Friday, May 18, 2012

Missing a lung but otherwise fine

Sorry!  I've had a lot of family visiting, and between that (which is awesome, not complaining) and having a boyfriend who lives in another city (just one skytrain and a bus but still), I was feeling pretty worn out.  I remember one weekend thinking, gosh, I should probably take it easy this weekend, so I cancelled half of my commitments and still ended up going out five times over the weekend, and hence I got sick.  Really sick.  Now I'm mostly better, still sound like I smoke two packs a day, and I'm really tired of being in my living room.  The cats have loved it.  When I curl up for a nap in the middle of the day Spike purrs so much it scares Lala.  I have relatively little knitting to show for it but I did watch the first three seasons of Parks and Rec.  Time well spent we can all agree.

Knittings!  I'm started a top secret project that I can't show you but it's GORGEOUS.  Just imagine the prettiest thing ever and there you go.  I also finally started another top!  Finally.  I started Acer with my PEI yarn (not purchased in PEI, just what it is a called by Rachel and I).  It's coming along nicely only it's the second project I'm working on that requires keeping track of rows so that can be annoying but well worth it. 

And that's it!  I have one pair of mitts at the boyfriend's place for when I forget my knitting so those don't count but even if they did that's only THREE projects on the needles!  I usually average around six projects or more.  Woo me.

I can't believe I don't have any photos of my Rock Island shawl to show you.  It's the  most beautiful thing I've ever knit.  I'd highly recommend the pattern to anyone.

And also, finally, here are the fingerless mitts I knit Julia way back in December.  They are my Purl Soho knockoffs since I started them away from any pattern and only a memory of what they were suppose to look like.  The button band is fake and I sewed the dragonfly buttons on like they were taking flight.  Super cute.  Julia got a lot of wear out them in the cooler weather and they are totally her colours.  

I'll get some good shots of my shawl and I'll also write a post later about the awesome boardgame Boyfriend got me for our six month.  Smallworld Underground.  Freaking amazing people.