Wednesday, May 31, 2006

not much to say

just thought I would blog

I'm turning into a geek-getting four comics a month now, wait, five if you count the superman I get for Jim, and six once Eternals gets here

hope to dye my hair this week

there's a sale at my local yarn store so that means I have to buy another container for my yarn

going to bed now

sweet dreams

Friday, May 26, 2006


Happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday dear Juuuuuuuuuuuuuu-lia
happy birthday toooo yoooou!

whee! woohoo! wowzers! eeeeheeehee! yeah! bonza! whee! willikers! tralala! woo! whee! wow! tubular! wowzers! yea! whee! bingo! wow! eeeeheehee! woo! woohoo! yeah! willikers! whee! radical! wowzers! dude!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Things I've learned in the past week

1. Don't put an end table and a whole bunch of trinkets where your laundry basket was cause at night you'll throw your robe at it and break stuff.

2. Don't let Spawnkitties near tulips.

3. Jim Henson is a God (already knew that, but got reinforced) (and yes, I know he has passed on but still is a God).

4. Don't fall asleep ontop of a knitting pattern (or knitting needles for that matter) because it will have a weird effect on your dreams (ever tried reading a chart in your dreams? So insanely frustrating).

5. Don't point at a knitting magazine and proclaim loudly about how much it sucks only to open it and realize there are patterns you like because then you can't buy it (at least when there are other people around).

6. When you carry a massive sketchbook, a collection of pencils, and a reference book up a steep and long hill, make sure you are actually in the mood to draw. Or else you just bitch a lot about the weight, and then throw things at the other people around you as they draw.

7. Mothers are amazing. Wheeeee for Annika!

8. Brother-in-laws are good things in life and everyone should have one. Especially one with Bears. And a fondness for Pita Pit.

9. Drunk Monkeys can knit like nothing else!

And that concludes my blog entry at this time. Archives and further blog reading can be found on the righthand side of the screen (your right, not the computers right).

Thursday, May 18, 2006

So many posts

First things first, I know need to stretch before I go on my walks that turn out to be a few hours or more, because oi do I hurt right now! (it's all my hips and ass, which is a good thing, because that means that I may be getting an ass! Hips I need no more of)

In other news, I just wanted to comment on my messed up logic. So I'm knitting something right now that is composed of diamonds, so I increase one stitch per row for x amount of rows and then I decrease one stitch per row for x amount of rows. So when I'm increasing, I get all pouty. I start to dislike my knitting. I shun it for days. I bargain- 'Okay, just knit one row, then you can read another chapter in American Gods (Neil Gailmen)' and when it gets to the last, let's say, probably 15 rows, it's like torture. I knit a row then put it on my shelf and don't talk to it for a few days. I get angry at the yarn. I take it to work with me because anything is better than nothing during a break at a mall. The thing is, once I reach that magic number, where you stop increasing, and start decreasing, I'm so excited! I love it! I knit like crazy! I finished the increasing last night, and today I have knit six rows. Six! The six before that probably took me at least a week, maybe longer. And it's the same amount of work, I mean, I do enjoy knit 2 together, it's my favorite stitch, but still, I love the decreasing parts of patterns. So strange. I also fall in love with the yarn all over again. It's sooooo beautiful. This also happens to be the piece of knitting that I've gotten the most comments on while knitting in public. I also have blisters because of this knitting. See! It's a confused knitting!

As well, I appreciate the comments people left about maintaing two blogs. I've thought about it and I'd actually have three blogs because Spike gets me to maintain his blog too and that would be a lot of work. As well, I can't blog much about my knitting since two of three knitting projects currently are Xmas presents (so I just allude to them vaguely, as above) but I can't really go into detail. I'm thinking of after Christmas, blogging about one present each week, which will take awhile. I'm going to still take photos of progress and everything and just keep the photos on CDs. Rant rant rant.

And for the last note, I want this. It loves me so.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Heh... Nocturnal Exploration

Lifeform Engineered for Observation and Nocturnal Exploration

Lover Exchanging Orgasms and Naughty Embraces

Livestock-Eating Ogre from the Ninth Earth

Is there something you're not telling me?

So I've technically been up for an hour and a half, but I only got out of bed half an hour ago, but the point here is that I cannot shake this feeling that I have something ridicously urgent to do. Usually this feeling is accompanied with a realization that a) some school work is due b) I work in the afternoon or c)I am meeting someone for coffee but none of those things are happening today! This is so annoying.

