Tuesday, January 18, 2005


UNBC has been smacked down! That's right people, minus 45 weather couldn't do it (that was last year that happened), university hill being so icy people couldn't get up it couldn't do it, but no visibility, freezing rain, shutdown side roads, and NO BUSES has done it! In 7 minutes, at 4:30 all classes are officially cancelled and the library is shutting down at 6! This is wacky craziness people! So, while I have had offers for a ride down (okay, I've had one very hesitant offer because I know she probably didn't want to go that far off her course and one 'if you have no other way I will drive you but I don't have winter tires and I think I might crash') so I have actually opted to spend the night at Flo's. Now, badness is that I have to phone my landlords and ask them to feed Spike and maybe if they will pet Spike too that would be nice, oh yeah, the point is my living room is sooooooo messy! Poor Spike. My stats class was mostly cancelled, Bill made us take our quiz but it was fine. I am now in the library (I never knew they had a P.A. system in here) waiting for Flo so we can huddle up and run off to her dorm. Luckily I have my sketchbook and pencil set so I can amuse myself all night. Anyhoo, I shall write again soon as I have a specific rant in mind but I had to write this one down while it was happening! Seriously, I didn't know UNBC could be shut down. Moose attacks, hordes of new undergrads, we've survived it all! sheesh. Well, off I go to score some food from the corner store if it's still open and stocked. Bye!


Jenn said...

okay, well that explains things. I just got my email and saw Dr. Taits announcement to all grads that classes were being shut down for the day. i let out a loud "OH MY GOD" that freaked out Jim because he didn't know what I was exclaiming about. I figured you guys must have been at some crazy blizard level to shut down the school (it having never been done in all my time there). Then I went to the weather network and it said currently minus one.


Yeah, minus one. So then I thought it was so cold that it had broke the weather network.

So I'm glad I thought to come to your blog to explain all.

You two should drink hot coco and mock the mooses.

The Bears said...

*much laughter and clapping of paws of Bears*

That was very funny. But we're sorry your Uni got shut down, and you had to find out the library had a PA system and all.

And Bear pets for poor Spike the cat, spending the night alone.

Uh, just pets, Daphne Rose. We think Leone's Mom reads this blog.

OK Bye

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's true, Leone's living room is a mess. Typical youngest child behaviour. I too am a youngest child, so I understand. By the way this is a message from the *landlord* (jill). Coral showed me this whole blog thingy and now I'm like "woo hoo, I have something to do when I'm bored at work and people aren't sending me enought emails." So I have looked hesitantly at Leone's last blog (I feel it's a bit of an invasion of privacy, but now you are fairly warned!).

Back to the messy livingroom. I was more than happy to feed Spike when Leone called (both Damion and I were happy to know you weren't stranded in the Wintergarden with the buses not running and all). This time I was not warned of the state of the living room (leone likes to warn us for some reason whenever I might happen to see how messy she keeps her place... I keep insisting I don't care, which is entirly true... it's really not my concern and clothes on the floor do not cause permanent damage).

so spike was fed and played with a little (cool cat, I was happy to finally get to know him a little) and I learned that clothes could in fact be effectively stored by placing them strategically throughout the living room - no closet or dresser necessary! Oh, and when Leone says "I have to warn you, my place is a mess" she really means it!

Amanda da Silva said...

Hi Leone! Pardon for me posting on here i was trying to think of how to reach you, I sent an e-mail to what i hope is your unbc e-mail (i may have however e-mailed a stranger lol). I wanted to say thank you again! I love the touque (which i can't spell) and the colors in it! I'll wait to see if the unbc e-mail went through to the right place lol. :)