Saturday, January 14, 2012

Have Knit, Am Knitting, What to Knit Next

Have Knit

I forgot my first finished project on my chair at school so no photos but it's a luscious baby alpaca infinity scarf that I loop into a big awesome cowl around me. Gray and orange. So yummy.

Technically I finished this in 2011 but I just sewed on the buttons (with Moms help- thanks Mom!) and sent it off to Dad. Hopefully get a photo of him in it to show you soon.

And after three evenings to complete the sewn cast-off, my New York Larch is done.

It's as yummy as it looks.

Am Knitting

Just cast on a pair of socks yesterday that are straight forward and plain. Photos when the heel is turned and it all gets exciting. Got to say I love those 9 inch hiya hiyas. Knitting in the round has never gone so fast and with no jogs!

I went to the sale at 3BF and came out relatively unscathed. I bought enough yarn to finish my bil's scarf (no photos- still boring), some lovely sweet georgia that I'm pretty sure is shawl bound, and...
Tanis Fibre Arts, Aran weight, in deep sea.

Gawd I love this yarn. This is Koolhas bound.

What to Knit Next

So if anyone still reads this since I've only blogged (haha- wrote blooged) three times in the past forever, if you could weigh in on this that'd be great. I have 5 yarn options for tops and cannot decide where to start. Maybe I'll cast on all five and lose my mind, who knows. Let me know which ones are your favorites (and any ideas about what to do with them as well would be great!) in the comments and I'll be very grateful.

1. 4 Skeins of Araucania Ruca
This would be something for spring time, light and airy, a tank of sorts or something along those lines. Very drapey. Beautiful pastel colours. 1052 yards in DK.

2. Paper Doll in Socks that Rock Bleeding Hearts
For this Paper Dolls I want to do an anatomical heart design around the yoke. Awesome right? Right.

3. Four skeins of Kauni
I want to do a cardigan with steeks ala the Ruth Sorensen pattern but with a different design. Nothing super fancy, just not... squares.

4. 1320 yards of West Coast Colour BFL DK in 'Washed Out Old Beach House on PEI with a Rose Trellis'
Beautiful. But no idea what to do with it. Possibly this. Who knows.

5. Four skeins of Merino Silk in Raspberry Truffle 1748 yards Fingering/4 ply
Besides stroking this yarn and sighing in a most content way I really don't know what to do with it either.

Thoughts? Questions? Opinions? Warnings?