Wednesday, August 31, 2005

School? But.... I just finished...........

So far I have three textbooks purchased: biopsychology, life span development, and 'Becoming a Teacher'. All of which were ridicously priced. Oh well. I don't know why I decide to blog when I'm tired and grouchy. I will say this, Sims rule! My last week before school is very strategically laid out. I have big plans this week, big plans. They involve such activities as knitting, reading, playing sims, playing neopets, eating, sleeping, and then some more knitting. I'm very excited to see how this all turns out. Did I tell everyone that Jim is here? He is. He brought Spike the Bear with him. Oh, I spent way too much money in Vernon. I got slub wool from Nova Scotia, yarn made out of saris from Nepal, this yarn called Brazilia (which always makes me snort and giggle), some wool made from Alcapalca..... that's not right but I'm too lazy to go look it up, and since being home I got some yarn that is actually kinda like string with sequins on it, 'kitten' yarn (which isn't it's right name but it's soft like a kitten), and this wool called Noro from Japan (sooooooooooooooo nice). I got two books, Eden Robinson's Monkey Beach and The Red Tent by Anita Diamant (if there are any spelling errors here, I can't see this as this font is too light for my create a post background to doublecheck. And yes, I could just highlight it and check for errors but that is effort too you know). Books I finished on vacation were Whale Rider and Sunshine. Sunshine is by Robin Mckinely and I want others to read it so iI can discuss it with someone. Overall, I had a WONDERFUL (heehee, stop yelling! heh) trip to Vernon and Canyon. It was nice to do something this summer like that so my summer wasn't so..... well, you read my blog you know what my summer was like. So I'll let you all know how my week pre school went. I can't really talk about my knitting in detail as they are christmas presents but hopefully I will be started on some of my own stuff with the yarn I got. Only about five more christmas presents to go! Wheeeeee. Oh, I finished my scarf and toque that I made out of the wool I got from Darlene's store in PG. They are so wonderful and original. Very earthy groovy. Now I shall see if I can kick Jen off her laptop. The thing about Sims, that is something I really can't do during school. Knitting I bring with me to school and acts as an anti-depressant. I have professional books to read for teaching. But playing Sims is really hard to justify. And its so bloody addictive. I built an amazing house last night. I was playing my family (me and angelina jolie in married bliss), and Angie (as I call her) reached the top of her career in crime and I reached the top of my career in being a slacker. So we had a tonne of money in which to build a new house. I managed to make a basement! So exciting. Well, I'm outta here now. Tata.

Monday, August 15, 2005

It's OVER!!!

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I could not be more happy if I tried! (that's not true, I'm all sweaty after running up three flights of stairs three times in the past half hour and I'm hungry and I want a pepsi and I want to knit right now!) But woohoo! Done geography! and I think I passed the final, which is good. This is a low expectations class, so I'm hoping for a B-. Hence, if I got 15/30 on my final, I would have 71% in the class and voila, B-. I keep on checking the UNBC website for my grades because out of my five courses, they only have two grades posted which is driving me insane; however, I realized checking the website daily is just going to make me more insane so now I'm not going to check it until August the 26th. We'll see if I can do that or not. Since I've blogged about it, I'm more likely to actually keep to it. Only 11 days away I figure. If I keep myself busy it shouldn't be too hard. (as you can tell by my overly explained and long written thoughts, I hate waiting for things, I find it very difficult)

I have a lot of things to do on my trip. I have two knitting projects, one of which I need to finish by Friday, and lots of books to read. I'm only bringing over three, Whale Rider, Sunshine (Robin McKinley), and What Would Buffy Do?, but there's lots of books at Vernon home that I want to read. I also have lots of people to see and coffee to drink. Unfortunately, my room is a disaster and I hate coming home to messy room. Meh. I wanted to pick up one of my school text books but I don't have the cash for it right now. I have psychobiology coming up and I really need to prep for that course. Me + biology = badness.

So crazy boy in my final was trying to give himself whiplash during the exam. I've never seen anyone do that with their neck before, it was really weird. Crazy lashing back and forth and at really quick speeds, like confused headbanging or something. He did it about four times in the space of an hour. And instead of just flexing his fingers or rotating his wrist when it got sore, he put his hand up like he was asking a questions and shook it all around. Maybe he was doing the hokey pokey or something. I dunno.

I'm going to go now. I have to get my stuff together and go meet Coral outside the caferteria in about ten minutes. See you in Vernon! (if you are too in Vernon, if not.... well then, I'll see you somewhere else I guess. Unless I don't know you, in which case.... Hi.)

