Thursday, March 30, 2006

Trial (unwearable) socks done!

(side note: since arriving at school at 3:30 pm I have had a smirnoff ice vodka, really old reheated pizza slice, doritos, 3 two bite brownies, and half a can of coke... so I feel really, really, really ill right now.... really)

In other news, before the barf feast I finished the trial sock! I decided not to do the entire length of the foot because it was just a waste of yarn and I went right into the toe wedge and finished it in two hours (while watching TNG... I love the Spike channel). So the sock looks really messed up, moreso since the ankle part is longer than the foot part and I did the heel and the toe in white yarn (the rest in the sock was in black) and the toe wedge looks like the beak of a penguin. I'm going to look up other ways of doing a toe wedge because it wasn't very toe-like, though I have nothing against penguins. I've very excited to start a new pair of socks for Jason and seeing how those turn out. I was going to try to fix the messed up float on the socks so they will be wearable but the skulls were so messed up I wouldn't want anyone wearing them anyways. As well as the second attempt at skull socks for Jason, I also got sock yarn for Jenn and Jim and I and am going to try to knit us some red and white hiking socks (white cuff, red socks).

Oh my tummy..... unhappy tummy. (it's the social aspect that does it! I would not have eaten that if all my friends weren't doing the same! Oh the peer pressure and my weak will! And the coke was free! Free! So I got it, drank half, and realized... I don't really like coke. Then I left it on a table somewhere at school.)

Did I mention that my wonderful amazing mother got me two sets of double pointed knitting needles, one set is wood (!) and size 2 mm, and the other pair is metal and 1.75mm! Wheeee! I wasn't able to find them in PG and I knit loosely so I need pretty small knitting needles to follow some of the sock patterns. Thanks mom!

still a work in progress... some errors

There are some errors on this still and there is alot of work to be done but I figured I would blog it because I've spent lots of time on it (usually sleep deprived and mopey so that might explain the errors) and so here it is for your viewing pleasure.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I'm sad

... but this helped cheer me up.

Should have stayed in bed

**warning: explicit self pity from an over-priviledged individual**

So this morning when my alarm went off I awoke thinking 'today is not going to be a good day'. I mean, I could feel it in my bones and internal organs.


And this is no common self fufilling prophecy, I'm not just seeing the bad in neutral things. Letsee here, getting 51% on my biology exam... not good, check.
Forgetting to email myself my paper so I can work on it while at school... not good, check.
The only computer lab that is open is the one that is sweltering hot to a gross point of smelliness... not good, check.
Spilling my coffee on my new bag... not good, check.
Having to sit through another horrid lecture in my psychology class with disorganization and not funny silliness rampant... not good, check.
Painfully spending an hour trimming down my paper for biology to 7 pages despite not having all the info I know I need but there is NO room... not good, check.
Found out there was an apple in my locker so now there are fruit flies in my locker... not good, check.
Wasn't able to register into two of the classes I wanted to take because of stupid prerequisites... not good, check.
Getting my presenation mark back in an hour... not good, soon to be checked.
Dissecting a frog which would normally be fine but having to do it in a group of four... not good, soon to be checked.

See! See! Maybe school is here to make people appreciate their careers more. I guess I'll end this on a good note.

............. ............
....thinking...... .........



I was able to get into all the courses I wanted for the first semester... that was fine. They are all stupid courses I don't want to take but have to. Um.... oh okay, I've got it! I printed off one of Jenn's wedding photos and one of her friends saw me and came and we gabbed about it and that was good. Check. There, that's good.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

So much blogging....

I am blogging so much lately! Anyhoo, update on my goal is completed! I finished the first goal of four pages by 1030 am! Then I went and got some groceries and coffee and did a one and a half more pages, plus my two appendixes (sp?) so I am quite pleased with myself. My class was fine, my friend Kim was presenting and we agreed that I would cough everytime she started talking too quickly but after the first couple minutes I realized that plan wouldn't work because she would start to talk really quickly and I would cough, then she would slow down for about ten seconds then speed up again and I figured I would just become really distracting so I only coughed twice (and then I coughed sporadically throughout the entire class so the prof wouldn't think I was faking). But otherwise she did an amazing job, she is one of those people who is freakishly smart. I still really like her.

