Friday, May 06, 2011

Cranes and Lizards; Dishwasher vs Soil; Tuxedo Mask or Platform Shoes

Cranes and Lizards
I went to Jubber's place for Easter. I made paper cranes on a whim.
I asked Malcolm to pick out his favorite flower at the craft store.
This was after he had picked out his favorite hat in the craft store.

And what a popular hat it was! I love it when Malcolm brings his parents with him over to Vancouver for a visit. We always have the best time and we always have Ethiopian food so it's just a pretty awesome event. Big props to Jubbers and Jason for hosting Easter dinner and a high five to Jenn and Jim for making it out here. I loves me family.

Dishwasher vs. Soil

This is my sister Jubbers. She's a cutie. That's her husband, Jason. He makes food so delicious you want to cry. They're a pretty neato couple. I approve.
They live in a character home which, on transit, is about fourty minutes from me. It makes for a sometimes stressful situation getting there as often as I'd like. It's worse getting home if I stay late, which I usually have to, because of our late night board game fiestas.

While there for Easter, we noticed a lot of strangers hanging out, not even just in front of Julia's place, but like, in her yard. On her staircase. It was weird. Turned out the suite below her place was showing.

I'll spare you the rather gory details, but a week later, I was giving my landlord notice. Craziness!!!! I'm moving! I had to weigh the options back and forth a couple of time. What were the pros for moving? And the cons?

Pro Con
soaker tub tiny bathroom
ability to garden no dishwasher
two bedroom (ie. craft room!) higher rent
closer to friends further away from friends
closer to Main street um... Marpole has... um.... yeah
and the Drive
easier to bike places moving is stressful
closer to work express bus... wait, they took that away
chance to purge have to purge
no mold on windows nothing matches that pro
being next to my sister again, nothing
and bro

Oh, and have I told you that other pro?

THAT'S MY NIECE!!!! And isn't it cute that they're holding hands?

Niece card trumped all.

Lala isn't sure how she feels about the move. Mostly she attacks shadows on the floor and meows at me every morning at 5:30. I think she's in denial.

Tuxedo Mask or Platform Shoes

Holy crap this is turning into a long post. Anyhoo. Recall the con item that was 'have to purge'? Yeah. I'm having a lot of angst. Now, I'm being good. I'm trying to channel my eldest sister and I got a lot done today but still. I'm just so confused! I need your help. Yes. You. Help me. Tell me what to do.

Item #1: Awesome Book Covers
I love these. Beautiful artwork, colourful, meaningful, but what am I to do with them?

Item #2: Tuxedo Mask figurine

He's fuzzy here I know, but he isn't in real life. I loves him so. But, I mean, he's really quite... useless. Sorry dude. It's true.

Item #3: Silver Platform Shoes
I should wear these on Sports day at school.

Item #4: Dragon lamp
Very cool, but not a lot of light. More my style in high school. Not sure if it fits in my current aesthetic. I cannot believe I spelled that word correctly on the first try. Get out of town!

Item #5: Cute figurine with Cat
A dear friend got this for me a long time ago. Again, not my style, but I love it. I love the cat. I love the solitude of the piece.

Item #6: Hello Kitty Pez Collection

Yup, comments below please people. I'll keep you updated on the move. Cause goodness knows I've gotten no bloody knitting done for a month. Egawds.


Annika said...

I have a little bit of a stomach ache thinking about the purging (we have to do it too) but YAY SISTER AND BROTHER AND NIECE YAY! You are going to be SO happy once the move is over.


Julia said...

awww what a sweet post. and we are so excited that you moving here!

so, with book covers - return to books or if no books available, pick your favorite two, and then frame them.

with the figurines/knick knack things (and there are waaaay more than you showed) line them up, rank them, and then decide who gets to move, and who gets to go make someone else happy. again, recommend that if you really like somehting, consider putting into a shadow box frame.

shoes - same procedure but don't put in shadow boxes. I find if you only have 4 or 5 nice pairs, you wear them more often. so are your shoes fulfilling their shoe destiny with you or do they need to go make another person happy?

that's my advice.

P'cess said...

Oh man! Congratulations! I supposed it's too late for me to get your place now?? :(

Mom said...

Wonderful post Leone. I loved it - especially all the nice pictures of family and kitty cats. Take your book covers to school and make a little bulletin board where you keep your classroom books. Definitely keep your silver shoes. All the little figurine doo-daws, take to school, use them with kids for creative writing. You have such a good imagination, you could build a little starter story around them, and then get the kids to write. For the kitty pez dispensers you could do a little puppet show with them talking to each other about something and have them ask questions of the class- then the kids take over. Sometimes being able to take things to school helps with the whole "not wanting to throw things out, but not wanting them at home".
Love Mom
For those of you that are not teachers, this actually all makes sense!!

Jenn said...

I, too, loved this post.

As for the stuff. I suggest putting together three options: Purge, Dunno, Keep.

You don't want to get bogged down. Make it quick. Just GO! So grab something and just put into one of three categories. If you have to pause and start waffling and humming and hawing, put it into maybe.

Get the purge out, get the keep into the keep area, and then once in a while come back to the maybe. I suggest the term "what happens if I get rid of this? Anything?"

If you still just don't know, then keep it in maybe. What I suggest then is having an actual maybe box that you pack and move (if need be). (You might just sudden get a "fuck it" attitude right before the move and turf the maybe stuff - that is fine. Nobody will die.

But if you do move it, you might then wait a month or two, come back to the stuff, and then get rid of it. Purging is a life-long task. And sometimes we need time with it. I have a few things downstairs I've just finally gotten rid of after taking them out of circulation and confirming that I don't really give a rat's ass about having them in my daily life. Yes, they are nice. No, nothing is wrong with them. But they are eating up my space. And I love my space more than I love *stuff*.

And I love you!