Friday, October 06, 2006

So... that was fun

But then again, travelling on Greyhound is always fun.

Yes, I'm now at my original home, living off my parents for a week and pretending I don't go to university. Instead of a black and white Spawnkitty (he posted by the way, around a week ago), I have a black and white Snazel kitty who is very loud. Very very loud. I also have two bears with me: Ellaphante, who is a not a New York bear but has never been to Vernon before, and Spike! They are watching TV with my Dad right now, still a little groggy from the trip.

Just a short blog before I go watch Jag with my dad. I just wanted to let you know the oddities of this particular greyhound ride.

So I'm in line for my bus ticket, it's half an hour before my bus leaves, and the bus terminal is uber crowed, and of course, you have your typical greyhound bus residents: the child from hell who is way to young to be exploring* the terminal by himself but his mother is busy doing nothing to pay attention, the scary looking massive man who is drunk who goes straight to the front of the line to get his ticket, the people who don't necessarily speak the best english who are arguing with the one person selling the tickets, and the scary people who you just don't make eye contact with.

Anyhoo, the line is barely moving, and sure enough, before I can buy my ticket they start loading my bus. I've got a little panic flutter, no biggie. The line starts to move faster after some troublesome customers, so I try not to panic. Then-woohoo- get my ticket! Then I turn around and see the line up for my bus that is massive despite the fact that the bus has been loading for quite awhile now. Not good- but I figure, I have my ticket, they can't take it back now! But I don't really know that for sure so I'm still kinda worried. Finally, the bus driver takes my ticket and I board the bus... second to last person to get on the bus. The bus looks like a really bad movie or something. People have walked to the back looking for seats and are now walking back up the aisle, and the bus driver has already given up the two reserved seats for his belongings. There is a vacant seat right there, right at the front, so you are looking out the massive window that the bus driver looks out, and the lady has her purse all over it.
me: is anyone sitting there?
her: no (doesn't move purse)
me: can I then?
her:... (moves purse)
Despite this inital greeting, she turns out to be quite nice and I'm thankful I'm sitting next to her cause I can hear people in the back 'move your stuff' 'not enough room' and other fun bus conversations. This is bad.

But then, complete reversal caused by the crappy conditions! A bus driver comes on and says 'this bus is too full, all of you going to the okanagan get on that bus over there'. So your truely grabs her stuff and is the first on the nicer bus where she gets two seats to herself because there were way more people going to Vancouver and we didn't even have to transfer! HA!

Okay, I'm going to go now. That wasn't a very short blog was it?

*and by exploring, I mean running into people, running in and out of the bathrooms (the downtown bus terminal bathrooms people- DOWNTOWN), knocking luggage over, and opening lockers.


Sheena said...

Leone's here! Happy day!

Jenn said...

Oh thank goodness you got on the other bus!!! Yay for being at the front!

And in a weird way I'm glad I didn't go in with you because I would have been freaking out about the lineup and all things I had no control over.


The Bears said...

YAY! for getting on the other bus! That sounds much nicer.

We're glad you, Spike and Elephante all arrived safe. Many Bears hugs for the three of you.

OK Bye
Noel "Snowflake" Chompsky

Annika said...

Yay! Two seats for you! Happy Thaknsgiving.

Anonymous said...

I've worked out travel is what we make it. You were polite to the lady with her bag on the seat, and therefore, you got the extra bus and a double seat!

The trips where I've stressed about getting on first, and "Hey, I've been waiting longer than you, get in the queue!" have only raised my blood pressure and anger.

The trips where I've figured "Eh, I'll get a seat on the bus, no worries", I've ended up on a half empty bus with seats to myself!

Or at least a less pressured trip ;-)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Helen (not signing in via the extra Google link to save time)

Podgy said...

Glad it all turned out ok!

The seat right at the very front is my favourite seat on the Greyhound. That way, even if you're sharing with someone, there's an illusion that you have more space.

Melly said...

Sweet! It's so great when they put a second bus on. The exploring is scary. I don't even explore the bathrooms at that terminal. Unless I happen to remember that the terminal in Quesnel WILL be blasting country music in the torture chamber otherwise known as the ladies loo.