Friday, December 16, 2005

Day one of ninteen complete

So I have ninteen days in total where I am not obligated to do anything school related if I don't want to. Now granted, I'm a total loser keener who has already bought two textbooks and started reading them but that's beside the point. The point is that I have realize now the importance of these days, their holiness, their sacredness, and their motto, as Jeff would say, is 'today's special', and it is people, it is. So each day I am going to wake up and think of something I can do that will remind me of how grateful that day is, a day where school isn't a factor. Doesn't have to be big, quite small, maybe insignificant to the untrained eye, but never-the-less, it will mean something to me. So today, I spend about three hours deciding (and as yet, undecided) a stitch pattern for which to start my latest project. That's right, three hours deciding a stitch pattern! Oh the power of it all! I looked through all my books and magazines, tried out some, frogged them all, then decided to walk to the library, then decided it was too cold, then went online and searched for patterns, then Jenn took me [/heart] to the library and I flipped through book after book (when it comes to knitting books, the PG library is painfully out of date, which isn't that big of a problem cause a lot of the older stuff has some neat techniques in it but they have an entire vogue collection from the 80s that is one big tacky sweater after another), and then I came home and looked through all the books I had gotten and tried some more, then resorted back to a previous idea and frogged that time after time again and yeah. It was great. Three hours! (there were lots of break inbetween for sushi and such but you get the idea)
So that was my wheeeee no school thing of day one. I also kinda worked on my room (sorted laundry and papers), did dishes, sushi lunch with Jenn, grocery shopping, and played Sims. My first family that I ever started on Sims2, the Fables, well their twin girls just grew into teenagers and they just moved into a new house and Milla and Ashley are thinking of having another baby after her next promotion. Hee... wow.... I completely sound like I have no life or maybe.... I really don't have a life.


Anyhoo, speaking of my own life, I have about... letseehere..... 6, yup, 6 people I have to call this week. Two of them are unreturned phone calls because school = irresponsible negligent Leone. I also haven't sent out my christmas cards yet. Maybe they will be Happy New Years cards, or Valentine cards. I dunno.

Oh yeah, and if anyone can get me one of these, I will marry you! (or not, whatever). Alright, I'm outta here. I'm going to bed. I'll blog again soon and let you know what I'm doing to truely appreciate these holiest of days. Hope you all do the same! Hooray for not going to universityl!

editors note: I just read this and holy crap am I having tense issues or what? I'm not going to change it because I'm quite tired and I believe that is the main source of difficulties here but I just wanted to point out my own awareness of my inability to stay in the present, the past, or the furture. Meh. And thanks for reading.

Monday, December 12, 2005

two types of tired

1. Dirty Monkey Ass Tired
This is the tired where it physically hurts to breath in too quickly. You can't focus on things right away because they appear to be wavering back and forth, untill you realize that's you wavering back and forth. It takes about 5 seconds to properly process questions but sometimes you answer anyways without really knowing what the question is and that can be a big, big mistake. You forget how to work the debit machine and in vain search for the period not realizing it's just like bank machines and you just punch the numbers in order. Someone asks you something at the back of the store and by the time you take them to the front of the store, you've forgotten their question and have to ask them why you took them to the front of the store. You walk into the bathroom door because you forgot to open it first. You enter a zen stage with knitting and after fifteen minutes realize you have been staring at the wall while knitting and freak out frantically searching for any dropped stitches or mess ups (miracously, there are none). You switch prices while reading them out to the customer... like staying something is 99 dollars and 24 cents, when it is actually 24.99. Do that twice in one night.
2. Freaky Donkey Ass Tired
This is when you are so tired, everything is funny because nothing makes sense. You realize you have an exam in three days worth 50% of your grade and you have barely started studying: start laughing hysterically in the middle of the mall. You drop something, snort loudly, then laugh because you snorted. Your coworker asks you what's with you tonight, giggle like a hyena then let out a very heavy, long sigh. This tired is also associated with random feelings of wanting to cry, when you can feel that burning of salt tears behind your eyeballs. Don't cry, because then you know you will get snotty nose and blotchy skin. Laugh about it afterwards.

memo: this is suppose to be funny, not depressing. Jenn's all depressed now. It's funny! The crying bit is random crying, you know, when you are so tired that you want to cry for no reason (well, maybe you want to cry because you are tired but still... random). So funny, people, this is a very funny post. And everyone go console Jenn now too.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

crazed carb filled caffeine day (and some smirnoff)

oh so tired

had lots of bread today... toast... subway six inch honey oat.... terayki chicked burger... half a paninni (spelling wrong)... so much bread. I feel like a seagull I guess.

I studied at starbucks today and got my free (messed up previous order) venti latte, then my new best friend who works there made me a chai eggnog latte and a chantico and a sampler of a strawberry creme frappucino then I went to school and had an americano. and i had a pepsi (first one since thanksgiving canada). and nearly two litres of water. I peed a lot today.

so... i've been studying... then working.... then taking an exam (monday education)... then working.... then studying... I usually get to the school around 830 with jenn then study till one thirty then go home and eat and go to work between three or four then work till nine but oh ho ho I had today off of work! so I woke up at 8 and left the house at nine fifteen and studied at starbucks and at school till 6 when i took my exam for the worst class ever and I really, really, really did not do well but i could actually fail the exam and still get a b (if i didn't take the exam i would have still gotten a c+) which is crazy cause i mean for a class to be the worst class ever and i still have a good grade... i mean, it's got to be really bad then. and then after that, i studied some more for my exam tomorrow morning... and i also had a cooler because it was bought for me. heh... while studying... but after my exam. not like it would have made a difference. really. got home at nine thirty. so yeah. nice day off eh?

going to bed now... once i've finished brushing my teeth.

as the kayla would say.... tootles

Monday, December 05, 2005

Spawnkitty for sale!

Get 'em while their bad! Vulcan Spawnkitty Spike limited time offer! This Spawnkitty likes to knock over garbage cans, jump on the counter, and attack expensive storebought buns in plastic bags while his pets are away. He's a sturdy Spawnkitty, being able to knock over scratching posts and still sometimes scale door frames. He is heavy into the corruption of other kitties and will often pin crimes on them successfully. His likes are eating vegtables off cutting boards, lying in human laps while they are trying to do stuff, and shedding. His dislikes include shower curtains, wrapping paper, and being picked up. A limited time offer, Spawnkitty Spike* is going for only 99.99$!!

*Spawnkitty Spike is not actually for sale. Any money received will be considered belated Spike birthday presents and spent on tuna and yarn. While Spike has lapses of saneness, his pet still loves him immensly. The way he is a total lapwhore, how affectionate he is even to strangers now, how he rushes to the door (most of the time) when she gets home, how he doesn't eat her yarn as much as he used to, when he sleeps on her feet and night and purrs when she moves, when he burrows under the blankets and hides in corners, when he mews and then collapses and rolls at her feet, when he pushes himself around on his back by bracing his feet against the wall, and when he stares out the window, protecting the home.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Christmas already?

I've already received christmas presents! At my Christmas dinner with Florence, she got me Sin City, a wonderful silver chain with a beautiful charm, and a kitty angel pin (it was made in Alberta). We had a wonderful dinner, we spend most of it talking about sex. Letsee, so I've finished a few presents but I still have a ways to go. It's crazy I tell you. I started knitting a present for one of my friends, but then I found this yarn that screamed out her name (hint: A-something-e) so now I'm going to do something with the new yarn so now I have a nearly finished other knitting project with no home so I am going to finish it but I dunno what's going to happen to it. I may just keep it as a spare incase I forgot anyone. I'm also really not allowed to buy more yarn for awhile, not because of money, but because I have sooooo much yarn. So much. I handed in my knit for kids last week, (If I can wing it the picture should be below) they received over 1000 items for the salvation army (knit for kids is a thing that Lewiscraft puts on that you can knit kids items for winter and return them and the sally ann hands them out during winter). Well, I need to go study like an insane person who has left a lot of her studying too late and slept in again this morning. I'm also listening to my new CD: Pink Floyd The Wall. Heh. I am so friggin' cool.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Guess What I Did?

First, before I tell you, I want to say Thank You to everyone who gave me hugs! That was the greatest. And it was so nice to hear from people who I know read but rarely respond, it's like unwrapping a present that you know what it is but that only makes it better.

So what did I do. Well, you know how I complain that I have no time and am a giant ball of stress? I decided getting a job would cure all that. So yeah, I got a job. Heh. For those in PG, you'll know where I'm talking about... a comic book store baby yeah! They hired me! Even though I am apparently a trendy librarian! I'm pretty excited. Firstly, I get a discount on comics! Secondly, I have a resemblence of life outside of school! Thirdly, I will be making money! Not accumulating debt! Craziness I tell you! So. Yeah. I could see some shaking heads and waggling fingers, but meh. I think this job is going to be hectic madness, but I think it will also be a whole bunch of fun. My boss-lady is a wonderful person and it's all good. Heh.

and i talked to the guy i like again. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Okay, I'm away to proof read this paper again. It's so bad when you know a sentence is crap, but for the life of you, you just can't seem to think of a better one.

