Thursday, March 29, 2012

Well... Hell

I was going to post about healthy eating and exercise but um, I just updated blogger and this is weeeeeird.  I feel like my blog needs to change now too.  I did start this blog as a computer science course requirement (aced that class but then knowing how to turn on a computer meant you aced that class) and it was during my whole William Blake obsession.  Hm.  I'm worried I'll change the blog and it'll become ruined.  What do you all think?  Time for a new quote?  New colour?  New theme?  Quoi?  Quoi?

And just to put this out there, it's not as easy to make cherry blossoms out of crepe paper as you'd think.  Especially if your requirements are that kindergarten students who are as diverse as my yarn collection can all do them as well.  I think I have a design but I'll let you know on the weekend what happened in the classroom.

This new layout is just plain freaky.  Blarg.

P.S. Mom the magazine that has the sweater I want to knit was published in 1973.  

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Good Part

So the concert I spoke of here was The Magnetic Fields at Vogue theatre. Thanks for the comments! Katy- Boyfriend and I were going to go to Bon Iver until we found out it was outside and then we were both like 'phht' (and then we found out how much the tickets were). And Tammy, you're so lovely I think I would have felt comfortable talking to you. We probably would have already bonded over hand knits. And Jess, I totally know what you are saying about rolling with it, I took that frame of mind when I traveled to New York (which saved the trip for me frankly) and have tried to apply it to most aspects of my life, but all those rules were broken by a single couple sitting directly behind me so it was a little much. She was singing so loud I couldn't hear the artist and she didn't know the words. Although it did lead to a great part when she started to sing along to 'Book of Love' and her husband told her to be quiet. Amazing.

Right, back to the concert. So funny story- I have songs from the Magnetic Fields on my playlist but they were from mixes from other people's friends (that's an awkward sentence, my friend's mix CDs basically) so I didn't know who the band was. Had them since Prince George. Fast forward maybe six years later and the boyfriend plays 69 Love Songs and I'm like 'That's that band!'. Magic people, magic.

I love the lead male singer, Stephin Merritt, because he really is as moody and depressing as his music. When he came out on stage and saw all the people who had rushed the stage he said 'Why are you standing?' then he paused, then said 'sit down.' Holy crap. So hilarious. One of the lead female singers, Claudia Gonson, is also fun (they are all fun really). When the band did Book of Love somebody yelled out 'why did you ever let Peter Gabriel cover it?' and Claudia responded 'do you not understand how music works?'. Freaking spectacular. ALSO after performing Book of Love Stephin Merritt said 'you can turn off your eletronic devices now, you're only five fucking feet in front of the singer'. There's nothing quite like a band who despises annoying people just as much as you do.

Well, mutual disdain aside, it was a great concert. They have a piano, ukelele, guitar, cello, and autoharp. They were interesting, entertaining, and everyone in the band was invested in the music they were making. I'll post some videos below. Very happy I went, it was nice to go to a concert again after so long.

Papa was a Rodeo (they didn't play it but it's my favorite song)

Book of Love

Andrew in Drag from latest album (warning- boobies)

I Think I Need a New Heart

Time Enough for Rocking When We're Old (they played this one too- so lovely)