Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Prince George Livin'

Well, here I am. Back in PG. It was an eventful day! Waking up at 5am to hear the radio man say "It's minus 28 in Prince George!", so you know, that's always a lovely incentive. Got to the airport, flew to Vancouver, then there was a delay. Half an hour. Okay. Then we get on the plane (it was nice, I ran into Laura, one of Jen's fellow grad students), then it takes about 20 minutes to load the luggage. Then off we go, the oh-so-funny pilot (not in a sarcastic sense, he actually was quite funny) informed us we would be flying against winds of 100 miles per hour so well. However, do not fear, lovely Coral was still there when I got into PG an hour late! Oh my lovely rescuing princess! Anyhoo, got home 5 minutes after I was suppose to catch my bus to get to class, and my home is... kinda trashed. Spike destroyed his kitty malt tube (which is very bad but he seems to be fine), killed parts of the carpet (cause he's evil), killed the toilet paper (he's saying cause it's evil), killed a plastic bag (that one was surely evil), and also killed a bag of mushrooms and a bulb of garlic. But we snuggled and he seems fine. I felt terrible leaving him only twenty minutes later to catch my cab up the hill, but I didn't want to miss my romantic lit class. So now I'm just waiting for the bus and sending off some long overdue emails. It was lovely seeing Florence again and being back in my place. However, it will be awhile before I get over Vernon, you just can't bounce back from trips like that. Well, I should get going and start layering myself up to go outside. Tata!


Jenn said...

Hi sweetie!

I'm glad to hear that you made it back all safe and sound. And how funny that you saw laura at the airport. As for settling back in, no matter where I'm going or where I'm coming from - I seem to always take a couple days to get all of me in the same place. The body is there, but the mind is still somewhere else. It is a difficult time, sometimes. So just take it easy on yourself and really focus on what you love about being back at your own place.

Say hi to everyone for me,

Coral said...

I can't believe the rotter killed the mushrooms. They don't even smell all that desirous. Sorry i couldn't stick around to take you to class kiddo. Oh and wednesday nights it's pretty hard to get ahold of me, it's girls nite out. Kinda funny 'cause all the girls i go out with wednesday have girlfriends as partners, but they aren't allowed to come with us. weird, yes.

The Bears said...

Good work, Spike the Cat, protecting your pet from all those evil things.

What's a kitty malt tube? Is that a kind of caaaandy?

OK Bye
Spike the Bear

julia said...

zak and loki looooove kitty malt. it's a type of caaaaaaandy that also makes it so they don't puke up hair balls. i encourage the non-puking-up of hairballs.