Sunday, December 31, 2006

Hesitant Hopeful Anticipation

I have some hopes for 2007. I have some really neato courses next semester (education, creative writing, and history of feminism), I'm graduating, I have a flaming kick-ass new tattoo, I will be applying for education programs (3 of them-I try not to think about it all too much), I'm swimming (hiatus for a bit cause of the new tattoo but you know), both my sisters are married (such a relief- I was getting concerned), & I have so many amazing yarn-knitting project lined up I may just go mad (sea silk, lots from fleece artist, sooooo much tweedy wool).

Why, Xmas you say? It was wonderful, I won't list all my presents right now cause I know I'll miss some but there was mucho yarn, books, toys, and even some Spider man themed stuff (mmm... Tobey). My birthday was also wonderful. It was quite neat, I had two gifts from two different parties that complimented each other perfectly without any planning!

Now I'm in Vancouver. My sister, Hoobers, got married today to Jason (no fun name for him yet) and it was wonderful! More about that later. The party still hasn't happened.

Just wanted to blog for the last day of this year. I don't really do New Years Resolutions much, I just do what I always do, all year long, which is.... 'next month, I'll do-' and for next month, it's keep better track of my finances cause I choked twice this month when I checked my balances, and be better with working out. That's about it.

Happy New Year!


Monday, December 18, 2006

End of the year meme

Taken from Jenn, who took it from the Bears, who took it from Alisoo.

1) Harken back to your archives.
2) Collect the first sentence you wrote every month for the whole year.
3) Entertain us.

Spoiled I tell you! Heh. It's been a fun week. So... do you remember that whole fiasco like three weeks ago or so about a paper that I stressed out about then realized it wasn't due till the next week? I have had a very productive morning, just not necessarily schoolwork wise, though I did go to one of my classes! So I ordered a book on Amazon last week, I think it was Wednesday or something, and today I see a mailpost van in the driveway and I run out all excitied cause I'm like... wheee! There is a sale currently at the yarn store (I wish Darlene had a website in which to show all of you) but anyhoo, there is a sale currently so I went a little bonkers today. IT'S CANADA DAY! So... I've been back for a week. Two days before school starts and I get a coldsore! But then again, travelling on Greyhound is always fun. So you see the time for this blog? Only 24 days until my birthday, have you gotten my present yet?

I may do this again with titles, but for right now, back to the monkey! I have one arm and hand done, stuffed and sewn, the body is stuffed and sewn, the head is stuffed and sewn, one arm is knit, one leg is knit, the tail is knit, so just the other hand, the other leg, the two feet, the muzzle, and the ears. Oh yeah, I'll finish tonight.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

that burning itching sensation

Don't worry- I haven't caught anything nasty- it's just that fun new-tattoo-itch that makes you want to run into walls that I am suffering from. I think it's worse than usual (this is tattoo #4) because I'm so stressed right now. I'm not sleeping very well and I now have two, yes, TWO cold sores so I may spend tomorrow locked inside the house like some loathsome beast. My neck hurts from all the computer work so even though it sounds nice, I think I will spend my first few days of freedom doing other things than playing Sims2 (we have pets now!). I have a lot of knitting that I need to catch up on and lots of reading as well (good reading, not journal article reading). Oh right, back to the new tattoo. I'm going to be a bitch and not actually post the entire tattoo because, this may be stupid but, it's my own design (drew it in english class) and it's so important to me that I don't actually want to post it online. If you know me, send me an email and I will send you a photo of it. Just not right now cause it's still healing. This is a small picture of it without the colour in yet.
The colour is amazing, the main colour is a sky blue but it's highlighted in dark blue, pink, purple, and white. It's a star by the way. Goodness my skin looks blotchy in that photo. Anyhoo, just thought I would blog. No knitting to show. I'm still slowly getting some of the body of my sweater done and working on the second sleeve. I also am knitting something for my tattoo artist, Thomas of Happy Monkey, a monkey (no really, he loves monkeys) because he is amazing and did an unbelievable job on my tattoo. It'll be a pirate monkey too! grrrrr. The paper is due on Thursday, I'm done the results section and am slowly wading through the lit review and the discussion. I'm not too concerned about the methods because I'm nearly done and then just the references and fixing up the abstract. The results was the major part of the paper and I'm happy with it. It's 9 pages single spaced so I think the paper when finished will be one of my longest yet. My longest paper was 36 pages and that nearly killed me, which is like this one. Though it does seem that the papers that kill me are also the ones I care the most about. Blah blah, I'm ranting. Away I go to sleep and try to have the same dream I had on Saturday night about being a rollerskate superhero. It was bloody awesome.

Friday, December 08, 2006


Calliope and Stompy and I are so happpy! The new knitty is out! I currently have three projects on my needles (sweater, monkey, & sock) but as soon as I'm done one of them then I'm going to start an army of Sheldons!
And when that army needs some friends to party with, I'll knit an army of Norbertas!
And when I'm am done knitting lovely creatures (does one ever truely finish knitting lovely creatures?) these two ( eiffel and emerald) will be added to my sweater queue.
And this scarf will hopefully be mine before the new year cause I mean... OHMIFREAKINGGOODNESSILOVETHISSCARF!!! And now the Bears and I are going to go to sleep because I worked today and it's not easy rearranging puzzles for seven hours. Aren't you excited? I'm so excited. Bounce bounce!

ps-Spike blogged.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Politics and sports

is all that is on TV today! Crap and double crap.

Just a quick blog about the mass amount of knitting I've done since last night and this morning. I knit and knit and knit and have little bruises on both my fingertips from the needles all to finish a Christmas present. This particular present is knit in 5 identical sections. I mean, I've knit it before so I know how it goes so I didn't bother to look up the instructions again. Foolish, foolish Leone. So, guess how many sections I knit? 6. Yup. About an hour of extra un-needed knitting that I now get to frog. Excellent.

It's okay to put vodka in your coffee at 1:30pm if you mess up knitting right? That's a given isn't it?

Friday, December 01, 2006

November-we hardly knew you

Only 24 days until my birthday, have you gotten my present yet? What happened to November? Seriously! Last thing I remember was Annika saying it was NaSomethingOrOther month and she needed topics. Job well done by the way Annika! Well, when you spend the month either writing papers or doing everything you can to avoid writing papers (most time spent in the second option) I guess it goes by kinda quickly. Do you like the lily? I forgot about all the photos I took of Jenn's beautiful flowers. This one grew right beside the bird bath. Sooooo pretty. Below is the toque I knit last week, it's not finished in this photo but you can see the beauty that is the yarn. Hmmm.
School is nearly over. I finished one class today and just have one exam to write (not a concern) and a final paper for my methods course- which may end up killing me but meh. I only have 1.5 Christmas presents left to knit and I'm also hoping to finish my sweater so I can wear on Christmas too. I've about four inches done on the body and only a third on my second sleeve but I'll get more work done on it as school is finishing up. Darlene, my friend who owns the yarn store here, now gets fiddlesticks, oh my oh my. I already had one of these, but I had to get another one (I now have plum and violet), and this pattern as well. I'm sure I'll get lots of knitting done with my helpers, here's Chuck helping me measure things.
Okay, bye for now.