Friday, October 28, 2005

Halloween = funfun

So went shopping today for halloween decorations. Really one of the first official times doing that. I was going to decorate the house as the ravenclaw section of Hogwarts (where learning is valued) but that just got too specific and would take a lot of time and money to make it clear to everyone and not do a halfass job and have to explain myself continously. So I've decided to go spooky-same as everyone else but it will still be fun. As expected, I am going as Medusa again but oh well. So what did I get today? Well let me tell you! Ahem...
  • A lantern with black designs over an orange background. Cats, ghosts, spiders, pumpkins, and bats. I'm going to hang it outside above the door.
  • A fuzzy bat from Lewiscraft that has wire in the wings so they look spooky. Sheds however.
  • Little white bags that you put leaves in with faces on them and then hang outside down from your tree so they look like ghosts! Spooky. (so I guess this means I have to rake. hm.)
  • Lots and lots of candles! (don't worry, I shall not leave them unattended or near anything flammable.)
  • Spider webs with spiders in them.
  • a witchy-poo broom
  • Ghost garland which I will probably put outside somewhere. Or I may keep it inside cause it's actually kinda nice in a funky way... but it was cheap so meh.
  • Candy! I got eyeballs (chocolate covered in tinfoil with the different types of centers), fatty ratty (really ugly rat gummy candy) and trash teeth (gummy candy as well). I'm also going to get some cheap traditional candy (nothing like caramels or raisins) but I'm thinking of putting the freaky candy in a special bag and asking children if they want candy or if I should get them something from my spooky bag and tell them that I put dead rats, teeth I find on the road, and eyeballs I take from people in there. Heh.
  • Smirnoff. But... that's got nothing to do with halloween or children. And none of your business! Hmph.
Well, after looking at that I realize that I didn't get any skulls. Hm. Wonder if I should go back tomorrow. I do have my coffin with the skeletons carved on it that I got years ago. I could also just cut some out of paper and such. I would prefer not having to leave the house tomorrow. Oh yeah, and I got Batman Begins to watch tonight. Wheeeeeeeee for me!

Monday, October 24, 2005

End of Workout Week II

First, a big amazing wowza-monkey-hooser to Julia and all the good happiness on her quickly forthcoming trip to Pakistan!
Second, a wonderful thank you to Jill for the tae-bo tapes and photos and a thank you to Jill and Cohen for the lovely visit on Friday.

Before I start ranting about the current state of my abs (owowowowow) I would like to clarify that Jenn and I did not go to Women's Zone on Thursday because I didn't clean off my sneakers in time and then she got sick so. I still went swimming with Florence on Friday night. We did twelve laps before a quick dip in the hottub. It's a very short swimming experience because the buses really suck at night time, moreso on the weekdays, so we had to leave early for Flo to catch her bus. They go later on Friday nights, but that's teen night. Sigh. I have to say, and don't take this the wrong way, but I love all the naked ladies in the change room. I know that sounds really funny, but I love that they are totally unabashed about themselves and have none of this stupid insecurity that runs rampant in my age group.
Right, so just wanted to blog and let people know that I completed Week II goal of working out for three times for 45 minutes because this morning at 6am Jenn and I got up and did a tae-bo cardio workout. It's one of those things were you see the move, get to do a few reps of eight with it, and just when you think you are done... they go into 'cardio' mode and all of a second it's double time! Aarrrgghhh. My abs. Oh how they cry. Well, I'm meeting a friend... three minutes ago so I'm outta here but BIG thanks to Jenn for the early morning sweaty workout! Heh. My ass hurts too.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Workout week II

Right. Nothing like waking up to the radio airing an ass-stupid quote from Mike de Jong. You know at that point it will be a bad day. Hence, I am blogging, instead of doing my stupid biopsychology reading. She spontaneously added two chapters to our exam next week because she got confused on what was on there and made notes for the wrong chapters. Which of course logically means you just add them to the chapters actually on the syllabus. Of course. Anyhoo, then I get here and my water bottle that I left in the area infront of the bus stop has not been returned in anywhere. It was purple and oh so pretty.