Thanks again for the hugs!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Where are you and what are you doing?

I'm at the computer desk.

Earlier I was studying for an exam I have tomorrow and am currently writing a paper for THE WORST CLASS EVER.

Anybody want to give me a hug?

That would be nice.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Wonderful things to knit

This is just a fun blog to be done before I retire (it's 9:30 in the evening you know!)
  • I'd save this for my own kid it's soooo cute! Medusa hat
  • pasha
  • a womb, cause I mean... then you can say 'i knit a womb this weekend. it's green.' Is there anything better than that?
  • a tea cozy (but if I was to knit one for Buffy, it would not be this one, or at least, not these colours)
  • these socks, but without the individual toes, and different colours to match different holidays. heh. yeah.
  • my favorite bear, again
  • if Cohen was a girl I'd knit him this
So I'm going to bed now but before I do, I'm thinking if I have time I'm going to knit a baby hat for my english teacher who just had a baby girl. Should I do the baby tart, or the miss dashwood? Please let me know because they are both soooooo bloody cute I just can't decide.

Sweet dreams everyone!

Nov 21st note: Have started the baby tart baby hat.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Yarn, wonderful yarn (tra la la)

So to the left and below is my mohair yarn. One has metallic shiny bits in it. I got them at the studio fair and paid outrageously high prices for them. It was one of those things were I wanted them, wasn't sure, so I put them down, looked around, saw someone else pick them up, got a rush of jealousy and possessiveness, and once the other person put them down, swept in there and picked them up. They are worth it though, I want to make something as equally unique (wait, does the placement of those two words next to each other cancel them out?) so I don't want to start anything yet. But yeah, I loveth them. They are a tad different colour scheme but they work.

Then next is a close up of my slub. I love my slub. I don't even know what it is really, I know it's wool, I think it's all in how it is spun but yeah, I love my slub. It is, I would have to say, the most perfect colour scheme I have ever seen in my life. Really, I'm dead serious here. Perfect. And isn't this photo just so artsy fartsy? I took all of these with Coral's camera. Yeah for Coral!
This last photo is another artsy one of my cotton sari rainbow blend. This was made in Nepal and was made out of recycled saris. I want to make a purse out of it or a wrap. I don't know. Why can't I just be rich so I can buy my way into teaching without all the 'schooling' getting in the way? Honestly. Being rich would solve everything.

Well, I don't know how well this will turn out with the photos and all, but I hope it's coherent and the photos kinda match up with their description!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Christmas List!!! (and birthday!!!)

Okay, here it is!* Um, I may change it now and then so I'll put it on my side thingies over there too.
  • A Dictionary of Angels, Including the Fallen Angels by Gustav Davidson
  • Gift certificates to The Neverending Yarn (Vernon) or Darlene's Yarns (PG)
  • As for yarn, I'm looking for handspun mohair angora in purpley/greyie/bluish subdued colours (you'll know you've got it if it is ridicously expensive), and I also like slub from Nova Scotia, the rainbow cotton sari blend from Nepal, or any type of soy yarn. (for photos of said yarns, see here) Frankly, I'm happy with any type of yarn, be it acrylic, wool, alpaca, or unknown.
  • Bamboo knitting needles
  • Very nice, sparkly, smallish or not, earrings: like this or this or this (I'm only using these as examples, not as specifics, I trust your judgement, but hey, if you wanna get me the blue topaz earrings)
  • Paintbrushes, the little ones: pointy, edged, or thick, doesn't matter.
  • I don't know if this exists but a queen sized original Spiderman (Ditko) duvet cover.
  • Old knitting magazines
  • A floor length, very soft, housecoat (one that you could cuddle up in a chair with a purring kitten and a mug of tea on a cold PG night and watch Buffy in)
  • Cohen
  • digital camera
  • the frizz ease hair gift set from shoppers (the one for curls)
  • The March of the Penguins
  • 40 year old Virgin (if it comes out by christmas)
  • The anniversery addition of Brian Frouds Faeries
  • anything from Reitmans
  • the calvin and hobbes collection (the massive three book one)
  • a CD booklet, one of those massive booklets with those slips that will fit a whole buncha CDs
I think that's it, I'm trying to think right now but I seem to be lacking thoughts. If anyone knows anything else I want for Christmas please email me it so I can put it on here. I will be so happy when Christmas comes around. School is evil. Evil. Tata!

*I'm sure whatever anyone gets me, even if it is not on the list, will be perfect and I'll love it.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Things I have done today to avoid studying

You'd think that getting back a ridicously crappy mark in one of my favorite classes would motivate me to study. Apparently not so. So, it's 3:30 and what have I done today?
  • slept in till 10:30 because Spike came and curled up on my chest (so cute)
  • had my yummy new maple churned honey with peanut butter on squirrely toast
  • checked my email and looked at the blogs
  • mulled and mulled about my wool toque that I haven't blocked yet and may just frog because it's just a tad tad too short but meh
  • walked to grocery store to get coffee and came back with coffee, buns, a magazine, and mandrin oranges
  • had mandrin orange and looked at magazine I bought
  • complete two typed pages of notes from my lifespan development textbook, chapter 11 (the self, identity, and personality)
  • made lunch for Jenn and I (cheese and turkey sandwiches with the raspberry honey mustard and mushroom soup with pasta and the pasta scared Jenn when she went to eat it... heh)
  • put away dishes
  • looked at blogs again
  • played defend your castle
  • found a whole buncha cool knitting sites from midnight blogger, and I so want to order this but I'll wait cause it's ten dollars shipping fees for Canadians.
  • and now I'm blogging
So there are many more things I want to do today. Letseehere...
  • complete chapter 11 (it's shame this is so difficult since I am actually interested in it, I just despise everything school right now)
  • start cleaning my room (at least put up my fraggle rock poster and organize my clothing)
  • finish my two knitting projects (Jim and Kayla)
  • play sims
  • yoga (Rodney Yee again I think)
  • go over my paper for Behaviour Modification
  • clean the bathroom
There are a lot more things I need to do: schoolwork, hem my new pants, ect, but it would be silly to put them on there right now cause I won't get them done today. Well. I should go. Maybe I can get on Jenn's computer and play sims. Hm.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Week IV

So week IV of exercise was a success. I worked out four times in one week period which means I get my reward of a new knitting magazine. So after work Jenn is taking me to Books & Company to get it. Very excited. I have so been blowing off the school work, well, not totally true. I've been reading chapters but not anything else. I'm knitting like a crazy person which is great. I went to the yarn store yesterday to pick up yarn I needed to finish a project (my colour was gone so that has posed a tiny problem but I'm improvising) and to get instructions for my Mom on how to block her shawl. There was so much yarn! Darlene recieved her original shipment plus three backordered shipments she had ordered in July! There is this one yarn called Noro that I adore, and it felts up so nicely and is 100% wool and very warm, this is the yarn I call 'kitten' because it is so freaking soft, FFF Over, and others that I can't seem to find online or can't remember the name of. I also just got to school and I have two hours and because I thought I would be taking the bus home because I didn't know Jenn was leaving early I didn't bring anything with me besides my notebook so I don't actually have any work to do.... so I'm blogging. And I feel bad because I'm sure everyone else (well, maybe not everyone else) is working on papers (which I should be), or researching (which I'm not because I decided to write the extra final instead of the doing a paper because Kyle is a ridicously hard marker of papers and I have undisturbed five days before the final in which to study) and I'm blogging and looking up yarn online. Heh. That's so great.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Coma-induced slug

So, after two weeks of complete undergrad hell, I decided this weekend I would take a break. Or have a nervous breakdown. I decided to take a break. So... what did I do you ask?

