Sunday, July 31, 2005

Geography is Mean III:stupid crappity

must stop now. have pain in wrist from pressing shift button to make capitals. and the kitties are being very bad indeed. jenn was really funny just now, she wants spike out of her room but i think he just ran under her bed so she yelled 'out out damn spike'. heehee. i have too much info in some sections and not a lot in others so i have some more writing but i will be done this sucker by tomorrow. then just three more three hour classes, one map test, and one final then i'm DONE geography and hopefully if my grade is good enough i will never have to take it again. ever. ever ever. ohmigod, did i just turn into jenn writing about her thesis work..... i have been here for one week today so maybe that's it. hm. interesting. now off to the world in my head! (after flossing and brushing my teeth and washing my face *sigh*) bon nuit.


Jenn said...

Yes, he was under my bed. And then I sent Chuck in to get him.. and well, all hell broke loose.

Not really, but you know what I mean.

Jill said...

oh, i remember the days of paper hatred and procrastination. fun times?

oh, I have a confession to make. I used your bathtub. twice. I know we sort of discussed this and it seemed like that was all cool and part of the plan, but I still feel a little creepy about it. but it was SO nice! How have I been living with just a regular tub all this time?

and we all miss you.

cohen said...


I love my little wool hat!

kay, bye!