Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Top Ten Reasons School Bites

10.I could still be in bed, right now. There could be a spawnkitty biting me or pouncing on my tummy cause I'm breathing but I would be in bed nevertheless.
9.The bus seats are uncomfortable and someone is always smelly (sometimes it's me, but it's always someone).
8.Those little side 'desk' panels in the chair that you hurt your back if you use and tend to have gum stuck to them and are squeaky.
7.My feet hurt an insane amount do they hurt they hurt so bad ouchy ouchy (the point to this one is that I have to wear shoes at school).
6.All the note taking has made the pinky side of my right palm blue with ink.
5.My frantic last second homemade lunches usually consists solely of baby carrots and my advanced night eyesight is useless because I'm too tired to stay up late.
4.I have fallen asleep twice while studying on my futon is which freakishly uncomfortable and pokey with sharp boards and unyeilding with lumpy 'cushioning'.
3.School keeps me away from my Spike, aka.spawnkitty, whom I love so very much, but who needs a lot of attention or he does things like climb doorways, attack the carpet, knock stuff off of heights, kill anything plastic, eat toilet paper, and other general bad-kitty-goddammit stuff.
2.14 midterms, two papers, a presentation, three quizzes, and four final exams. What the hell is up with that?
1.It's called statistics. It reigns from hell.


Jenn said...

kisses and hugs sweetie.

Just think - this is all about never working at Wendy's again!

Jill said...

oh, but is it really going to keep you away from meaningless employment? Can we GUARUNTTEEE that? My employment certainly is quite meaningless and mundane. just being a thorn in your lumpy futon...

p.s. you wouldn't still be in bed 'cause Mieka the dog would be running around in the kitchen/living room/dining room waking you up.

then again, stopping spawnkitty from wrecking carpet and other features of your fine accomadations is a good endeavor (now now, landperson, let GO of the carpet! it's ONLY carpet)...

Leone said...

Well, it is a concern of mine as well. I don't know if you have ever heard me screaming 'think of the damage deposit you stupid cat!' but it does happen.

Jill said...

No, I haven't heard... it brings a little tear to my eye to think about it, so I try not to think about it too much.

Coral said...

yeah, school stinks. But i know a pretty girl you ate dinner with recently that you can flirt with at the uni....
tra lalalala