Friday, July 23, 2010

I Wish I Was Surfing Right Now

Hi! Still here. Been very busy. I took a three week contract teaching summer school in Burnaby. And half days at that, so from 9 to 12. You'd think that'd mean I'd have time (holy 'd much?) but I think it really backfired because when I work full days I make sure to take the time off but because I was all like 'I'm only working part time' I was making all these plans. But frankly, I left for work at 7 to be there by 8 and wouldn't get home till 2 usually and then I was out the door and up late. I had a lot of impromptu naps on my living room floor or in front of the computer.
I didn't have any time for knitting so I made sure to have a transit project. I don't have any photos but I have a lovely pair of mismatched pink socks to call my own. I'll get some photos soon.

The fun fun news is I bought the fabric for my hammerhead shark quilt. Have I talked about that yet? I used this photo by Eric Cheng (we've emailed. He's super cool.) and entered it into this program (having trouble with the link~ brb). The results are a little abstract, but pretty awesome.
From there I printed the colours out greyscale so I could see their value. Then I figured out how much yardage I needed for each colour and how much yardage was in the cuts of fabric. That a good math time.

Then, the really interesting part, I went to Fabricana. I was there for quite a bit. I pulled about, mmm, maybe 30 bolts of blue fabric and they let me use their teaching corner and use about five tables to lay them all out. From there I pulled the ones I liked and then sorted them by using photos of the blues I needed. Once I had the colours pared down to around 20 (I needed 15) I used my spiffy ruby beholder and made sure the values were right as well. There was a lot of sorting and painful decisions and people coming over and wondering why I had all the blue quilting cotton. Once finished I then took pictures to preserve the order and then sorted them by how much I needed of each. Booyah.

I have no idea how it's going to turn out but here we go.

I can't start this quilt until I finish all my other ones. Least to say all I have to do now is a border and I am done all my quilts. Pics to follow of those too~ they are too cute!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad I had the pleasure of seeing the material first hand. Each piece is so beautiful. It will be spectacular when it is made into a quilt. Love Mom

P'cess said...

I LOVE the middle one in the third pic from the bottom!

Also love that you're making a shark quilt!