blast when she comes down and with her new camera we have a photo diary of everything (us at the art gallery, us at the piers, us at our friends house, etc.). There's also an awesome photo of me at a toy store overjoyed to be among the throngs of Bears to be (stuffies for those who don't speak Bear). Maybe I'll show you that one.
Ah, here is the painting if you didn't click on the link. It's mounted on a wood frame that's about two inches wide.
And my new yarn wall! Well, there's also books there but mostly yarn. I'm putting all the children's books I've been buying there as well, and my puzzles and magazines and chess set are there too, and Spike's toy, and my comics and such. Overall, my living room rules.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

two second post

1. My bed arrived and was assembled but is faulty. Sigh. So the new part comes on Friday and my question to you is the pillow scheme.... a)one colour theme and if so what colour? b)season theme and if so what season? or c) rainbow theme?

2. I have spent the last four years growing out my hair from an unfortunate choice to shave my head (I looked like a monkey) but now I am seriously considering cutting it short (I'm still looking for a pic of the cut I want). Do you think I'm completely mad for thinking of cutting it short or do you think I mean, hey, hair grows back... so yeah, what do you think?

Friday, August 03, 2007

Beds, Books, and Blisters

First of all, look what I bought! Except mine is white, and it looks a lot better when it's covered in pillows, which I will do as it's mostly going to be a couch. Isn't it stellar? I wanted a sofa bed but I was finding that the couches were so much nicer to sit on, but more expensive, and then I saw this and I loved it oh so much! I get it on Sunday. Wheeeeeheeheehehehee!
I can't wait to cover it in pillows and knit away on it! I had so much fun at Ikea, it was nearly sinful. I could spend soooo much money there! And it was an uber good thing I had a good friend with me (Hi Sheena) who knew how to operate the store or else I would have been so lost.

So books, yes, books as in books and books as in reading. I had four presentations in two days, but at least all my presentations are over now for the rest of the semester. I've gotten really good feedback from my presentations so I'm pretty happy. For one I spent way too long making 16 paper cubes (who knew it took so long to make those?) to play a word game, another one was based on a chapter from my favorite book Matilda by Roald Dahl and I got my peers to read out loud (hilarious- one student so did the Mrs. Trunchbull voice), another one was funny in that it turned out another person in my group did homophobia in schools but we had two really different presentations, and the last one was group project but for my part I did it on self-efficacy and I did a drawing activity which was soooo much fun. Basically you get people into partners, ask them to draw a portrait of their buddy (so funny), then give them a lesson on basic face drawing skills, and then get them to redraw the portraits. It was totally fun. And it meant nobody could go on their laptop while I was giving the lesson either :P School is so good. No like honestly, I totally mean that. My living room is covered in paper, books, and construction paper scraps, but I'm so happy. Whee for me!

And blisters. Apparently, I'm developing a thing for shoes. Yeah. For Thursday presentation I wore my most darling twilight blue satin kitten heel pointy toe shoes. I got so many compliments about those, from both sexes, but oh, my poor baby toes. And I also have blisters from a new pair of sandals from Sketchers that are covered in miniature charms like starfish and seahorses, so cute! But yeah, no more painful shoes till my feet heal.

I'm going to metrotown tomorrow to buy some household stuff and pillows for my daybed, so hopefully photos on Monday! Possibly of my bedroom! I've a busy weekend, I really hope I get my bed early on Sunday so I can still make it to the Pride parade or at least some fun activities, and I'm going to the fireworks finale tomorrow night (I'm going to brave English bay!). So yeah, busy weekend so thank goodness for long weekends!