In other news, I ate so much pasta yesterday I nearly went comatose. Seriously.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

List of Things to Do

I have been doing a lot of stuff since school ended (ie. reading and knitting) but there are so many things I keep on saying- oh, I need to do that. So instead of actually doing them, I going to blog about them. Maybe blogerizing my list will help motivate me to complete some of these. Let's see here.... (is 'let us' an appropriate contraction as let's? I so confused all of a sudden. My brain is completely atrophed.)
  • Phone Alyson, Jodi, Jolene, Kim B., and Nic
  • Find a proper way to store and organize yarn and knitting needles (seriously, what to do about circular knitting needles? Argh I say!)
  • Dye my hair! I've been meaning to do this for months!
  • Go through my filing, which will take a couple of days at least
  • Mail Julia her B-day present (which at this point is going to be dreadfully late as is)
  • Make my blog all so nice and new and possibly start a knitting blog too cause well... it's kinda obligatory
  • Go through all my emails (all 456 of them) and either print off the ones I want, put them in special folders, and delete the ones I don't read! I fear the delete button. I really do.
  • Finish painting the store warhammer army! This one is doubtful. I painted for an hour and half last night and got the skin on one space bug done.
  • Find a good way for me to keep track of my money, so a budget plan/doohickey that will work for me. I watch that show on the life channel called... well, I can't remember, but that woman comes in and gives money advice to people over the space of a month and anyhoo, the key I think is to not have credit cards and if you do, no more than one. Oh, this one has turned into a tangent, maybe it has something to do with the insane Chuck love I am recieved while trying to type.
  • Finish my alligator and frog drawing.
Lists are fun.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Chicks & Tattoos

I love it when tattoo artists presume that because you are a woman that you know nothing about tattoos and talk down to you and don't listen to what you are saying. I love that because that makes my decision of where to not get a tattoo so much easier.
Me: Well, I drew up this sketch and I know I can't draw tattoos so I was wondering-
Him: That can't work for a tattoo.
Me: (pause) Yes, I know. What I want is-
Him: This inner star would just bleed into the outline.
Me: (sigh) Yes, I know. This is smaller-
Him: This type of detail can't be replicated. And this part would bleed as well.
Me: Yes well, thanks for your time. Byebye now!

In other news, I get to wear a catwoman (original catwoman, not Halle (shudder)) shirt to work! Wheeeee! Kudos for working in a comic book store!

Update: Do not go to Adrenaline tattoos

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Residual school anxiety

It seems funny to be experiencing this now since it's been nearly a month since school ended, but I've noticed lately that I have moments of panic when I see the date and think 'is something due today?' and I just came home from work and thought 'I'm so tired, I don't want to do schoolwork' and then I had the little gigglingly feeling of realization that I have no schoolwork and could play sims2 all night long if I wanted.

In other news, I finished the kick ass skull and crossbones wristband I knit up on those ridiciously tiny 1.75mm needles. I lined it in jersy and sewed on snaps and then pounded on some metal studes and voila! When I get my hands on a digital camera (I won't be purchasing one until I have a better idea of my hours at work this summer) I will get Leboe to pose with it. I was really worried it was going to irritate his skin (hence the jersy) but he wore it all day at work today and so far so good!

Jenn made bran muffins while I was at work, and they were ready right when I came home, and let me ask you... is there anything better than coming home to a house full of yummy smells and eating a piping hot bran muffin with raspberries in it? Is there? I think not! Sisters rule.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

So, what do you think?

I want this soooooooo badly.

Update: nevermind. Don't want it anymore.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Holy Fast Shipment Amazon!

So I ordered a book on Amazon last week, I think it was Wednesday or something, and today I see a mailpost van in the driveway and I run out all excitied cause I'm like... wheee! My book! Now, it is a big book, around 11 " by 11" approx, but the box this guy is holding is huge! So I just think, oh, it's a wedding prezzie for Jenn, and it does say Amazon on the side, but Jenn's gotten Amazon presents already so nothing new. Anyhoo, I get the box, and my name is on it! It's my book! My obviously incredibly fragile book because it was packed in a huge box with those massive air filled ziploc bags. Now, there was also a newspaper like thingie about books in my order, so maybe that was why, but nevertheless, I got my book! It's the one I raved about earlier, Module Magic by Ginger Luters.

And I'm doing good about not buying yarn. I had to get the mohair in order to finish my shawl since I ran out but otherwise so far so good. I read this article in knitty and it made me think about my growing yarn stash. I also started knitting with the yarn I bought at The Never Ending Yarn and it is esquisite! (is that word correctly spelled?) I want a digitial camera. So bad. I may go down to london drugs and hold a few today. Oh, and with all my yarn that I have left over from other projects I'm knitting little squares and such and going to put in into a horridly mismatched afghan one day. I'm very excited.

In other news, I have another five days off in a row but I do believe this is the last time for the summer, which is good, detailing I want to buy an ipod as well as a camera. I have no big goals this week, except to get out and walk everyday.

In other news, for the first time in my life, I drank beer. Two cans people, two cans! It only took me about four hours as well.

Well, I'm off to have a cheese sandwich. The kitties have finally quieted down but detailing all the noise they were making while I was writing this blog I also need to go put the rugs back in their proper places (instead of all smooshed into the wall) and possibily pick up some of the dishes I just washed off the floor. Sigh. Kitties.