  • Went to the Studio Fair twice(!) and bought....yarn (two handspun mohair with metallics, not telling how much they cost), honey (maple churned in a glass bear jar), mustard (honey raspberry hot hot), Jim's present (not telling!), Jen's present (again with the not telling), honeycomb (fun, but not as much fun as I would have liked), a book, and nearly got a marionette but I didn't and now I'm sad. I also nearly bought a 200 dollar photo of a bear cub climbing on a tree on canvas but I didn't. The people were kinda snotty, and I didn't really have 200 dollars to spend on art. Which sucks. But hey! Maple churned honey! Oh yeah, and tonnes of samples, samples, samples.
  • Went to the Y Saturday (I just forgot how to spell Saturday and had to look at various spellings before deciding on that one, hope it's right) and worked out at 6:30 in the morning with Jenn and Coral. I decided to put the elliptical at the highest slant and my thighs are still paying for that.
  • Knit like a crazy person, finished my first scarf for Knit for Kids and nearly done another christmas present which I started last January, and I did inventory on all my knitting projects and yarn. Have come to many conclusions. A) I have too much yarn and need to knit it all up so I can buy more but seriously, so much yarn! B) I need to finish all my projects that are knitted up but still have to be sewn together or something (about three of those) so I can put them in a complete section. C) I need to get my hands on a digitial camera so I can take photos of all the christmas presents so I can post them after christmas and show everyone. D) I need a better organizer for my knitting needles (right now they are in a big metal bucket that has a lobster on it) which is fine, but I still need a better container.
  • Watched Kids in the Hall Brain Candy. Heh, really really funny. Wrong, in so many ways, but so funny.
  • Wrote a completely half-assed paper for my dreadful class that I don't care about and barely spent any time on.
  • Finally went shopping for pants and got three pairs, two jeans (one dark, one with jewels) and a brown pair of dress pants, and also got a blue cardigan with jewels and a pink blouse which I'm wearing right now.
  • Did Tae bo with Jenn (and did Yoga this morning and will hopefully do tae bo again tonight so I can reach my week goal of working out four times this week and get to buy my knitting magazine as I did not make my goals last week which was fine cause I still worked out three times).

So that was really nice. I also played a lot of computer games and listened to lots of music and watched TV with Jenn and played with the kitties. It was wonderful. Now I'm back at school.... sigh, but oh well. Week ten of thirteen! And only three days long! There, it's all good now. I'll let you know tomorrow if I did my workout and if I did I'll blog about my new magazine. If I didn't then I dunno, I may still blog anyways, but maybe just tell you about what I had for dinner instead.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

things to remember to keep me going

* tomorrow is day 3 of week nine of thirteen weeks
* next week is only three days long
* 43 days and I'll be done
* at least I'll eventually get out; the professors are there forever!
* after these four, only three more psych courses to finish
* at least I'm not homeless or desolute or friendless
* I love my bed
* Spike doesn't seem bothered by any of this at all
* even if I bombed today's exam the rest of the class did too
* even if I bomb tomorrows exam I'll still have chocolate waiting for me at home
* just because I have a presentation in three days with seven other people, five of whom I don't know nor have ever met, and we don't have an outline and none of our email addresses work, doesn't mean it won't go well.
* jesus loves me
* Jenn bought me a pink water bottle since mine was left at school (my fault) and taken by someone (bastard)
* I had kick-ass medusa hair for halloween and that will never change

I'll keep going.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Halloween = funfun

So went shopping today for halloween decorations. Really one of the first official times doing that. I was going to decorate the house as the ravenclaw section of Hogwarts (where learning is valued) but that just got too specific and would take a lot of time and money to make it clear to everyone and not do a halfass job and have to explain myself continously. So I've decided to go spooky-same as everyone else but it will still be fun. As expected, I am going as Medusa again but oh well. So what did I get today? Well let me tell you! Ahem...
  • A lantern with black designs over an orange background. Cats, ghosts, spiders, pumpkins, and bats. I'm going to hang it outside above the door.
  • A fuzzy bat from Lewiscraft that has wire in the wings so they look spooky. Sheds however.
  • Little white bags that you put leaves in with faces on them and then hang outside down from your tree so they look like ghosts! Spooky. (so I guess this means I have to rake. hm.)
  • Lots and lots of candles! (don't worry, I shall not leave them unattended or near anything flammable.)
  • Spider webs with spiders in them.
  • a witchy-poo broom
  • Ghost garland which I will probably put outside somewhere. Or I may keep it inside cause it's actually kinda nice in a funky way... but it was cheap so meh.
  • Candy! I got eyeballs (chocolate covered in tinfoil with the different types of centers), fatty ratty (really ugly rat gummy candy) and trash teeth (gummy candy as well). I'm also going to get some cheap traditional candy (nothing like caramels or raisins) but I'm thinking of putting the freaky candy in a special bag and asking children if they want candy or if I should get them something from my spooky bag and tell them that I put dead rats, teeth I find on the road, and eyeballs I take from people in there. Heh.
  • Smirnoff. But... that's got nothing to do with halloween or children. And none of your business! Hmph.
Well, after looking at that I realize that I didn't get any skulls. Hm. Wonder if I should go back tomorrow. I do have my coffin with the skeletons carved on it that I got years ago. I could also just cut some out of paper and such. I would prefer not having to leave the house tomorrow. Oh yeah, and I got Batman Begins to watch tonight. Wheeeeeeeee for me!

Monday, October 24, 2005

End of Workout Week II

First, a big amazing wowza-monkey-hooser to Julia and all the good happiness on her quickly forthcoming trip to Pakistan!
Second, a wonderful thank you to Jill for the tae-bo tapes and photos and a thank you to Jill and Cohen for the lovely visit on Friday.

Before I start ranting about the current state of my abs (owowowowow) I would like to clarify that Jenn and I did not go to Women's Zone on Thursday because I didn't clean off my sneakers in time and then she got sick so. I still went swimming with Florence on Friday night. We did twelve laps before a quick dip in the hottub. It's a very short swimming experience because the buses really suck at night time, moreso on the weekdays, so we had to leave early for Flo to catch her bus. They go later on Friday nights, but that's teen night. Sigh. I have to say, and don't take this the wrong way, but I love all the naked ladies in the change room. I know that sounds really funny, but I love that they are totally unabashed about themselves and have none of this stupid insecurity that runs rampant in my age group.
Right, so just wanted to blog and let people know that I completed Week II goal of working out for three times for 45 minutes because this morning at 6am Jenn and I got up and did a tae-bo cardio workout. It's one of those things were you see the move, get to do a few reps of eight with it, and just when you think you are done... they go into 'cardio' mode and all of a second it's double time! Aarrrgghhh. My abs. Oh how they cry. Well, I'm meeting a friend... three minutes ago so I'm outta here but BIG thanks to Jenn for the early morning sweaty workout! Heh. My ass hurts too.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Workout week II

Right. Nothing like waking up to the radio airing an ass-stupid quote from Mike de Jong. You know at that point it will be a bad day. Hence, I am blogging, instead of doing my stupid biopsychology reading. She spontaneously added two chapters to our exam next week because she got confused on what was on there and made notes for the wrong chapters. Which of course logically means you just add them to the chapters actually on the syllabus. Of course. Anyhoo, then I get here and my water bottle that I left in the area infront of the bus stop has not been returned in anywhere. It was purple and oh so pretty.


So whiny, so whiny indeed.

So I worked out last night to begin my second week of my three month plan off to a good start. I was going to go running but by five I was really hungry and I have to go running at 6pm or else it just gets too dark. So instead I did a workout from Cosmo, the bikini body workout. It was pretty good and it gave me some good ideas. I workout in the living room but for the 'cardio challenge' between each workout you have to skip rope for some odd amount of minutes, and I have no rope, and it was the living room, and Jenn was on the phone, so I would just run up and down the stairs and run around the basement. By the end of the 45 minutes, getting up those steps was torture. But it was good, it really worked out my arms... those two pound weights are a killer! (heh, to give myself a little credit, I used them during my other exercises and did a whole buncha reps with them). Jenn and I are going to Women's Zone (she got me a two week pass.... is there anything that girl can't do?) tomorrow and Florence and I are going to go to swimming some time this week as well. I think we are going to aquafit.

Should go study I guess. I have been a major slacker lately. Slacker girl. heh.

I'm going now.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Goodness Gracious

I Am

Which tarot card are you?

I really don't know how I feel about this. Not very pleased. Anyhoo, since I last blogged
  • Tuesday night- did section one of my running program.
  • Wednesday night- did power yoga with Rodney Yee (the guy on the DVD)
  • Friday night- went swimming, only did a few laps but played a lot in the current pool which is quite a work out.
So wheeee for me! My goal of working out for three times in one week is accomplished! (which means I get to play sims2!) I should also go do some homework because (gasp) I didn't do any yesterday! It's funny because when I thought my marks were bad I studied so much because I was in this 'I have to do better next time' frame of mind and now that I got my marks back and I did well, I'm kinda like... well... shit man, I'm going to knit for a few hours. Oh yeah! Finished my scarf that I made with the wool that Jenn got me from her Northern BC tour with the poetry people! It's sooooo pretty. When I get my hands on a digital camera I'll take a picture of it and blog it. It's really long and nice and it's cool because I knit it on circular needles so I cast on the length of the scarf instead of the width, so it was 280 stitches on since 7.5 needles and I knit approximately 16 rows. It seems to me that that scarf took a lot shorter time to accomplish than others, and it's crazy long! I loop it around my neck once and both ends go to just above my knees. Tra lala.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Dear Readers,

as of today I, Leone, have entered into the 'changing' part of a self-change project for my behaviour modification class. Whee. Hence, every few days or so, I have to blog and report to you my exercise habits. Your part, if you wish to involve yourself so, is to offer positive reinforcement in the way of woohoos and waytogos. I also accept gift certificates, yarn, and caaaandy. Personal stories of overcoming the hating of exercise are welcomed and as well maybe some sage advice from all you old folks out there (anyone older than me).
Thanks for your time,

