Monday, July 25, 2005

yeah... so I moved.

Yup. I moved. I'm living with Jenn now. It's nice cause we just drove home from the University (classes? what classes?) and voila. I'm home. The kittens are running amok and my room is coming along greatly. I have my bed, three bookshelves, two end tables, and a dresser all fitting quite nicely inside. The move was rather insane and all, and I still actually have my basement suite till the end of August so I still have some kitchen stuff and storage over there that I still need to get. My phone number is still the same so no worries there.
July is crazy month. Let all who read know now that July is crazy month. Also, you should note that taking three courses at once, two of them being condensed one month courses, is a bad idea. Bad. Grrrr.
OHMIGOD! Jenn defends... er I mean, presents her thesis tomorrow morning! Gasp! I'm so excited! I just went to the senate room today at UNBC where she'll be defending.... presenting her thesis (a very beautiful room by the way) and ohhhhh exciting!
I have to go write some papers now so I promise I'll try to blog more.
Just for a side note, geography is not only boring, but it sucks monkey ass as well.
And that's all I've got to say about that.


Cali said...

I am glad that the move went well, although I would be hard pressed to give up that tub! :0
I am sorry that Geography sucks monkey butt- I actually keep a mental list of things that suck monkey butt- I have now added Geography!

cohen said...

we are so sad that you moved. but i really like my little hat- i wore it on aalk yesterday, i was very warm- perhaps too warm - i think mom is a little overzealous in the keeping me warm department. anyway gotta go eat!

cohen said...

thats sppused to say walk