Monday, June 14, 2010


Yarnpiggy nominated me for a Beautiful Blogger Award. I don't really know what that is or what it means in the larger picture but that was really really nice of her to nominate me! I mean, regardless of what it does outside of this, it does mean I get to nominate others and write a list so whee!
I would pass this onto...

my kick-ass friends who have great technical knitting/art blogs (some who are also coming into their own as designers) and who write some awesomely I spend way too much time in archives....

  1. Kat
  2. Darcy
  3. Rachel
  4. Sheena
  5. Brooke
  6. Jennifer
  7. Erica
  8. Cara
  9. Janet
  10. Julia
  11. Katy
and now ten things about me.... mmm....

1. I prefer the cold to the hot because you can always add more layers but you have to stop at your skin when removing them.

2. My cat, Spike, is 6 years old and was just diagnosed with diabetes.

3. I am going to have children because watching children grow up looks to be pretty awesome. And it's a great excuse to have craft day be EVERY day.

4. Despite my fears, teaching kindergarten isn't half bad.

5. I have never taught a straight grade. I think they're a myth.

6. I'm disappointed I've only been a bridesmaid once. It was so much fun!

7. I want to finish all my knitting projects so I can learn how to knit continental.

8. I don't really have that much of a desire to travel. I want to go across Canada mostly to see people I know, and I want to go to Vietnam with my sister because of the jade beaches. Otherwise, traveling doesn't hold that much of a pull on me. Looks fun but I'm not going to go out of my way.

9. I love Vancouver. If I can find an apartment with a nice balcony that I can hang plants on and insuite laundry, I will live here forever.

10. Yoga makes me a happier person.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Jennifer's Post


P'Cess commented the other day that I needed to update my 30 by 30 and I'm very glad she did because I had, I just hadn't linked the new one! Sheesh. I needed to update it again so it was doublely helpful . All the reds are dones. You may see some changes. On this post I noted the new mods. New ones are number 2, 5, 19, and 25.

  1. Design and knit my perfect cardigan out of hand-spun hand-dyed yarn
  2. Get a spinning wheel~ Done! June 5th 2010, my friend told me I could have her wheel (traditional Ashford) until I needed it. I'll need it until I buy one so there we go! (Pics to come no worries.)
  3. Make a really awesome bookshelf (like these or something)
  4. Crochet a bedspread with one of my Grandmother Hazel's crochet hooks and laceweight
  5. Go on a real vacation ~ Done! May Long Weekend 2010, Tofino BC.
  6. Bike around one of the islands
  7. Get another tattoo~ oops, this one had been done for awhile now, just forgot I got this one, it's so small and cute!
  8. Pay off bank student loan
  9. Bike a century (160km) in two days
  10. Get really good at the violin- like stellar
  11. Publish one of my poems (and not self-published)
  12. Become an Aunt again (see 1.b)
  13. Keep my blog
  14. Pick up some kind of activity or sport thingie DONE! Yoga has been maintained for over six months and now I'm biking so check check and check.
  15. Learn how to be awesome at chess and play a game with those really serious russians downtown
  16. Be a bridesmaid again cause it is fun (again- 1.b)
  17. Use my 5' by 7' canvas for a painting
  18. Get another family portrait with all the new people in our family (Dad will finally not be the only male in the picture)
  19. Organize a serious charity knitting project~ Done! Vancouver Fibre Leauge First Charity Run of knitting blankets and toys to the SPCA was donated on June 16, 2010! Couldn't have done it without the knitters!
  20. Get involved with a Feminist organization
  21. Go across Canada
  22. Participate in a charity marathon even if I just briskly stroll the whole thing DONE!!!! June 7th, 2009- Childrun for BC Childrens' Hospital fight against cancer. 205 dollars raised.
  23. Go to Vietnam with Julia
  24. Do a whole day hike/Hike the West Coast Trail
  25. Scuba or snorkel~ DONE! Surfing was way cooler than either of these things.
  26. Garden- no matter how small
  27. Write and illustrate a picture book
  28. Adopt another kitten DONE! February 17th, 2010.
  29. Make a 100 book reading list
  30. Design and sew a dress that is spectacular
Now all that being said, I need YOUR help for the 100 book reading list. If everyone notes 5 books they think I should read, it should be a breeze and I'd really appreciate the input! So if you could leave a comment below, and I'd love for the lurkers to leave one too! The more the merrier and I'll be sure to come over and thank you for your comment!

Monday, June 07, 2010

Little things that are Fun

There are lots of things that I no longer get as part of my 'make-next-month's-rent' strategy. Since September I have bought four skeins of yarn (technically three because I haven't paid Julia back yet for one of them) so I'm pretty proud of myself for that. In fact, twice now I've gone to TBF for non-yarn items and returned with non-yarn items. Insane! It's hard sometimes though, to figure out how to have fun without spending money.

I had a little party on Saturday which was lovely. I'll post more pictures but it did it on a budget and had enough food left over I may not have to buy groceries for the week (as long as I don't mind carrots and dips for the entire week). Spike had a good time while my friends were here. He got some pets than perched on the windowsill before retreating to the top of the cupboards in order to scare people.

I'm still quilting like a mad woman. I'm making a quilt for my nephew for when he gets a big bed. I really enjoyed making it, and detailing how drunk I was when I did it, it turned out pretty well.

I couldn't actually get a photo without Lala.
For quilts are evil evil things.
Speaking of Lala, she's doing really well. She's gotten a lot braver and likes to tear around crazy like. Spike tolerates her.

Anyhoo, the whole thing that prompted this post was I was just getting ready for bed when I pulled out two new knitting books I just bought. I haven't bought any books or magazines for so long, soooooo long that I had forgotten how much fun it is to sit down with new knitting books and going through the patterns.
And yes, they are from Dressew. I am not made of stone. I regret nothing. I went there for buttons.

Now, I am going to go read these while drinking tea. Sweet dreams!

Sunday, June 06, 2010


The cats woke up me five hours after I went to bed so I decided to be productive but now that all the pictures are loaded I'm going to try to go back to bed. Enjoy.

I want to go back.