Leone (already prepped in exercise clothing)

Monday, October 03, 2005

I like my octopus raw, thank you

seriously. I do. One raw slice of a giant (bigger than a toonie) octopus tentacle. Heh. That's so cool. I also had lots of other food and many a funny story to tell (I got my disapproving look from Jen when I looked down Coral's shirt, I get at least one every outing) and oh so much goodness that has made this otherwise not so lovely (any body else wanna give me an exam? I mean, c'mon now, anyone?) week into a very, very good week. Oh yeah, we went out for dinner at the shogun, that's what this is all about. Mmmm... octopus. I'll tell you more later. I am so tired. Must go to bed and wake up at 6am to study FAS, whee. I'll tell ya tomorrow if I actually got up at 6 or not. Le sigh. What a ranting blog. This is hilarious. It's like a bad journal, just worse because it's on the internet. Heh. The world is my late-night new-food-belly confident. Rock the cazbah baby.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

ten pm on a wednesday

where-abouts: home, computer room

doings: vegging on computer, refusing to study

drinking/eating: just finished a glass of warm milk and am full of yeasty flax seed oil popcorn

last TV: watched so you think you can dance with Jenn and Jim. I'm rooting for Ashle, cause she's totally kick-ass, and Jamile, cause he's hot and the other guy continously does the splits.

listening: Beethoven's Symphony number 7, allegretto (cult classic)

kitties: romping

room: moderately messy because all my laundry is still downstairs

tests: did one today, and on Monday, may have one tomorrow, two on Friday, one on Tuesday, another one possibly on Tuesday

stress: high but manageable

roommates: already in bed

crushes: maybe two, but definately one

hair: dark purple

tattoos: still just three

aspirations: have a bath then go to bed

thursday update: did have test in class today, so total this week is up to five

Thursday, September 15, 2005

just because you can ~ doesn't mean you should

So.... did yoga last night. Found out, I'm kinda stretchy. I can lie on the floor in a kneeling position with my forehead on the ground, lock my fingers behind my back, and stretch my arms back soooooo high! Wowza, I was so impressed with myself. So was Jenn. 'Way to go' she says. What an ego boost (after the difficultness of the down dog position where Jim came in the living room to see the commotion and I proceeded to yell at him quoting firefly 'keep walking preacher man' and then Jenn made me apologize). So then, onto the next yoga move. Slight problem, my arms aren't really going back down. Well they are, but they really, really, really, don't like it. So after slowly, ever so slowly, lowering my arms (ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow) back down I stay in the child position for awhile while calling out my woes to a smiggling (cross between smirking and giggling) Jenn goes on. But otherwise than killing my shoulders, it was all good. I did the shoulder stand where you start on your back than you climb your feet up a wall then you prop up your lower back with your hands and your shoulders tucked under your back (which is up in the air now) and then you (with the help of Jenn) lift your feet off the wall and bend your knees above your head and it's difficult to explain but I did that. So today my arms are still screaming constantly and hey, it's cause I did YOGA! yeah baby yeah. But still, the name of the blog is also the moral of the blog. Learn, my tadpole, grow.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The new 'stats' class

I'd even be happy with all 'meh' courses, but no... can't have that! There is a new class, a new 'stats' equivalent class. On the outside it is called biopyschology.... I'm not going to tell you what I call it. Whatever, get a good mark (for this class I will be happy with a b-, but I do expect to get higher), and then get out and never have to take.... oh wait, next semester I have biology! Argh!

disclaimer ~Leone seems to be complaining an obscene amount since school started. Is this her fault or the fact that school is evil?

School is evil.

Well, I have only one other 'meh' course and three smiley courses so I should mention that.

School is still evil.


Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I love the shelf-life

So here I am, at school, it's 8:23 am. I'm the only student in the computer lab (there are many more students in the computer lab downstairs, hence why I am here). I don't have much to blog about but I remember yesterday thinking I had something to blog about so I just turned on blogger and logged in hoping I would remember but I haven't yet and even though I keep on typing..... wait! I remember! Right, I was doing that flipping through the other blogs last night when I was suppose to be sleeping but I got drawn in and all. Anyhoo, I saw so many blogs that had no comments but the people like blogged every day like they were writing a friend and then I saw this one blog that I am so sure is a fake because it's this guy talking about his sexual adventures and how hot he is and stuff and I guess it could be real but why would a guy like that blog? Oh, and then there was this other blog written by a youngish girl and it was english but it may have well been in another language because like was spelled lyk and the 4 instead of for, u instead of you, r instead of are and so on but I mean it was consistent and like a whole other language, it was insane, and then I saw this other girl's blog and it was interesting because she wrote in english and another language (no idea) and I noticed she had comments so I clicked on them to see which language they were written in and all her comments were spam! So anyhoos, moral of the story is sometimes I get moody when I don't get a lot of comments but they I realized I should just appreciate the people I know who read this and be very thankful for all those who do comment. Yup. I just realized there are no cameras in this computer lab. I should pick my nose or something.

Monday, September 05, 2005

stressed about not being stressed

So having a relaxing week can only really happen if you don't plan it I guess. Being frantic about getting all the relaxing things has actually stressed me out. Now I have guilt because I haven't finished my book, nor do I think I have played enough sims, and for not finishing both my knitting projects (I finished one but it's kinda.... messed up but oh well, it's a christmas present so). How did this happen? Now school starts tomorrow and I've got school stress ontop of that. And oh yeah, I might get in the local newspaper with a photo of me and everything. Meh.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

School? But.... I just finished...........

So far I have three textbooks purchased: biopsychology, life span development, and 'Becoming a Teacher'. All of which were ridicously priced. Oh well. I don't know why I decide to blog when I'm tired and grouchy. I will say this, Sims rule! My last week before school is very strategically laid out. I have big plans this week, big plans. They involve such activities as knitting, reading, playing sims, playing neopets, eating, sleeping, and then some more knitting. I'm very excited to see how this all turns out. Did I tell everyone that Jim is here? He is. He brought Spike the Bear with him. Oh, I spent way too much money in Vernon. I got slub wool from Nova Scotia, yarn made out of saris from Nepal, this yarn called Brazilia (which always makes me snort and giggle), some wool made from Alcapalca..... that's not right but I'm too lazy to go look it up, and since being home I got some yarn that is actually kinda like string with sequins on it, 'kitten' yarn (which isn't it's right name but it's soft like a kitten), and this wool called Noro from Japan (sooooooooooooooo nice). I got two books, Eden Robinson's Monkey Beach and The Red Tent by Anita Diamant (if there are any spelling errors here, I can't see this as this font is too light for my create a post background to doublecheck. And yes, I could just highlight it and check for errors but that is effort too you know). Books I finished on vacation were Whale Rider and Sunshine. Sunshine is by Robin Mckinely and I want others to read it so iI can discuss it with someone. Overall, I had a WONDERFUL (heehee, stop yelling! heh) trip to Vernon and Canyon. It was nice to do something this summer like that so my summer wasn't so..... well, you read my blog you know what my summer was like. So I'll let you all know how my week pre school went. I can't really talk about my knitting in detail as they are christmas presents but hopefully I will be started on some of my own stuff with the yarn I got. Only about five more christmas presents to go! Wheeeeee. Oh, I finished my scarf and toque that I made out of the wool I got from Darlene's store in PG. They are so wonderful and original. Very earthy groovy. Now I shall see if I can kick Jen off her laptop. The thing about Sims, that is something I really can't do during school. Knitting I bring with me to school and acts as an anti-depressant. I have professional books to read for teaching. But playing Sims is really hard to justify. And its so bloody addictive. I built an amazing house last night. I was playing my family (me and angelina jolie in married bliss), and Angie (as I call her) reached the top of her career in crime and I reached the top of my career in being a slacker. So we had a tonne of money in which to build a new house. I managed to make a basement! So exciting. Well, I'm outta here now. Tata.

Monday, August 15, 2005

It's OVER!!!

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I could not be more happy if I tried! (that's not true, I'm all sweaty after running up three flights of stairs three times in the past half hour and I'm hungry and I want a pepsi and I want to knit right now!) But woohoo! Done geography! and I think I passed the final, which is good. This is a low expectations class, so I'm hoping for a B-. Hence, if I got 15/30 on my final, I would have 71% in the class and voila, B-. I keep on checking the UNBC website for my grades because out of my five courses, they only have two grades posted which is driving me insane; however, I realized checking the website daily is just going to make me more insane so now I'm not going to check it until August the 26th. We'll see if I can do that or not. Since I've blogged about it, I'm more likely to actually keep to it. Only 11 days away I figure. If I keep myself busy it shouldn't be too hard. (as you can tell by my overly explained and long written thoughts, I hate waiting for things, I find it very difficult)

I have a lot of things to do on my trip. I have two knitting projects, one of which I need to finish by Friday, and lots of books to read. I'm only bringing over three, Whale Rider, Sunshine (Robin McKinley), and What Would Buffy Do?, but there's lots of books at Vernon home that I want to read. I also have lots of people to see and coffee to drink. Unfortunately, my room is a disaster and I hate coming home to messy room. Meh. I wanted to pick up one of my school text books but I don't have the cash for it right now. I have psychobiology coming up and I really need to prep for that course. Me + biology = badness.

