Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How to Sandwich A Quilt

First, drug cats.
Excellent. Then clear out some space and have mindless TV on in background (I do believe this was 'wipeout').

Lay out bottom fabric and tape in place. Fix and shuffle continuously till it's perfect.
Scream at cats who are now high as kites and are tearing around the apartment like mad and repeat previous steps a few times.
Lay batting on top of quilt and place finished quilt on top. Pin, shoo cat, pin some more, fix, shoo cat, fix, more pins, yell at cat, get scratched, get band-aid, pin some more, fix, take pins away from kitten, pin, and then you are done.

Now sit back and wonder how the hell you are ever going to get these layers sewn together.

Just a little size comparison of cat there for you.

Finished quilt, so far layers un-sewn, but hey, dudes, I freaking finished the front.
Next time it's nice out and I can steal a neighbour I'll get some good shots in the sun. And when I figure out how to sew this together now (it's 79 by 64 inches) I'll take a photo all snuggled up in it.