Monday, February 21, 2005

Visited by the So-Cheerful-It's-Sickening Faerie

So, let's see here, I get to school this morning and my locker is gone, it was moved because of the construction and it took my forever to find it. So anyhoo, get to school, I have a class at 8:30 and it's 8:00 and I see all my classmates reading. Hm. Odd. Yeah so anyways had an exam this morning and I was soooo not knowing of that! Not the only student in the class but yeah. So then, my container of fruit opened in my plastic lunch bag and got water on my notebooks and it's all fructose-y. (Thankfully the fruit is still all good and edible) Then I realize I haven't paid my phone bill and frantically pay that hopefully today is still a valid day to pay it. Then I realize I forgot to bring my poem to submit to the anthology and today's the deadline. Then I realize I forgot to put the key under the plant outside for Jodi incase she gets to my place before I do. Than in helping someone do their lab realize I did mine wrong (already handed it in) and then I realized I forgot my spoon at home so I guess I'm going to eat my yoghurt with my fingers. Eh. So, the point of this rant is that I'm still in an exceptionally good mood! I am still smiling randomly and laughing at all this things, even the exam. I nearly killed myself laughing when I found out I had an exam! Well, I didn't laugh at the water in my schoolbag till after the shock. And I know it will not be good if Jodi gets to my place before I do but unless that little minx is speeding like a demon and left very early this morning (highly, hightly unlikely) than I'm fine. But know I am just laughing at this crazy day! It's only 11am! Yeah, so that's weird because usually I just have to have a hair out of place and I've sworn off the day as another wrecked attempt at a life but yeah, today for some reason, very hyper and cheerful. Well, back to studying! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Two Nugget Heads and a Fat Cat in a Tense State

Gosh I'm witty.

So I am currently experiencing the emotional reunion of two long lost brothers; Spike (Spawnkitty) and Chuck (lovetillithurts). Yes, it's like a fox reality special with lots of bitch slapping, sleeping around, furniture crashing, and we even have a smarmy host, Ativan, who appraises everything from afar ontop of her scratching post. It's actually interesting to see the changes in the two already. Spike has grown much more affectionate and bites less which I attribute to his jealousy of seeing his pet um... pet another cat and having spent most of his time biting Chuck, and Chuck is better at nighttime manners, maybe from Spikes relaxed attitude or from exhaustion, who knows? (For those who aren't aware, Chuck is very hard to have in the same room when you are trying to sleep because he is ultra needy and shoves his cold nose into your ear and will eat your hair and lick your nose) But they play and play and play and then at night they both sleep on Coral's bed with me until sunlight starts to shine through the window in which case they start playing again, however still on the bed. That causes me some grief but if I lock them out of the room Spike will attack the door so. They share some tender moments however. They love to lurch ontop of the fridge and watch me in the kitchen like two fuzzy vultures. They love to jump on the counter and lick dishes. They love to sit in my lap while I'm on the computer. They love to jump into my bag whenever I open it. So this stay is a complete success and I think the real winner here is Ativan who spends most of her time sunning her belly on the scratching post with no interruptions.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Top Ten Reasons School Bites

10.I could still be in bed, right now. There could be a spawnkitty biting me or pouncing on my tummy cause I'm breathing but I would be in bed nevertheless.
9.The bus seats are uncomfortable and someone is always smelly (sometimes it's me, but it's always someone).
8.Those little side 'desk' panels in the chair that you hurt your back if you use and tend to have gum stuck to them and are squeaky.
7.My feet hurt an insane amount do they hurt they hurt so bad ouchy ouchy (the point to this one is that I have to wear shoes at school).
6.All the note taking has made the pinky side of my right palm blue with ink.
5.My frantic last second homemade lunches usually consists solely of baby carrots and my advanced night eyesight is useless because I'm too tired to stay up late.
4.I have fallen asleep twice while studying on my futon is which freakishly uncomfortable and pokey with sharp boards and unyeilding with lumpy 'cushioning'.
3.School keeps me away from my Spike, aka.spawnkitty, whom I love so very much, but who needs a lot of attention or he does things like climb doorways, attack the carpet, knock stuff off of heights, kill anything plastic, eat toilet paper, and other general bad-kitty-goddammit stuff.
2.14 midterms, two papers, a presentation, three quizzes, and four final exams. What the hell is up with that?
1.It's called statistics. It reigns from hell.