Saturday, July 31, 2010

Some Things You Should Know About the Video

I did some prep beforehand, like
  • finding the best distance away (my first test was basically my eyeball)
  • checking how I looked (not too worried, but I did blot because holy shiny forehead batman)
  • trying to convey the mess of my apartment without really showing it (love the kitty carrier in the middle of the living room)
  • pushing away the kitten till she became distracted by the window
  • and checking the volume of the background music (calming)
it was the second take only because the first one wasn't recorded. And it was totally different. I think I ranted about the cats more and tried to guilt others into helping me.

And seriously, why does a video take 45 minutes to load and still be this poor of quality? Sheesh.

Please notice

  • Beethoven wrote moonlight sonata. Not Mozart. I get it confused with the Magic Flute. God knows why.
  • my flailing hand. I talk a lot with my hands. I tried not to to no avail.
  • when I mentioned kicking stuff in my bedroom I really did kick my foot which shook the camera
  • I got really nervous at the end for some reason. Had no idea how to end. Apparently decided to end by making a classical music fail but regardless, nervous
  • I have the cutest teeth~ they are so cute!
  • my messy living room
  • my ability to rant while talking just like I rant on the blog while writing

1 comment:

yarnpiggy said...

Sorry I missed this when it went up; I'm afraid I fell asleep. Blog video announcement watching fail. :-(

Tidying up is fine and all, but don't make your place too sterile, k? I kind of like it the way it is. :-)