In other news, I really like some of the American Idols. I don't know cause I've never followed a previous season but I think there are some really neat people on, like Mandesa, Paris, Chris, Taylor, and Katherine. Mandesa is an amazing singer and performer, same with Paris, they are both effortless singing talent. Chris is cool, and he's a stepdad and just cool. Taylor and Katherine aren't as good as singers, but they are great performers and I really like watching them. Huh. Anyhoo, I have to say I think Simon is a jerk and mean, but he is honest, and I get embarrased by Paula and her antics and her sad desperation and I think he gets embarrased by her too.

Well, I'm going to go finish my hot milk and get ready for bed. I should attend my morning class tomorrow. Meh.


First three written pages (4 altogether): get to go for walk and get coffee from downtown

Every entire written page after that: either
a) get to knit two rows on Deformed Skull Socks
b) two rows on Baby Julian baby blanket or
c) two rows of new project I've started that is a Xmas present so I can't talk about it.

End goal: have 6-8 pages done by the time I have to go to school (3:45).

Annnnnnnnnnnddddd..... GO!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Skulls are cool (drawn.... not actualized)

So I am trying to write my paper for senior seminar right now. Can't you tell? I actually got so frustrated with my lack of writing and amazing procrastination abilities that I switched to my biology homework and got some work done. How sad is it that I would rather write about the action potential of a cell than write a paper? All the research is done it's just putting it together. Luckily, I have made a pact with a friend to proof read each other's paper on Wednesday so that helps motivate me.

In other news, I am coming down from a wonderful week with my Mom. It was a pretty low key visit, I had a biology exam on Friday so there was lots of studying, but there was also lots of curling, knitting, shopping, and cooking (and coffee... lots and lots of coffee). Having my Mom here is better than reading break. My Mom also helps me remember why I am in school, which is to be a teacher and apply my knowledge for good (not evil, unlike the university). Oh, one second, my tea water is boiling.

Okay, I'm back.

Knitting is coming along, I'm nearly done the baby blanket for the March 1st baby Julian (baby shower isn't for another two weeks, it's not like I'm just pshawing along) and I've started the foot part of the unwearable sock, but I just the measurements of Jasons foot to put in the sock generator and get a proper pattern. I also started a xmas present for a friend who reads this blog so I can't talk about it but it's sooooo nice. I got the yarn at a new yarn store I found in PG with Mom. I completely forgot I told a friend I would knit him a wristband so I need to start that too... which is bad because I actually try not to have more than two projects going on at once and this would be four, but meh. I actually designed the letters and the skull and crossbones for the wristband during psychology of learning class. There is this girl in that class... lets call her... Hibrina, and she talks and talks all the time and basically turns stuff about the learning material into a story she can tell us about her life or she'll let us know her opinion about everything and say really informative stuff (by informative stuff, I mean, really really obvious stuff... so painfully obvious that something she said in class today caused another student to let out of snort of laughter). Right... rant, anyhoo so that's the knitting side of things.

I'm going to go now and study biology some more. Maybe I'll try to work on my paper after Project Runway (and remember people, I'm watching it on the Life channel so I do NOT know who won yet!). Though I saw Project Jay last night, I have mixed emotions on Jay. When you follow him around during a stressful period of his life of course you can see that he has a lot of issues and isn't always so funny but I still really like him and what Heidi did to him was just plain mean. I love how mean he is. That bit with Wendy Pepper at Austins show?!? I was laughing so hard I was crying. Ohmigod.

Seriously I'm gone... or else my tea might get too strong. Ugh.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Have you seen who they got to replace McGill on Passions?

What Your Underwear Says About You

You like to think of yourself as innocent, even though you're not!

You're sexy, in that pinup girl, tease sort of way.
The Underwear Oracle

And on that note, how are you?

