Thursday, August 05, 2010

Oh that Quilt

Firstly, thanks for all the really nice things people said online or in real life about the videos. I'm really glad you liked them. They were something I didn't think I'd ever do but it turned out to be lots of fun. I'll do more in the future but they are a little labour intensive. I make them on my little nikon coolpix S200 camera. But yeah, seriously, thank you!

I spent Tuesday working on the prep for the quilt. I still haven't cut any material which is fine because I'm paralyzed with fear about it. And there was a lot of prep. I went through each row (alllllllll 36 of them) and figured out what I needed for each row and also figured out which colours had long sections that didn't need to be cut into 2.5" squares. For instance, there is one section where there are 12 B blocks all in a line, so instead of cutting 12 blocks I just cut one very long strip that is 2.5" by 24.5". For some of them there are a lot of these blocks, which will help save on yardage. After that, I decided the chart that was made for me was a) too small and b) too blue. So I decided to make my own. Yeah. Four bloody hours later...

All 864 squares were coloured in! Next time I have a bright idea like that will someone please just take a crowbar to my shins? Thanks.
Now I'm making labels for each row (so far the easiest part of this whole process) so that when I start cutting I can start putting them into the rows for easier organization. That will also let me know if there's a disconnect between the graph and the recommended pieces. Some of the letters on the graph were really hard to read so they could be a few odd ones, but I'm not over concerned unless it looks really wrong.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow I will cut some fabric. I will. Eeeeeek!


Mom said...

Wow!! That is quite a project. Thank you for sharing it along the way. The colours are beautiful.

beentsy said...

You're crazy girl! Just wow.

Jenn said...

Holy jeebus!