Friday, October 30, 2009

Smart Cookie

Mom, even though she claimed to not know what I was talking about in my last post, had a very good idea for Nablopomo. Instead of one theme, I'll have one theme for each day of the week! A rotating theme list. It sounds fun and organized. So we already have some good ideas, but I still need more to get seven! So far we have...

Maniac Monday: Talk about productive things I do (hopefully this will inspire me to actually do productive things so I can talk about them
Teaching Tuesday: School stuff
Fibre Fridays: Fibre stuff
Spike Saturdays: Spike stories
Sappy Sundays: Using Julia's idea to talk about family... just tweaking it a little.

I need something for Wednesday and Thursday. Ideas?

Spike is exhausted by all this. It's hard being a kitty. I mean, today he got brushed AND he ran after treats. Tiring!

Isn't it hilarious that he uses the window ledge as a shelf for his cheek?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Need a Theme for November

I'm doing nablopomo again and their theme is that there is no theme. Which is lame! I need a theme! Well, it's not lame. It's their call and all. But I need all of you to suggest some themes okay? Mom? Beetnsy? Alyria? Jenn? Ju? Hilary? Erin? Kipper? EVERYONE ELSE??? I had to stop linking. That just ate up some much time and I already started this blog post over an hour ago (two phone calls). I am imploring you to suggest something. I'm at my wits end. I do not have a single creative thought in my head right now.

I'm going to blame the frosted sugar cookies.

Switching things up now.

Remember how I said last post (you were paying attention right?) how my dear Jodi came up to visit? She's the one who got married in May. And holy crap I cannot find any blog posts related to that. Did I not blog about Jodi's wedding? AUGH!

And also, while looking I clicked on May 2008 instead of 2009 and came across the Mal posts and then went over to Jenn's blog and read the comments on this post and started to cry out of happiness. Yeah. It's now even longer since I started this post.

Okay... back on topic! Jodi came to see me! We did everything! We went to chocolate buffet with all our high school friends, and a dinner party with my new Vancouver friends, went shopping on Main where Jodi spent a lot of money, and ate some gosh darn good food all around. We also bought umbrellas which was appropriate since it POURED like crazy while she was here. Mine is a dark dark blue with light blue tulips on it and Jodi's umbrella is covered in frogs.

Here's Jodi all dressed up for the fancy dinner but it turned out you could go there in ratty jeans and a t-shirt with a wolf on it (not three wolves, but nevertheless). Ain't she a cutie? I am so putting wedding photos on here!
I took her to Solly's and forgot to tell her to ask for 'easy' cream cheese or this is what happens. Is there anyone who can eat the normal amount of cream cheese they put on their bagels?
We played a lot of games but at this point Spike decided that I wasn't allowed to play anymore since my pieces were sitting in the box, which was his rightful property.

He's always so happy when there is an extra lap around.

We had a great time. I've very blessed with my friends.

Speaking of friends... THEMES!!! Tell me what to do every day of November? Yes? Thank you.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I'm Spoiled Rotten

but seriously, I'd be happy with a hug. It's true! Mmmm... hugs. I love them. I love them so much that just last week I wasn't focusing and someone I love gave me a hug and it was so awesome I got pretty teary.

The other day I had an hour to kill at HMV before a dinner so I decided to start looking for Xmas presents. Besides finding out that DVD collections of TV shows from the 60-80s are freakishly expensive, I realized I needed to make a list for me because I wanted others to have made lists for themselves. I'm kinda tired so I don't care that my sentences are convoluted right now. I like to make my readers *work* for comprehension.

Anyhoo, here is a short list of xmas ideas (and I'm basically talking about my immediate family but it's always fun to share these things as well so you can say 'omzg I want that too!' next time you see me and then after Xmas you can ask to borrow it~ maybe). I'll link to it over there as well because I'll add as time goes on. I never remember everything.