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

So.... meh.

So here I am, after making an appointment to see my prof which I really didn't want to do, without my stupid midterm. Now, I have to come up with some really good questions to ask so I'm not accused of wasting his time. le sigh. Oh well.

I'm going to do a brief summary on my summer courses because I've got 2 hours till I meet him and I'm not about to do work because I'm a total slacker. As well, I've been looking at other people's blogs and they are all really nice and interesting and mine is kinda lacking lately. Anyhoo:

Math 190: How to Teach Math to Elementary Students
Yeah. Got through about half the criteria, RUDE students, quizzes where help was given if asked, but overall, a really nice professor who could make arthimetic sequences interesting so kudos for him. I do like the textbook as well so that was good. I meet a lot of people who are in/planning on going in the education programme so that was interesting. Overall, got a great mark so that helps me out with applying for the education program (and my gpa so).

Inst 151: Beginners French
Amazing how you can learn more in 6 weeks about french than you ever did in the five years at high school. I'm not completely dissing my teachers here -even though my Grade 10 french teacher let us watch english movies all the time, my Grade 12 french teacher was really quite good- because I know that my study habits have done a complete turnabout since high school. Still, I know so much more grammer and how to speak french (if anyone knows how I use to speak french *shudder*) and read french so that's all good. The prof was the sweetest little lady who was raised in France. It's a shame that the second part of the class was cancelled but it made way for my other courses so that was fine.

Engl 170: Grammer and Stuff
Coolest prof ever. And I did a presentation on knitting, wrote three papers, one about Jane and Bust (two magazines), one about Lenore (cute little dead girl), and one about Buffy (of course). And you know how in every class there is some smart mouthed punk who is just awful and everyone wants to kill? There wasn't in this class! Everyone was nice and funny and respectful and interesting and it was great. The prof put a lot of tender loving care into the overheads, and you know, it makes a difference. I know the grammer of my blog may make people think 'did she learn anything in this class?' but I did, and I blog as I think so grammer plays no role here. Punks. Oh yeah! Andrea (the prof) got us a cake at the last class too! How cool is that?

Fnst 215: External Issues
Mmmmm.... a class with GOOD readings. What a concept. No more dry boring crap that is geared towards really boring Phds and makes you want to cry. It was a whirlwind of a class with a lot of material to cover but it was managable and interesting. The prof, Mavis, is an uber interesting person and should teach more often. And a class where you have a pregnant student one week, then a three day old baby in his baby holder(what are those things called) the next week is the best thing ever. I actually liked the paper that I handed in and event though I kept on wringing my hands during the presentation, it went marginally well. It's one of those classes where it really affects the way you read things which is fun to note after just a month what a difference it makes. Charming classmates as well, though I think one was kinda bipolar cause she was either really really nice to me or really really not nice to me. Eh. I got to brag about me sister in class too when we talked about Eden Robinson. Heh.

Geog 203: Regional Geography of Canada
Okay, I really like the lectures and I am learning a lot of stuff in the class, but.... meh. I bombed the midterm (see above), the classes go on and on and on and on, and there are a lot of.... odd people in the class. You know, you just want to say 'I didn't come here to listen to that other student talk about antedoctal stories that bear no relevance to the rest of the course and also, by the way, is horrifically disrespectful'. The class is getting better as it is the last week but for the first five weeks, nobody in the class would talk before class or during the breaks, so you'd get there and have to sit in dead silence for seven minutes. It was just weird. I really wanted to fart because I thought it'd be incredibly funny but at the same time I realized it would also be mortifying, so I decided I just wanted someone else to fart, but I mean, a loud dirty fart. That would be great. And because this class covers so many controversial topics, for the most part it's okay, the prof is respectful but also majorly left so that is good, but sometimes people can be NASTY and say things that are horrible, I won't repeat them but basically saying all americans should die (I so wanted to punch someone in the head for that one, I had to do the count down from 15 and gnash my pen into my paper), vegetarians are evil (the poor veggie in our class got death looks for saying 'just don't eat meat'), and so on and so on. Overall, I am happy that I took the course (which is good since I may be repeating it if I don't get a good enough grade), but I don't think it had to be like this.

And there you are people! My summer courses in all their glory. My fall line up includes: education 101, intro to health psychology, biopsychology, lifespan/developmental psychology, and psychopathology & their treatments. My Winter semester is done up but the courses will move around so I'm not betting on all of them yet. I want to drop my fourth year psych course to a third year. So yeah. Yeah for me blog!