Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Yeah yeah

Well, first I should thank Zooey for giving me a ride to the University today so I had time to blog. Then I should comment that my blogs aren't going to be as frequent as before as I have less internet time as of late but that the theme of my blogs (school is stupid) shall thrive! Life has been a cross of boring/stressful/lovely/miserable since I came back home from Vernon. As past blogs will confirm I was in Vernon for a tad longer than planned due to a nasty virus but it was still a most wonderful trip. I was able to meet up with a lot of friends and was spoiled most deliciously. Since I've been back I have started my two summer courses; French and Math.

The french is really good so far. The reading and writing is a little below my french level but when it comes to talking french I completely need to be in the class. The proff is just the sweetest lady you have ever met and I am learning a lot! It makes me happy but I have trouble with which is le and which is la and which accent is aigu and which accent is grave (I know which one is which but when I'm spelling words I forget which one a letter will get).

My math class is 'How to Teach Elementary Students Math'. It's an odd one because if it was just the course, like no other variables or anything, I would either a) not go or b) fall asleep in class. However, the proff is very good and has a very interesting way of explaining things so I find he gets my interest and keeps it and is nice so I would feel bad if I skipped class and as well where would I be without the antics of my classmates? One girl talks constantly to herself under her breath like 'I don't understand.... oh now I get it..... huh? ..... 82, no wait, 84, no wait...... oh look at that....'. Another student shows up late with his discman blaring which he doesn't bother to turn off till he's sat down, falls asleep periodically while sitting in the front row, yells out answers that are usually wrong, and doesn't even show up for the extended first part of the class on Fridays. There are the two girls who gab, gab, and gab, but I have to give them credit (don't get me started on the girls in my french class) they talk quietly and if someone shots them a look they apologize and stop so. I mean, I could go on but I won't because I was the stupid person who was too sick to go to class but went anyways and coughed a lot for the first week. Meh.

Spike is good. He was uber cuddlely after I got home and the chunk of his nose healed up so that made me happy. I have Riley over now and then (Landlords kitty) so they can play. Sometimes they do but sometimes Spike just bites Riley while Riley licks up crumbs of cat food from the corner of my kitchen floor. I just got him a new kitty toy from petcetera today when I picked up his special weight managment cat food (he's going to be so mad I told). He really does like it which is kinda rare. He doesn't care for two of his cat toys and still takes the greatest joy out of the cardboard castle I made him. It's just a little circular board with two springie do-dahs coming out of it with some dangling strings. It's made with the twine stuff. He likes it. He knocks it over and jumps on it.

Big news is my fabulous new hair! It's now all kinda chin length and layered oh so cute and red! I just love it! I think I may keep it this length. I just got it cut by my friend Amanda on Sunday so I have a lot of experimenting to do on it still but I'm so happy with it. I'm so frickin cute. I also finally after nearly three months went out and got a pair of jeans. It's a good thing Jean Warehouse has good jeans because their customer service sucks! Apparently the sales lady hopes the reciept book has a good day because she wasn't looking at me when she said it. And when someone says 'do you have this one in short (I'm short, yeah yeah)' whatever you say, don't say 'mmm.... I don't think so' and leave it at that because at that point if the person was going to get a second pair of jeans even if they only came in reg. length but just wanted to see if she could get them in short, well then at that point she's not going to get the second pair of jeans (which made me sad because it looked like I actually had an ass in those) but yeah. And another fabulous purchase is season 3 and 5 of Buffy that I just got the other day as well. They didn't have season 2 and I love season 5 and when having to chose between season 3 and 4 I picked 3 (non-riley vs. riley, hence an easy choice).

I am so glad Mr.Icky-singsCelineDion-singsclimbeverymountains-wearstupidclothing-isnotaheartthrobbutthinksheis is off American idol. Life is good.

Okay I have to get to class now and I haven't even done my emails. Crap. Oh well. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAYLA!!!!!!! I am such a bad friend.


Jill said...

I was just thinking "I hope Leone took the extra time she saved upon receiving a ride to school to update her blog... it's been a while" and sure enough, she did.

It's true, her hair is darned cute.

It's also true, Spike is getting a bit chubby (probably taking after Riley).

Anonymous said...


One of Jenn's 'crazy internet friends' here :-)

Iam bored online, so doing the read any-and-everything thing. I saw this entry, and was all "YES!" I sit next to a lady at work who talks to herself the way that girl you mentioned does! "So, 5.32 and 6.25 and 4.32 and oh that's not in the zone so let's total that, right done that, print that off, fill in this..."

ARGH! Shut up already! Not to mention the lady who asks stupid questions without trying to figure out the answer first.

So I was reading this and thinking "I've been in that class!" I used to have a girl who would ask a question after every little thing we translated in class. "So this means X" [girl pipes up] "Can it also mean Y or Z?"

Hi :-)