*Amigurumi Knits
*Cat Bordhi's Sock Book
*The Yarn Harlots Never Not Knitting
*eta: Respect the Spindle by Abby Franquemont

*Socks That Rock
*SeeJayneKnit stitch markers
*Ugh... I cannot find a proper link for these but ThreeBagsFull is selling them~ the case of interchangeable hiya hiya needles.
*Subscription to Interweave Knits
*any yarn really

*Project Runway Season One
*Amercia's Next Top Model Season One

*Really nice pens
*Stationary that has matching envelopes
*Giant kitty scratching post
*Hand made ceramic mugs
*Cool printed fabric
*Neat pendants
*Big earrings
*DS games like Cooking Mama 3, Cake Mania, The New Super Mario Bros., or anyone that involves Spiderman.
*Boardgames to play with groups of people (things in a box is a good example)

Wheeeeee! And now you have to do it too. Thanks.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I hate it when that happens

It's like poor TV shows it doesn't matter. My expectations of Friends is pretty low so it's hard for them to piss me off enough that I'll stop watching because hey, it's not like I'm invested in the characters or that I'll be surprised if there's a major glitch or something. Whatever.

However, when it's a TV show you do like, the little things matter. So that's why I'm not going to even bother finished the first disc of the second season of Ugly Betty. I loved Season one so much. Everything about it~ the characters, the relationships, the story lines, the colours, the sets... but the end of the season you started to see some cracks... mostly an overdone story line with waaaay too much going on but you know, you dealt. A lot does happen but it made it fun. It got a little annoying. It made you say 'huh' and not a good 'huh'. But anyhoo, I just watched the first season again with my friend Jodi (I have pictures of our bloody fantastic four days together (why hello chocolate buffet) but that'll be another post). We decided last night to get the first disc of season two.

Bah. I mean, outside of an even weirder storyline and the introduction of pretty useless new characters, and carrying on storylines that annoyed me in the first place... what the hell is with Betty's moral conscious? With Buffy you could see her struggle to make her decisions and when she messed up they were believeable mess-ups that were consistent with her character. And she was so moral and awesome! I have the book to prove it! But Betty! AUGH!!!!!

She is supposedly so so so moral but she does horrible things for her job, which in the second season includes breaking and entering in order to steal something for her boss! But this is the kicker... she's supposedly so moral that she gets all *dramatic* when she has to choose between telling her boss that Wilamena is having an affair and HER FATHER GETTING A VISA FOR AMERICA. Oh I'm sorry but what? How is that even remotely the same page? Her father is stuck in Mexico and wants to come home and Wilemena is all like 'don't say anything and he'll be back in three days' and Betty is confused? I think that's pretty stupid.

The killer though was when Betty stands in front of her writing class, and despite all ready having a bachelors or something from a college, she plagurizes a story! Everyone knows how horrible that is, and even if you don't think it's horrible, you certaintly don't do it in a way where you are certain to be caught! And we're suppose to believe she's this moral person? I turned it off. I could not take another episode of Betty's inconsistent angst.

And now I'm ticked because I liked that show!

This is for everyone who wonders what I do at my knitting group on Thursday nights. We play 'Dress Up the Nellum'.
It's a good time. Come join us and maybe we'll do the same to you. If you're lucky.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Yeah that last entry was kinda depressing

So here's a happy one! Mostly pictures because I could actually go on about how hard it is to come home sometimes after the holidays. Frankly I think there is a big strip of BC that could be moved elsewhere so the lower mainland and the Okanagan were a lot closer together.


here's Malcolm playing with the wooden pots and pans I bought him. He is so smart. Look at that baby. This is just him playing~ no prompting whatsoever. I know. I know.

Thanksgiving lunch! Here's my adorable Grandma...
my Uncle Ray and my Grandpa (my camera asked me...'did someone blink?' after I took this shot which was hilarious! Didn't even know it could do that.)...
Dad's birthday cake!
An impromptu family photo missing some people but hey... baby belly!
And this shot is hilarious because Grandma is teeny and she got two pieces of dessert which meant I had to help her out. Hard job.
Malcolm had a very busy weekend so he took some crash naps here and there.
Oh and on Sunday we went hiking! Well, more of a trail but it was very enjoyable.

There were more pictures (many more of Mal too imagine that). Some things I didn't capture was Julia, Jason, Dad and I shopping for his birthday present at the mall, Mom making the most awesome dairy-free beef strongonoff (how do you spell that?) ever, going yarn shopping with Mom and having a totally incompetent sales lady who didn't know yarn and then charged us for three imaginary 10$ skeins of yarns, visiting friends of the family on their GORGEOUS land on the outskirts of town, Jodi and I talking Mal for a nice long walk, and then walking home after we couldn't figure out how to get the stroller and us in the car, hanging out at Jim and Jenns, and all those good times.
Hope you had an equally freaking awesome long weekend as well. Super hugs!