So crazy boy in my final was trying to give himself whiplash during the exam. I've never seen anyone do that with their neck before, it was really weird. Crazy lashing back and forth and at really quick speeds, like confused headbanging or something. He did it about four times in the space of an hour. And instead of just flexing his fingers or rotating his wrist when it got sore, he put his hand up like he was asking a questions and shook it all around. Maybe he was doing the hokey pokey or something. I dunno.

I'm going to go now. I have to get my stuff together and go meet Coral outside the caferteria in about ten minutes. See you in Vernon! (if you are too in Vernon, if not.... well then, I'll see you somewhere else I guess. Unless I don't know you, in which case.... Hi.)

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

So.... meh.

So here I am, after making an appointment to see my prof which I really didn't want to do, without my stupid midterm. Now, I have to come up with some really good questions to ask so I'm not accused of wasting his time. le sigh. Oh well.

I'm going to do a brief summary on my summer courses because I've got 2 hours till I meet him and I'm not about to do work because I'm a total slacker. As well, I've been looking at other people's blogs and they are all really nice and interesting and mine is kinda lacking lately. Anyhoo:

Math 190: How to Teach Math to Elementary Students
Yeah. Got through about half the criteria, RUDE students, quizzes where help was given if asked, but overall, a really nice professor who could make arthimetic sequences interesting so kudos for him. I do like the textbook as well so that was good. I meet a lot of people who are in/planning on going in the education programme so that was interesting. Overall, got a great mark so that helps me out with applying for the education program (and my gpa so).

Inst 151: Beginners French
Amazing how you can learn more in 6 weeks about french than you ever did in the five years at high school. I'm not completely dissing my teachers here -even though my Grade 10 french teacher let us watch english movies all the time, my Grade 12 french teacher was really quite good- because I know that my study habits have done a complete turnabout since high school. Still, I know so much more grammer and how to speak french (if anyone knows how I use to speak french *shudder*) and read french so that's all good. The prof was the sweetest little lady who was raised in France. It's a shame that the second part of the class was cancelled but it made way for my other courses so that was fine.

Engl 170: Grammer and Stuff
Coolest prof ever. And I did a presentation on knitting, wrote three papers, one about Jane and Bust (two magazines), one about Lenore (cute little dead girl), and one about Buffy (of course). And you know how in every class there is some smart mouthed punk who is just awful and everyone wants to kill? There wasn't in this class! Everyone was nice and funny and respectful and interesting and it was great. The prof put a lot of tender loving care into the overheads, and you know, it makes a difference. I know the grammer of my blog may make people think 'did she learn anything in this class?' but I did, and I blog as I think so grammer plays no role here. Punks. Oh yeah! Andrea (the prof) got us a cake at the last class too! How cool is that?

Fnst 215: External Issues
Mmmmm.... a class with GOOD readings. What a concept. No more dry boring crap that is geared towards really boring Phds and makes you want to cry. It was a whirlwind of a class with a lot of material to cover but it was managable and interesting. The prof, Mavis, is an uber interesting person and should teach more often. And a class where you have a pregnant student one week, then a three day old baby in his baby holder(what are those things called) the next week is the best thing ever. I actually liked the paper that I handed in and event though I kept on wringing my hands during the presentation, it went marginally well. It's one of those classes where it really affects the way you read things which is fun to note after just a month what a difference it makes. Charming classmates as well, though I think one was kinda bipolar cause she was either really really nice to me or really really not nice to me. Eh. I got to brag about me sister in class too when we talked about Eden Robinson. Heh.

Geog 203: Regional Geography of Canada
Okay, I really like the lectures and I am learning a lot of stuff in the class, but.... meh. I bombed the midterm (see above), the classes go on and on and on and on, and there are a lot of.... odd people in the class. You know, you just want to say 'I didn't come here to listen to that other student talk about antedoctal stories that bear no relevance to the rest of the course and also, by the way, is horrifically disrespectful'. The class is getting better as it is the last week but for the first five weeks, nobody in the class would talk before class or during the breaks, so you'd get there and have to sit in dead silence for seven minutes. It was just weird. I really wanted to fart because I thought it'd be incredibly funny but at the same time I realized it would also be mortifying, so I decided I just wanted someone else to fart, but I mean, a loud dirty fart. That would be great. And because this class covers so many controversial topics, for the most part it's okay, the prof is respectful but also majorly left so that is good, but sometimes people can be NASTY and say things that are horrible, I won't repeat them but basically saying all americans should die (I so wanted to punch someone in the head for that one, I had to do the count down from 15 and gnash my pen into my paper), vegetarians are evil (the poor veggie in our class got death looks for saying 'just don't eat meat'), and so on and so on. Overall, I am happy that I took the course (which is good since I may be repeating it if I don't get a good enough grade), but I don't think it had to be like this.

And there you are people! My summer courses in all their glory. My fall line up includes: education 101, intro to health psychology, biopsychology, lifespan/developmental psychology, and psychopathology & their treatments. My Winter semester is done up but the courses will move around so I'm not betting on all of them yet. I want to drop my fourth year psych course to a third year. So yeah. Yeah for me blog!

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Geography is Mean III:stupid crappity

must stop now. have pain in wrist from pressing shift button to make capitals. and the kitties are being very bad indeed. jenn was really funny just now, she wants spike out of her room but i think he just ran under her bed so she yelled 'out out damn spike'. heehee. i have too much info in some sections and not a lot in others so i have some more writing but i will be done this sucker by tomorrow. then just three more three hour classes, one map test, and one final then i'm DONE geography and hopefully if my grade is good enough i will never have to take it again. ever. ever ever. ohmigod, did i just turn into jenn writing about her thesis work..... i have been here for one week today so maybe that's it. hm. interesting. now off to the world in my head! (after flossing and brushing my teeth and washing my face *sigh*) bon nuit.

Geography is Mean II: an hour later...........

so I got like two paragraphs done about the frickin' fish. I'm onto the oil now. I really don't want to be doing this. I'm so tired. I want to go to bed and go into my little made-up world in my head. Things aren't too good there right now, but it's an interesting suspensful situation, not.... UNBC. I think I'll pretend to go pee and read the Ikea catalouge for awhile. Excellent.

update: I got bored with the catalouge really quickly (I think it's the act of reading that is getting to me) so I brushed the kitties and now I'm chewing gum..

Geography is Mean I: sssshhhhhhhh.......!

Sh! Be very very quiet! Sneaky, oh so sneaky. I am suppose to be working but instead I'm blogging! Heehee. I have this paper on Newfoundland and Labrardor, and as of right now, my title is: I Just Don't Care. And it's not because I don't care about the region, it's cause I don't care about geography. I want to say, I've read the books, I know more about Newfoundland than I do about BC, it's all good, but I don't want to write a frickin' paper so just give me a passing grade and let me be on my way. Punk. You know what else is funny? As I write this I am whispering the words inside my head. That's pretty funny. Oh well, back to the economic activities of the oil industry. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I'll blog later and let you in on the progress or lack of such. Sssshhhh!

Monday, July 25, 2005

yeah... so I moved.

