Friday, January 28, 2005

A Good Goal To Have

So... I just decided I need a goal, one I can pursue over many years and will lead to a more promising future. I want the entire collection of books and drawings by Edward Gorey. And that's all I have to say about that.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


UNBC has been smacked down! That's right people, minus 45 weather couldn't do it (that was last year that happened), university hill being so icy people couldn't get up it couldn't do it, but no visibility, freezing rain, shutdown side roads, and NO BUSES has done it! In 7 minutes, at 4:30 all classes are officially cancelled and the library is shutting down at 6! This is wacky craziness people! So, while I have had offers for a ride down (okay, I've had one very hesitant offer because I know she probably didn't want to go that far off her course and one 'if you have no other way I will drive you but I don't have winter tires and I think I might crash') so I have actually opted to spend the night at Flo's. Now, badness is that I have to phone my landlords and ask them to feed Spike and maybe if they will pet Spike too that would be nice, oh yeah, the point is my living room is sooooooo messy! Poor Spike. My stats class was mostly cancelled, Bill made us take our quiz but it was fine. I am now in the library (I never knew they had a P.A. system in here) waiting for Flo so we can huddle up and run off to her dorm. Luckily I have my sketchbook and pencil set so I can amuse myself all night. Anyhoo, I shall write again soon as I have a specific rant in mind but I had to write this one down while it was happening! Seriously, I didn't know UNBC could be shut down. Moose attacks, hordes of new undergrads, we've survived it all! sheesh. Well, off I go to score some food from the corner store if it's still open and stocked. Bye!

Monday, January 10, 2005

Now I need a cutie firefighter boytoy

So yeah, had a very eventful weekend and managed to study quite a bit. Florence and I had kaluha and breyers 'cookies and cream' icecream milkshakes and watched the first four episodes of Buffy season 1 which was great fun and Florence is turning into quite the buffyfan! And then it was fun groceries with Coral and an early dinner at her place, but then...FIRE!!!! Yes, a collection of grease pooled in Coral's stove had caught aflame! And despite Coral's attempt to blow it out, it raged on! So during all this I was trying to score some feta out of the fridge, and while causually observing all this and eating feta, suggested some baking soda. We were saved! Yup, Coral got it out of the fridge and *poof* the fire was gone! So yet again, Leone saves the day and decides to celebrate by using lots of different colours for her text. Off I go to class, who knows, maybe to save some more lives!

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Prince George Livin'

Well, here I am. Back in PG. It was an eventful day! Waking up at 5am to hear the radio man say "It's minus 28 in Prince George!", so you know, that's always a lovely incentive. Got to the airport, flew to Vancouver, then there was a delay. Half an hour. Okay. Then we get on the plane (it was nice, I ran into Laura, one of Jen's fellow grad students), then it takes about 20 minutes to load the luggage. Then off we go, the oh-so-funny pilot (not in a sarcastic sense, he actually was quite funny) informed us we would be flying against winds of 100 miles per hour so well. However, do not fear, lovely Coral was still there when I got into PG an hour late! Oh my lovely rescuing princess! Anyhoo, got home 5 minutes after I was suppose to catch my bus to get to class, and my home is... kinda trashed. Spike destroyed his kitty malt tube (which is very bad but he seems to be fine), killed parts of the carpet (cause he's evil), killed the toilet paper (he's saying cause it's evil), killed a plastic bag (that one was surely evil), and also killed a bag of mushrooms and a bulb of garlic. But we snuggled and he seems fine. I felt terrible leaving him only twenty minutes later to catch my cab up the hill, but I didn't want to miss my romantic lit class. So now I'm just waiting for the bus and sending off some long overdue emails. It was lovely seeing Florence again and being back in my place. However, it will be awhile before I get over Vernon, you just can't bounce back from trips like that. Well, I should get going and start layering myself up to go outside. Tata!