So whiny, so whiny indeed.

So I worked out last night to begin my second week of my three month plan off to a good start. I was going to go running but by five I was really hungry and I have to go running at 6pm or else it just gets too dark. So instead I did a workout from Cosmo, the bikini body workout. It was pretty good and it gave me some good ideas. I workout in the living room but for the 'cardio challenge' between each workout you have to skip rope for some odd amount of minutes, and I have no rope, and it was the living room, and Jenn was on the phone, so I would just run up and down the stairs and run around the basement. By the end of the 45 minutes, getting up those steps was torture. But it was good, it really worked out my arms... those two pound weights are a killer! (heh, to give myself a little credit, I used them during my other exercises and did a whole buncha reps with them). Jenn and I are going to Women's Zone (she got me a two week pass.... is there anything that girl can't do?) tomorrow and Florence and I are going to go to swimming some time this week as well. I think we are going to aquafit.

Should go study I guess. I have been a major slacker lately. Slacker girl. heh.

I'm going now.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Goodness Gracious

I Am

Which tarot card are you?

I really don't know how I feel about this. Not very pleased. Anyhoo, since I last blogged
  • Tuesday night- did section one of my running program.
  • Wednesday night- did power yoga with Rodney Yee (the guy on the DVD)
  • Friday night- went swimming, only did a few laps but played a lot in the current pool which is quite a work out.
So wheeee for me! My goal of working out for three times in one week is accomplished! (which means I get to play sims2!) I should also go do some homework because (gasp) I didn't do any yesterday! It's funny because when I thought my marks were bad I studied so much because I was in this 'I have to do better next time' frame of mind and now that I got my marks back and I did well, I'm kinda like... well... shit man, I'm going to knit for a few hours. Oh yeah! Finished my scarf that I made with the wool that Jenn got me from her Northern BC tour with the poetry people! It's sooooo pretty. When I get my hands on a digital camera I'll take a picture of it and blog it. It's really long and nice and it's cool because I knit it on circular needles so I cast on the length of the scarf instead of the width, so it was 280 stitches on since 7.5 needles and I knit approximately 16 rows. It seems to me that that scarf took a lot shorter time to accomplish than others, and it's crazy long! I loop it around my neck once and both ends go to just above my knees. Tra lala.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Dear Readers,

as of today I, Leone, have entered into the 'changing' part of a self-change project for my behaviour modification class. Whee. Hence, every few days or so, I have to blog and report to you my exercise habits. Your part, if you wish to involve yourself so, is to offer positive reinforcement in the way of woohoos and waytogos. I also accept gift certificates, yarn, and caaaandy. Personal stories of overcoming the hating of exercise are welcomed and as well maybe some sage advice from all you old folks out there (anyone older than me).
Thanks for your time,

Leone (already prepped in exercise clothing)

Monday, October 03, 2005

I like my octopus raw, thank you

seriously. I do. One raw slice of a giant (bigger than a toonie) octopus tentacle. Heh. That's so cool. I also had lots of other food and many a funny story to tell (I got my disapproving look from Jen when I looked down Coral's shirt, I get at least one every outing) and oh so much goodness that has made this otherwise not so lovely (any body else wanna give me an exam? I mean, c'mon now, anyone?) week into a very, very good week. Oh yeah, we went out for dinner at the shogun, that's what this is all about. Mmmm... octopus. I'll tell you more later. I am so tired. Must go to bed and wake up at 6am to study FAS, whee. I'll tell ya tomorrow if I actually got up at 6 or not. Le sigh. What a ranting blog. This is hilarious. It's like a bad journal, just worse because it's on the internet. Heh. The world is my late-night new-food-belly confident. Rock the cazbah baby.