Yup. I moved. I'm living with Jenn now. It's nice cause we just drove home from the University (classes? what classes?) and voila. I'm home. The kittens are running amok and my room is coming along greatly. I have my bed, three bookshelves, two end tables, and a dresser all fitting quite nicely inside. The move was rather insane and all, and I still actually have my basement suite till the end of August so I still have some kitchen stuff and storage over there that I still need to get. My phone number is still the same so no worries there.
July is crazy month. Let all who read know now that July is crazy month. Also, you should note that taking three courses at once, two of them being condensed one month courses, is a bad idea. Bad. Grrrr.
OHMIGOD! Jenn defends... er I mean, presents her thesis tomorrow morning! Gasp! I'm so excited! I just went to the senate room today at UNBC where she'll be defending.... presenting her thesis (a very beautiful room by the way) and ohhhhh exciting!
I have to go write some papers now so I promise I'll try to blog more.
Just for a side note, geography is not only boring, but it sucks monkey ass as well.
And that's all I've got to say about that.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

a little tipsy in kitimat

just got back from a concert at tamitik arena (kitimat spelled backwards... ohhhhhhh) with Colin James and opened with The Goat, a cover band from Kitimat (tamitik spelled backwards). Florence and I, being the exceptionally cheap drunks we are, proceeded to get rather tipsy and had a wonderful time. Her sister, Callie, was our designated driver so we bought her continous ice teas and chips. So highlights of my trip to Kitimat include the wonderful fireworks display that was just amazing!, meeting the most lovely of salesladies at Jean Warehouse One, Amber, who stole our hearts and is our new best friend, the waterfall and beach Flo took me took where we got some rocks to paint, knitting cause we've done a lot of that, and going to pizza hut and getting a cheese stuffed crust pizza with extra cheese so it's actually amazing we haven't had a heart attack yet, and going to the theatre in Terrace to see Mr. And Mrs. Smith and there was shag carpet tacked or something on all the walls and the bathroom were so old and rickety with wood doors that wouldn't close properly and two pink toilets that looked like urinals so we avoided those and the movie screen was too long so the people were a little stretched but you got use to it and there was plaid curtains going down the wall and it was soooo tiny. We also went to Kitimaat village and played on the ocean front and looked at all the green something or other that covered bits of the ocean water islet and that was sooooo neat. I met a lot of people from Florence's work and they were nice but the people she graduated with, well, they were just boring and plain so we avoided them. I should go now. Florence was playing Titanic a little while ago on the piano but now she has disappeared. Oh Flo, where did you go?

Friday, June 24, 2005

Meiosis Mitosis

I drew a very nice rose today in math class.

You know those people who think sexism doesn't exist? Well, they are so stupid it's not worth going into but just for a causal little comment about sexism. Jenn and I were for lack of a better show watching Celebrity Dancing (or something like that~and oh yeah, Law and Order was on but it had already started and when you miss the beginning it's hard to get into sometimes) so yeah, and Joey McIntyre (New Kids on the Block for those of you, like me, who had no idea who he was) and his partner did a really good dance, frankly the most complicated out of all of them but they only got mediocre marks from the judges. Then Ms. Rachel Hunter (Amazon) came on and barely danced but did do the splitz upsidedown and was rather... well, skanky all around. Surprise surprise, the two male judges give her excellent marks. Then this other couple come on and they were good too, he was really funny. Mediocre marks again. Then the fourth and final couple come on and the strap on the chick's dress breaks so it looks kinda like something you'd see at a cabaret or something because the two take turns holding her boobs to make sure she doesn't fall out! And guess what their marks from the male judges were? Incredibly high! Wowza. Sheesh.

Anyhoo. So, what's new with you?

Friday, June 17, 2005

Stupid People Everywhere

I have about three things to blog about but I have class in about 20 minutes and I need to eat something so just one topic right now: People are Stupid. Canadians and Americans! First I was watching Canadian Idol the other day right (I heart cable{hence, consequently Jill and Damion too}) and I was blown away by the talent! I couldn't believe it! After watching the pain that was American Idol and seeing last years Canadian Idol (which both sucked monkey balls by the way) I was flabbergasted! I didn't watch the entire thing because I think I made popcorn or something but yeah. This one chick, Dianelys or something, amazing; in fact she is my new girlfriend. I love her. Anyhoo, I find out only three people make it out of the first group of 8, and it's icky soul patch (that wasn't even cool in the 90s!) metrosexual guy got in which makes me squishy up my mouth like I ate something gross and raise an eyebrow suspiciously, and the little 16 year old who sang Mariah Carey and sounds like Mariah Carey and well frankly, he's good, but I mean, Mariah Carey? And then this mediorce chick who was just as boring as the other two winners and I concluded, you know what? Canada is full of talent, amazing fucking talent, but the people who watch this show and who vote are all friggin' idiots!


Anyone, some other time I was watching TV (Hey, Ju~I watch TV and knit, do I burn more or less calories than reading?) and I came across one of the worst shows ever which is Trading Spouses. So I see this woman in a party full of vegans trying to give them dried alligator heads, and the other woman in New Orleans or something dealing with a ROTTEN son and husband complete with matching mullets. I liked that, made me feel a whole lot better about where I am in life and me as a person. I can't remember what I was watching but I came back over that channel later and saw the vegan-friend woman crying saying 'this isn't what I thought it would be' and I'm sorry but when you go on a show called 'Trading Spouses' what the hell do you think it's going to be like? No pity! No pity for you; you silly, silly woman! Honestly.

People are stupid.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Bears rule and flesh eating disease doesn't

Thank you for the poetry Bears! Most wonderful indeed. So I got up to the news this morning: someone 'toppled' from a bridge into a river and drowned, someone died from the flesh eating disease in PG (it started with you Jenn!), and someone is poisoning dogs. Least to say, I turned off my radio, pulled my covers over my head, and went back to sleep. Consequently, that whole plan of mine to get to the school early to study for french was rather moot. I have caught on up my blogging a tad however. I had a theme weekend; knitting and Buffy (season 5). We had a crazy thunder storm last night and it caused the power to go off for (oh-just saw that cute guy I like...) about 5 seconds but it reset all my clocks and I had to phone my mom to get the time. I still have no idea how I set the clock on my stove for daylight savings time so right now I'm leaving it where it is. It's nearly exactly 4.5 hours ahead so that was neat. This is an odd blog. I always think of interesting topics to write about, like the significance of a show like 'extreme home makeover' good or bad? or my issues with convocation, or why Buffy couldn't have loved Riley and why he was doomed and should have left much sooner, or on vital issues (not politics like Julia because I just don't get them but I'm trying) but like other issues that I know some stuff about but not really so actually I think it's a good thing I don't talk about some issues cause a whole lotta you intellectual types read my blog and I imagine you read it for some kinda of comic relief and if I did bring up an issue you would all start discussing it and then I'd get really lost and then just copy and paste something out of the Globe and Mail and that would be wrong. Well, I'm going to class now. Tata!

Friday, May 27, 2005

smallercase letters

I wasn't going to blog today but when I was going through all the blogs I noticed that my last two entries had titles with all capital letters and that really bothered me. I don't really have anything to say right now. I dunno. I ordered pizza the other day and got one with chicken, bacon, and mushrooms on it and I think it may have been one of the best pizzas I have ever eaten. Seriously, sooooo good. And for all those concerned my french test went fairly well, I knew all the words but whether or not I conjugated them all correctly with all the accents is in question. I need season two of Buffy. I need it. Precious.

Thursday, May 26, 2005


First things first: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIA!

No cavities! I rule! And I had something else I wanted to blog about but I can't remember. It's hard to dislike the dentist when you are surrounded by just the nicest people. If I bring fudge next time I may get away without the polishing (shudder). I shall have more time tomorrow to blog and hopefully by them I will remember what I wanted to blog about. I need to go eat now and study some more for french. Tata for now!

Friday, May 20, 2005


So yeah anyhoo short blog because I've got class in ten minutes but there is a quiz right now and he gives us half an hour to do it and then we can go off and do stuff if we finish early. Anyhoo, this girl raises her hand during the quiz and tells the prof....'I don't know what to do here...' and then he tells her!

It's a fricking quiz!

Afterwards he goes to the front of the class and basically tells everyone what he told her which makes it more fair but the same amount of ridiculous.

I'm going to go bang my head against a wall for awhile.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Yeah yeah

Well, first I should thank Zooey for giving me a ride to the University today so I had time to blog. Then I should comment that my blogs aren't going to be as frequent as before as I have less internet time as of late but that the theme of my blogs (school is stupid) shall thrive! Life has been a cross of boring/stressful/lovely/miserable since I came back home from Vernon. As past blogs will confirm I was in Vernon for a tad longer than planned due to a nasty virus but it was still a most wonderful trip. I was able to meet up with a lot of friends and was spoiled most deliciously. Since I've been back I have started my two summer courses; French and Math.

The french is really good so far. The reading and writing is a little below my french level but when it comes to talking french I completely need to be in the class. The proff is just the sweetest lady you have ever met and I am learning a lot! It makes me happy but I have trouble with which is le and which is la and which accent is aigu and which accent is grave (I know which one is which but when I'm spelling words I forget which one a letter will get).

My math class is 'How to Teach Elementary Students Math'. It's an odd one because if it was just the course, like no other variables or anything, I would either a) not go or b) fall asleep in class. However, the proff is very good and has a very interesting way of explaining things so I find he gets my interest and keeps it and is nice so I would feel bad if I skipped class and as well where would I be without the antics of my classmates? One girl talks constantly to herself under her breath like 'I don't understand.... oh now I get it..... huh? ..... 82, no wait, 84, no wait...... oh look at that....'. Another student shows up late with his discman blaring which he doesn't bother to turn off till he's sat down, falls asleep periodically while sitting in the front row, yells out answers that are usually wrong, and doesn't even show up for the extended first part of the class on Fridays. There are the two girls who gab, gab, and gab, but I have to give them credit (don't get me started on the girls in my french class) they talk quietly and if someone shots them a look they apologize and stop so. I mean, I could go on but I won't because I was the stupid person who was too sick to go to class but went anyways and coughed a lot for the first week. Meh.

