Friday, June 08, 2007

Rejoice in Sushi!

For an apartment have I! With a freaking dishwasher baby yeah! Woo! Seriously though, it's pretty big, with a full bath and a dining room area and a big kitchen and a living room and a big bedroom., nobody lives above me, and one of my best friends is a stone's throw away and I'm a mere express bus ride to the downtown core where my sushi lives. I rejoiced by eating sushi for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Mmmm...... But this apartment finding has been such a exhaustive week I'm a little broken as of now. My legs are killing me from the walking and I haven't been sleeping much, well, I kinda haven't been sleeping at all really. I was bad with remembering to eat which causes my blood pressure to crash so that was a chore. I saw one place that was tiny and the landlady was really rude and weird, one place was way out there and had stained counters and freaky old appliances, I was stood up twice, I was shut down upon arrival once, and I called endless numbers to hear 'no pets', 'no pets', 'no pets'... least to say by Wednesday night I was crying on Davie street while on my friend's cellphone to my mom.

Family got me through it. Family as in my Mom, Jennifer, Melly, Sheena, Adrienne, & Kayla- they let me crash at their places, use their phones, drove me around, found me places to call, gave me directions, and the emotional support- let me tell you- if you think I can get emotional on this blog? In real life I'm like a KABILLION times worse. Wheee for my family!

Knitting? Nothing to tell ya. Reading? Nope. Oh- though I did go see the third pirates movie. Better than the second (I mean- they could have filmed snot and it would have been better than the second one) but not as good as the first. Johnny saved the movie- as usual.

In other news- I bought shoes! Eeeeheheeheheeeeheheheheeee! Ohmigod i forgot to tell you- and I got a cellphone! It takes pictures and can hold MP3s and has caller display where I can program a picture and a specific ring to individuals, and it has voice recognition, and so much more! I lurve it so.


Annika said...

Yay, apartment!

Yay, sushi!

Yay, family!

Jim said...

YAY! shoes!

YAY! cell phone!

Oh, yeah, yay apartment and family, too. *nods*

jenn said...

Aw, I'm so glad you found a place. And a phone. Whoot!

Laura said...

Wow, your apartment sounds great! Congratulations on a successful hunt.

The thing that baffled me the most when apartment hunting was the number of places that advertised a place for rent, but never called me back when I left a message. Do I need to work on my phone voice?

Angela said...

Yay for all the good stuff!

Sheena said...

Am very happy Spike can come with you! Can I spoil him with kitty treats when you move here?