Saturday, July 31, 2010

So This Is My Video


Kat said...

You are hilarious.

jess said...

i thought you said moonlight sinatra.
and i think you should do before and after stills. like in those weight commercials where they hold their waistbands out.

funny enough, this is also one of my major goals this weekend but i won't be documenting my clean up with excellent videos like yours. my video, if i made one, would probably be with less humour and more swearing about my effing laundry piles.

can't wait for the finale!

oh and the word i have to type to publish this post is pheepica. which is making me bust a gut since it seems like a variation of my own name.

Anonymous said...

I never knew it would be so strange to see one of my daughters do this kind of video. It just totally "grabbed" me and was so very personal, like you were right here with me. I am glad it was not a sad video cause I felt a little bit teary just watching it. I am looking forward to seeing your Monday night video follow-up. Love Mom

Sheena said...

Leone, you are absolutely amazing!
I love you!!