Spike is good. He was uber cuddlely after I got home and the chunk of his nose healed up so that made me happy. I have Riley over now and then (Landlords kitty) so they can play. Sometimes they do but sometimes Spike just bites Riley while Riley licks up crumbs of cat food from the corner of my kitchen floor. I just got him a new kitty toy from petcetera today when I picked up his special weight managment cat food (he's going to be so mad I told). He really does like it which is kinda rare. He doesn't care for two of his cat toys and still takes the greatest joy out of the cardboard castle I made him. It's just a little circular board with two springie do-dahs coming out of it with some dangling strings. It's made with the twine stuff. He likes it. He knocks it over and jumps on it.

Big news is my fabulous new hair! It's now all kinda chin length and layered oh so cute and red! I just love it! I think I may keep it this length. I just got it cut by my friend Amanda on Sunday so I have a lot of experimenting to do on it still but I'm so happy with it. I'm so frickin cute. I also finally after nearly three months went out and got a pair of jeans. It's a good thing Jean Warehouse has good jeans because their customer service sucks! Apparently the sales lady hopes the reciept book has a good day because she wasn't looking at me when she said it. And when someone says 'do you have this one in short (I'm short, yeah yeah)' whatever you say, don't say 'mmm.... I don't think so' and leave it at that because at that point if the person was going to get a second pair of jeans even if they only came in reg. length but just wanted to see if she could get them in short, well then at that point she's not going to get the second pair of jeans (which made me sad because it looked like I actually had an ass in those) but yeah. And another fabulous purchase is season 3 and 5 of Buffy that I just got the other day as well. They didn't have season 2 and I love season 5 and when having to chose between season 3 and 4 I picked 3 (non-riley vs. riley, hence an easy choice).

I am so glad Mr.Icky-singsCelineDion-singsclimbeverymountains-wearstupidclothing-isnotaheartthrobbutthinksheis is off American idol. Life is good.

Okay I have to get to class now and I haven't even done my emails. Crap. Oh well. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAYLA!!!!!!! I am such a bad friend.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Check these out

Instead of blogging and wishing I had something deep and insightful and infused with righteous politics, I will direct you to a blog where someone else does what I wish I did. These two entries are very inspiring and have at least moved me to write some letters. It's about organ donors and TV so it's this one about ABC and this one about NBC. I'll blog something not nearly as evoking later on this week. Probably about math class or something.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

New School!

Yes, I have decided to continue into summer with my schooling. Eep. I'm even taking a course at CNC which is interesting (the school, not so much the course). I've got to take some time and do a proper catch up blog remodeling. I'm thinking changing the whole appearance of the blog, or just some of the icons or something. Not right now though, my french class starts in half an hour and that's not enough time. Question though: how do people live in UNBC res during the spring/summer semesters? Everything is closed but the caferteria and the cornerstore, so no wintergarden or Tim Hortons or Starbucks. It gets worse! The caferteria (I know I'm not spelling that right) closes at 3 and isn't even open on weekends! The cornerstore closes at 6! Crazy! Apparently dinner is the vending machines on your res floor! Sheesh ka bobs. I'm going to go eat some chips now. Bye bye!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Better than school

Things I have learned while watching TV in my tylenol induced coma.
  • How to Overcome Sexual Terrorism-I just saw this on the screen. There was an old white guy talking so I don't know if he was the victim or the perp. I continued on.
  • They found a finger in Wendy's chili, which is so funny. Apparently the woman that found it has been charged with fraud but they still don't know whose finger it is. I just think about if I was still working at Wendy's and I was spooning out the chili and if I saw a finger... I wouldn't stop screaming.
  • Yesterday was the 15 year birthday of the hubble telescope.
  • That young lady, who messed up the American anthem, then fell! Ohmigod. Ohmigod.
  • Turns out, Pierre Trudeau, kinda a big sexist jerk.
  • And even at 1230pm Showcase will showcase naked people!
  • Even though a chimp may enjoy smoking and it sure is funny looking, doesn't mean we should give him smokes, it's very bad for him and the chimps around him.
  • Buffy and Angel so belong together.
  • So if I was Rodolphe Lindt and I invented some wonderful chocolate machine, I wouldn't name it the conche! Sheesh.
  • If you jump out of a plan make sure there are no other planes around cause you might hit it and it might take off both your legs right below the knee and if after that you still somehow manage to deploy your chute and land, you may die at the hospital.
And that's all I have to say about that.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Um... Landlord II

Yeah, I'm still not there. Just sitting at home, knitting, reading, and zonked out with extra strength tylenol and cough syrup, being as pitiful and whiny as humanly possible. Being sick with a mom around rules however. Okay. Going to go now.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Um.. Landlord?

So right... in all the hubbub, I meant to tell you I'm away till Friday so. Sorry. I did figure you would figure it out and all but I really should have told you. Bad Leone! Bad.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

In honour of Jen's Blog...

Okay, so detailing the shared genetic makeup and all, I've decided to follow in Jen's style of blogging and see if that helps me get up to her level of doing-stuffness. My schedule is as follows:

Go get my exams from Bill and note all my mistakes and look over how to do t tests since I have forgotten. Return by 3.
Study Motivation and Emtion till we go home, (5ish I think)complete chapter outline so I can start committing it to memory
Tonight I will complete keyword notes for Engl and review all poems
Study for Engl starting at 9
Engl Exam at 130
Study for Motivation and Emotion till bedtime
Exam for Motivation and Emotion at 9
Appointment at 2
Complete Abnormal notes and spend rest of time on Stats

Evening=most likely stats
Stats exam at 9
Abnormal exam at 130
Dairy Queen baby, oh yeah!

Abnormal is for Abnormal Psychology, not like abnormality of something. That would be stats.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Daylight Savings

Florescent light shades my skin gray,
this I blame on malnutrition.

Every student should know
what I heard-
that albatross
can relive the toothache
that scury can bring.

Blind, I balance pros and
argue cons-
by not drinking, I'm saving money,
but to mention, to note,
the braincells that I'm depriving
of their brave and timely death.

The tug of war unheeded continues
and my polish will chip
before the dense light of a pulp filtered sun


the stretch of nothern light turns my flesh
inside out and back again.
My veins have never been so magical
before I came
to the north.

Monday, April 04, 2005


Exciting news is my two poems in the UNBC anthology, Sawdust. It's not the most amazing thing ever but it makes me happy. It's fun because Florence, Lisa, and lots of other people I know are in it and we do this whole signing thing and it's fun. That's all I have to say right now because I'm just blogging for the sake of blogging and I don't have time to make a long blog but my next blog will probably be on Katimavik. I'm trying to resist the urge to write a blog about how much I hate school cause it's just old news. But seriously, anyone in PG should go up to the University and buy a copy of Sawdust. It rules. Cause I'm in it. Twice. Whee!

And everyone needs to go to Julia's blog ( or 'the middle child' blog link) and read her April 3rd entry about BoM because I think it is very important. Julia rules.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Limited Time Offer

I'm only going to have that blog below for a week cause it screws up my template. So if you have any comments about it please leave them here. It was also to counter the overall depressiveness of my previous blog today. Tra la la.

making jen happy

should have been here sooner eh?

Crappy night

Ever gone into an evening, planning on doing stuff? Than had one thing dis-settle you and then BOOM! That's it, it's all shot, gone down the drain with one of your rubber duckies and why even bother moving when you could just sit on the armchair and feel sorry for yourself and pout and scheme? I mean, let's be realistic here. The point of any of this is just silly. If you do homework, you just won't get it. If you knit, you'll screw up your stitches and have to pick them up backwards and reknit them and it's never the same the second time around. If you bake something you'll burn it. If you cook something you'll just have to wash the dishes afterwards (speaking of pots and pans as I don't put those in the dishwasher). If you read something, you won't interpret it right (I just don't get Shelly, what is with that dude?). So that was my frame of mind; all night! What is with that? How do people go from 'fine' to 'angst angst I'm a teenager angst angst boo hoo' with one action? With one event, insignficant, petty, small, or the lack of, one single event? Do we have a switch in our brains that mediates between these dimensions? Do they grow rusty if we don't properly oil them and maintain them and can they get stuck in one position if we don't exercise them? Cause now I'm all okay, I mean, realistic and all with the whole 'just handed in a lab where I honestly had no idea what I was talking about' but realizing 'school is over soon school is over soon school is over soon'. So this is an angsty blog written in a non ansty mood so it's an odd blog and I don't even know if I'm going to publish it, but hey, it's my blog so I guess I can anyways. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Here I go!