Thursday, March 09, 2006

trial sock

So my poor skull sock for Jason may not be a 'wearable' sock. Those are so over-rated anyways. I managed to do a fine job on the cuff this time around, doing a 1x1 rib, and then I started with the skulls, doing fair isle, which is knitting with two strands of yarn, carrying one behind the other, but this sock is now a learning experience. What have I learned? Well, that you need to allow enough of a float of the yarn you are carrying in order to allow the sock to stretch because the first 15 rows of my sock doesn't stretch at all and don't put a skull between dpn because that just makes it look soooo messy. So I'm about to start the heel of the sock now and even though this sock may not be you know, a true sock, I'm going to finish it because I've put a lot of work into it and I may as well finish the sock and see what else I can learn before I start another one. For the next one I'm going to do the skulls intarsia (sp?) because there are a lot of spots on the sock where you can really see the white yarn behind the black stitches. Anyhoo, going to go meet Jenn for lunch as I am starving!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

My Favorite Things

  • Bears and Caaaandy
  • Knitting without guilt
  • Cooking fun meals
  • Reading novels cuddled up in my white chair with my duvet and a hot chocolate and a kitty on my lap
  • When people come to visit
  • My purse that even bus drivers and security guards compliment me on
  • Tattoos
  • Biology lectures (just not the readings or the exams or the studying, but the lectures I like)
  • Using my teeny tiny ink pen to make detailed art pictures
  • When I wake up fifteen minutes before I have to and get to lie in bed and be in limbo
  • Going to walks in the park with a friend
  • When annoying people are told to shut up in class (either by me or other people)
  • Meeting friends at a cafe and never having a lull in the conversation
  • Being introduced to people you've wondered about for a long time and finding out they have wondered about you for a long time
  • Getting a good mark on something I've worked really hard on
  • Sending long emails to friends
  • The colour purple and blue shaded into one another
  • When Spike or Chuck starts to purr for no reason I can tell
  • When I wake up to coffee
  • A pen with really nice ink
  • When people leave comments on my blog
  • Nice smelling bubble bath
  • Unbroken spines in my favorite books
  • When someone references one of my favorite pop culture icons (Buffy, Harry Potter, Lenore, Spiderman)
  • Jenn's wedding dress
  • Mailing and getting personal letters
  • Skulls
  • My ring that reminds me of Grandma Hazel
  • Framed personal photographs
  • My Calvin and Hobbes books
  • New knitting patterns

Monday, March 06, 2006


So I found out that I was a theif of bandwidth so I'm trying to change that but I have NO idea how to put my stuff on my template without using the web so I put them on my blog and then put them on so at least I'm stealing my own bandwidth. That's why those photos are down there. I also changed Xmas list to my drawings (you know, detailing it's March and all) and added my socks to my knitting chronicles. I am suppose to be doing homework but we've had this conversation no?

tv can be very stupid

Chuck is dreaming

Best Line EVER

'I'm afraid Bjork couldn't be here tonight, she was trying on her outfit and Dick Cheney shot her'

~Jon Stewart 78th Oscar Awards

(I should note, I heart Bjork and all, the line is just really funny)

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


so... do you remember that whole fiasco like three weeks ago or so about a paper that I stressed out about then realized it wasn't due till the next week? So here we are, round two people! I'm freaking out about this paper, I've written the entire thing, discussion, conclusion, abstract, tra la la, it's 9 pages and it is only allowed to be 7 (they dock 5 marks pr extra page which is a huge chunk of the mark) and so I'm working, I'm working, and I sent an email to my TA just to clarify something she said in an email that made no sense to me. That she only wanted 2.5 pages. I'm like, what? Say quoi?

Do any of you see what's coming up here?

Only the discussion,conclusion, and references are due today. Not any other part of the paper, no abstract, no results, nada. So once again, I have done wayyyy more work then needed in a stressfull morning full of coffee. Right. I'm going to go read a online comics or something now. Sigh. And oh yeah, if you are ever doing an experiment, do not come up with two hypothesis. Because that really just screws you over for the page limit.