Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I don't know what is wrong with me lately. I think I'm so overwhelmed that I can't even fathom where to begin when I blog. First things first....

OF COURSE I read Harry Potter. Sheesh.

And yes, I loved it! :)

And no, barely a knitted stitch to report. I've been working on my RPM socks when I get a chance, on the bus or at school, but I haven't been knitting at home since I don't have a good chair to knit in. Mom did leave these awesome folding chairs that have arms here that I can use but it's not the same you know? But it's not like I've had a lot of spare between schoolwork, Harry Potter, and getting my place together so.

School is still good, getting into a routine, getting familiar, feeling more relaxed and hence, more like I can be me (ie. kooky). It's just an awesome cohort and awesome professors. Language arts is one of my favorite classes, we did running records today which is a coding method for read aloud, totally fun. Learning about how language is constructed has made it so I'm not so opposed to teaching the younger grades now that I see why the teachers do what they do in the classes, very interesting. I have a social issues class, which is awesome and we have lots of guest speakers, all very dynamic and very thought provoking. The cool thing about my Mom (one of many) is that she knows lots of these speakers and so after class I can go and say 'I'm Jan's daughter' and then there's much gushing about how great my mom is and yeah, it's all good. We had Charles Ungerleider who wrote this book and wrote one of my favorite quotes ' school is where we send our children to overcome the limitations of their families'. He talks about how important public schools are to Canada's sense of nationality and just slams the media, I love it. My social justice class is really good, we do tonnes of reading and then discussion in class in groups and we've already had a paper in that class, we also do a lot of fieldtrips. We went to the UBC farm and had a presentation from LOVE today (freaky awesome stellar cool), and another presentation by GALEBC. Then my practicum class which is also really good, we had to videotape ourselves doing a little presentation and then critique it (why did no one tell me how much hair I have on my head? it was like I stapled a puppy to the back of my head or something). But I do so like that class, it's very exciting to talk about the upcoming practicum. We split into two groups for this one so the class is even smaller, always fun. And then we have our psych class. Yeah.

And my place! Okay, well first I'm just going to show you some pictures of the living room, I thought I had photos of my kitchen but I found that I don't and my kitchen is messy right now so no photos until I've done the dishes.

Disclaimer: The camera is very old, the settings are messed, and I don't know how to work it. We all know that I can take photos so please, no judging of my photo taking ability based on these photos.

This is one side of living room, that's all yarn beside Spike and the Bears there, then all my instruction books on the other bookshelf, underneath my Calvin and Hobbes. Like my lamps? I lurve my lamps. The room has no light so before my lamps I had to stop doing schoolwork once the sun set (how pathetic is that?). And chairs! Oh how I missed chairs!
Then panning to the left is my window with my pink curtains and my Spike. The coloured bits in my window are little skulls and stars I designed with those sticky window pane doohickeys you can make. Spike can't get out the windows and we are on the second floor so I don't worry about him. He surveys the alley constantly. You can see a bit of my desk and bookshelf the left there.

And yeah, here's the other side (these photos are about half of my living room, the other half is bare right now (except for collasped boxes) so you don't get to see that. So that's my little desk right now until my desk gets here hopefully in the next week or so. More books, another lamp, more chairs!, and my uber darling fake fireplace. I have all my photos and memorabilia (sp) on there, then a painting Julia brought me from Cube and a photo of Jess and Julia in Greece (right?) on the wall. I also have some star wars chess set pieces on there as well, waiting for Jim and I to finish the game from months and months ago (we'll probably just start a new one). Oh, here's another view from my window without the curtains.
And this is the door to my jackets and shoes. I covered it in pulp fiction covers. Heh.
And that's it. I really hope I start blogging more often, this once every two weeks thing is lame. But it's not like a have the stellar news of a new kitten who is so darling I could just die and someone's forthcoming nuptials! Wheeehehehehehe!


jenn said...

Oh, it is wonderful seeing pictures of your place! Put up MORE!! And your schooling sounds so very interesting - yay!

The Bears said...

We love all the pictoos, Leone! It's fun seeing your place, and seeing so many of your things we recognize in it!

*much bouncing up and down of Bears*

And a big Hi to Spike!

*much waving of Bears*

We're glad to see you all set up with your scratching post and a good window to look out of.

OK Bye
Stompy and All the Bears

jenn said...

Oh yeah - and the puppy/hair comment made me snort.

Eileen said...

It sounds like you're really settling in and enjoying school. I'm really glad.

Angela said...

I love love love your pulp fiction door and your mantelpiece, especially the stars!

Dogeared said...

That pulp door is really clever and creative! Excellent idea :D