Monday, March 07, 2005


So I have three midterms this week right? So the question here is should I study like a maniac and not do anything else and then crash on Friday, or should I pace myself and then still have a productive day on Friday, even though it would be on stuff other than the three exams in question. Hm. I just saw a girl who has the picture mug that I do and now I'm all grrr cause I thought I was the only person in the school who had one. Oh well. Mine looks nicer than hers anyways. Maybe I should steal it. Maybe I should get some more sleep and not write blogs this early in the morning. Maybe I should get to my class.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

I have a dishwasher! All is forgiven!

Well, mostly all anyways.
So yes, I have a dishwasher. Somehow my counter is still messy but that's cause I didn't do any 'tidying' last night. I went to bed at 8! Not at 8 I started to get ready for bed, no no, at 8 I was in bed and trying to read by I ended up submitting to my eyelids and caving into my bedsheets. Spike was kind enought to wake me at 1 by puking and then again at 6 by running from the window in the living room to my bedroom window (this involves running on the bed which involved running ontop of me) repeatedly, and squawking loudly upon receiving each window. Afterwards he attacked my duffel bag that sits at the end of the bed, which was zippered close, but he somehow managed to get inside and proceeded to wig out inside the bag (there was a plastic bag inside-arch nemesis of Spike) and makes lots and lots of noise and then he tried to get out of the duffel bag through the small hole he created when he had nudged the zipper open, but he was still attached to the plastic bag so he yowls quite loudly, wigs out again while half in half out of the duffel bag, I'm trying to help him at this point but he just scratches me, so then he gets out of the duffel bag, and goes tearing into the living room with the plastic bag still attached to his back leg which just scares him more, and though this part was just audio for me, he tries to climb his tall scratching post but bails out halfway, falls ontop of the futon, (I think he hit the wood, not the padded part) and then seeks refuge in his cardboard castle (a whole bunch of boxes I stacked together for him). Funny enough, after this whole ordeal, he quite politely stays still as I distangle his leg from the bag. However once the bag was off, he felt the need to exact revenge on it and attacked it while I was holding it, scratching me again. At this point I think I summoned my inner devil and with the simple bellow of 'goddamn kitty!' he decided to leave the bag alone. After applying some neosporin and bandaids, I went back to bed for half an hour before my alarm went off. So that was my morning. Back to the studying! Away!

Monday, February 21, 2005

Visited by the So-Cheerful-It's-Sickening Faerie

So, let's see here, I get to school this morning and my locker is gone, it was moved because of the construction and it took my forever to find it. So anyhoo, get to school, I have a class at 8:30 and it's 8:00 and I see all my classmates reading. Hm. Odd. Yeah so anyways had an exam this morning and I was soooo not knowing of that! Not the only student in the class but yeah. So then, my container of fruit opened in my plastic lunch bag and got water on my notebooks and it's all fructose-y. (Thankfully the fruit is still all good and edible) Then I realize I haven't paid my phone bill and frantically pay that hopefully today is still a valid day to pay it. Then I realize I forgot to bring my poem to submit to the anthology and today's the deadline. Then I realize I forgot to put the key under the plant outside for Jodi incase she gets to my place before I do. Than in helping someone do their lab realize I did mine wrong (already handed it in) and then I realized I forgot my spoon at home so I guess I'm going to eat my yoghurt with my fingers. Eh. So, the point of this rant is that I'm still in an exceptionally good mood! I am still smiling randomly and laughing at all this things, even the exam. I nearly killed myself laughing when I found out I had an exam! Well, I didn't laugh at the water in my schoolbag till after the shock. And I know it will not be good if Jodi gets to my place before I do but unless that little minx is speeding like a demon and left very early this morning (highly, hightly unlikely) than I'm fine. But know I am just laughing at this crazy day! It's only 11am! Yeah, so that's weird because usually I just have to have a hair out of place and I've sworn off the day as another wrecked attempt at a life but yeah, today for some reason, very hyper and cheerful. Well, back to studying! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Two Nugget Heads and a Fat Cat in a Tense State

Gosh I'm witty.

So I am currently experiencing the emotional reunion of two long lost brothers; Spike (Spawnkitty) and Chuck (lovetillithurts). Yes, it's like a fox reality special with lots of bitch slapping, sleeping around, furniture crashing, and we even have a smarmy host, Ativan, who appraises everything from afar ontop of her scratching post. It's actually interesting to see the changes in the two already. Spike has grown much more affectionate and bites less which I attribute to his jealousy of seeing his pet um... pet another cat and having spent most of his time biting Chuck, and Chuck is better at nighttime manners, maybe from Spikes relaxed attitude or from exhaustion, who knows? (For those who aren't aware, Chuck is very hard to have in the same room when you are trying to sleep because he is ultra needy and shoves his cold nose into your ear and will eat your hair and lick your nose) But they play and play and play and then at night they both sleep on Coral's bed with me until sunlight starts to shine through the window in which case they start playing again, however still on the bed. That causes me some grief but if I lock them out of the room Spike will attack the door so. They share some tender moments however. They love to lurch ontop of the fridge and watch me in the kitchen like two fuzzy vultures. They love to jump on the counter and lick dishes. They love to sit in my lap while I'm on the computer. They love to jump into my bag whenever I open it. So this stay is a complete success and I think the real winner here is Ativan who spends most of her time sunning her belly on the scratching post with no interruptions.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Top Ten Reasons School Bites

10.I could still be in bed, right now. There could be a spawnkitty biting me or pouncing on my tummy cause I'm breathing but I would be in bed nevertheless.
9.The bus seats are uncomfortable and someone is always smelly (sometimes it's me, but it's always someone).
8.Those little side 'desk' panels in the chair that you hurt your back if you use and tend to have gum stuck to them and are squeaky.
7.My feet hurt an insane amount do they hurt they hurt so bad ouchy ouchy (the point to this one is that I have to wear shoes at school).
6.All the note taking has made the pinky side of my right palm blue with ink.
5.My frantic last second homemade lunches usually consists solely of baby carrots and my advanced night eyesight is useless because I'm too tired to stay up late.
4.I have fallen asleep twice while studying on my futon is which freakishly uncomfortable and pokey with sharp boards and unyeilding with lumpy 'cushioning'.
3.School keeps me away from my Spike, aka.spawnkitty, whom I love so very much, but who needs a lot of attention or he does things like climb doorways, attack the carpet, knock stuff off of heights, kill anything plastic, eat toilet paper, and other general bad-kitty-goddammit stuff.
2.14 midterms, two papers, a presentation, three quizzes, and four final exams. What the hell is up with that?
1.It's called statistics. It reigns from hell.

Friday, January 28, 2005

A Good Goal To Have

So... I just decided I need a goal, one I can pursue over many years and will lead to a more promising future. I want the entire collection of books and drawings by Edward Gorey. And that's all I have to say about that.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


UNBC has been smacked down! That's right people, minus 45 weather couldn't do it (that was last year that happened), university hill being so icy people couldn't get up it couldn't do it, but no visibility, freezing rain, shutdown side roads, and NO BUSES has done it! In 7 minutes, at 4:30 all classes are officially cancelled and the library is shutting down at 6! This is wacky craziness people! So, while I have had offers for a ride down (okay, I've had one very hesitant offer because I know she probably didn't want to go that far off her course and one 'if you have no other way I will drive you but I don't have winter tires and I think I might crash') so I have actually opted to spend the night at Flo's. Now, badness is that I have to phone my landlords and ask them to feed Spike and maybe if they will pet Spike too that would be nice, oh yeah, the point is my living room is sooooooo messy! Poor Spike. My stats class was mostly cancelled, Bill made us take our quiz but it was fine. I am now in the library (I never knew they had a P.A. system in here) waiting for Flo so we can huddle up and run off to her dorm. Luckily I have my sketchbook and pencil set so I can amuse myself all night. Anyhoo, I shall write again soon as I have a specific rant in mind but I had to write this one down while it was happening! Seriously, I didn't know UNBC could be shut down. Moose attacks, hordes of new undergrads, we've survived it all! sheesh. Well, off I go to score some food from the corner store if it's still open and stocked. Bye!

Monday, January 10, 2005

Now I need a cutie firefighter boytoy

So yeah, had a very eventful weekend and managed to study quite a bit. Florence and I had kaluha and breyers 'cookies and cream' icecream milkshakes and watched the first four episodes of Buffy season 1 which was great fun and Florence is turning into quite the buffyfan! And then it was fun groceries with Coral and an early dinner at her place, but then...FIRE!!!! Yes, a collection of grease pooled in Coral's stove had caught aflame! And despite Coral's attempt to blow it out, it raged on! So during all this I was trying to score some feta out of the fridge, and while causually observing all this and eating feta, suggested some baking soda. We were saved! Yup, Coral got it out of the fridge and *poof* the fire was gone! So yet again, Leone saves the day and decides to celebrate by using lots of different colours for her text. Off I go to class, who knows, maybe to save some more lives!