Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Well, let's give this a try...

this is the first time in three days that my father's computer has allowed me to write a blog entry- it usually just crashes when I click on 'post'- but it may yet crash before I can publish so this could all be MOOT!

Here are some of the blog titles and entries I have been thinking about blogging....

Crunchy goodness- to document my sun burn I got the other day when on the return portion of a two hour walk the sun came out from behind the grey grey clouds and proceeded to cook me like some sort of thing on a skillet. I also walked up a killer steep path on that walk too. I have photos on my phone.

And they expect me to teach math too?- this one was just yesterday when I started the second front section to my origami cardi. It says to cast on 105 sts, and then you do some border stitches then you knit from a pattern and it all works out, you should get the end of the pattern and have four stitches left over, but I got to the end of the pattern and had six stitches left over, so I presumed I had made a mistake in my pattern, went back, checked all my stitches, and they were fine, so then I presumed I had counted my stitches wrong. When I get this many stitches I count by 20, and since I already knew I had somewhere around 105, I just counted with 20s and didn't bother with an actual number. Does anyone know where this is going? Yeah, I counted 20...20....20.....20......20......20..... and 5, 105 sts! I thought I was going mad! Turns out, the first time I counted my stitches I probably said 60 twice, which is something I've done before but I tend to catch myself. Anyhoo it took about half an hour for me to realize I actually had 125 sts and then I had to drown my stupidity in some chocolate but oh well. I recast on and it's all good now. I will link to that cardi photo but not right now- this screen could fail at any second.

I'm one of those people I hate- this one is about my current obsession with my cell phone. I luuuurve my cell phone. And when I am bored or waiting for someone somewhere, I totally text people. Though I don't use it in public in that annoying way. I used it once outside of McRonchies to phone my mom and once on public transport but about ten other people were on their cellphones too and talking five times louder than I was so. I also take a lot of photos on my phone AND I have tetris. Eeeeeheeeheeheehehehe. I tried to knit a phone cozy for my phone out of tiny yarn and 1.25 mm needles but it was too large so I frogged it and have not had the desire to start anew.

Bad knitter, bad!- so I have limited yarn here at my parent's house, and by limited I mean only about three bags full (oh that's a song!). I've been working on my cardi, the failed phone cozy, and I do have my RPM socks that I haven't touched for over a month. I am definately suffering from Second Sock Syndrome. I just can't do it. I've just finished the toe and part of the foot but I mean, it's sooooo discouraging! I know I have so many freakin' crazy stitches to knit! And I've decided to do an experiment. I want to know if it is SSS or just that knee socks on such tiny needles with tiny yarn is just too much to do all in one go, I mean, my cardi has wayyyyy less stitches and work than that one sock. So I started another sock! Eeeeeeeheeeheehee. (Note the evil laugh has appeared twice now- worrisome?) The yarn is Panda Wool (so cute I could just vomit right now) and it's 46% bamboo, 43% wool, and 11% nylon. The colour is lacquer red (red with a white ply). So I broke my cardinal rule of no more than one pair of socks at a time, and I also dyed my mom's denise knit options 4.5mm needles blue with my yarn. I have no idea how that happened.

Missing the Fuzzy Love- So I get to see my Spike in less than a week, and then we get to move into our new place together. I know he's going to like it but the move transition isn't easy. We are going to be staying at a friend's apartment for a few days and then into the new place. I miss having the squawker curl into my lap whenever I sit down or sit on my chest in the morning and purr into my face until I pet him. I know Jim and Jenn and Chuck and The Bears are taking good care of him but I miss him so much. Oh the fuzzy fuzzy Spike kitten.

School is fun- I have two of my textbooks and I am soooo excited! Less than a month people! Aaaahhhhhhh! Scary excited- apprehensive really, but a good kind. A freaky kind. Aaaaahhhhhhh!

And I'm sure there were more things to blog about but I can't remember right now. Well, I'll go back to lounging around in my pyjamas and eating chocolate till noon and then maybe I'll get dressed and jot down the corner store for more caaaaandy and watch TV and then have a nap. Excellent. (I'm kidding- I'm planning on having waffles for breakfast, not chocolate)



jenn said...

When I talked to the phone lady this morning and she had to call you I double-checked the time. It was just after ten. I thought you *should* be up, but hard to say at mom and dad's.


The Bears said...

Knitting and caaaandy--what a wonderfoo day!

And Spike the Kitty misses you a lot. But we're all trying to give him lots of lap time and attention so he's not lonely. And Jenn and Jim have been letting him sleep on their bed with them. But they might have to stop that, becoo Chuck keeps waking Jenn in the middle of the night by eating her hair.

See you soon!

*much bouncing up and down and waving of Bears*

OK Bye
Spike the Bear