Friday, July 27, 2007

More photos

Brief text as somehow it became 11pm without my knowledge. The exciting news is that I actually did some serious knitting today! I mean, two rows on my cardigan and a swatch for a vest but still, compared to three rows on a sock that's something! It was kick started by a visit to a yarn store where I may or may have made purchases. Maybe.

Anyhoo here is a layout of my place (if anyone is wondering, I've had lots of requests for photos and plans, hence all the photos). The pink x is my walk in closet which is much bigger than it is shown here, I just didn't feel like fighting with portions right now, and the blue x is my mantle for my faux fireplace.

Number one is my front door, the brown fuzzy door below (in real life, not so fuzzy). And then my pulp door is beside that.

This is the view you get when you first enter my place. Right now the curtains are a bedspread from when I was young, which I totally adore. We're going to eventually get a sewing machine up here or something or take these to a sewing machine so they are more curtain-like, but I love that they are a piece of my childhood in Vancouver. And that's Spike on the floor there, and the floor is my kitchen floor.
To the left of the entryway is the bathroom, yup- here's a photo of my bathroom. Pretty exciting (and messy). And also number three on the layout in case you didn't catch the 'bathroom' label. I'm sure there was a reason I put the three on there but now I can't remember.
To the right of my entry way is my bedroom door (#4) and no, you cannot see photos of my bedroom yet. My bedroom is suffering most of all from lack of decorating. Sigh. The my bedroom door is a pirate girl, and on the walls are a star from Greece and a vase of yarn (bamboo and silk).
This is my kitchen from further in the entry way. Yeah, don't know what else to tell you.

And this is my living room from further in my entry way. See the star from Greece? Is it coming together? I'm trying to make this coherent but I'm never sure of the job I'm doing. Notice the papers on the floor? Those weren't on the floor when I left the living room. At least he doesn't jump on the mantle anymore. And if you go through the living room and go around the floating wall, you enter my kitchen again. Neato fantastico!
C'est toute! Bonne nuit!


jenn said...

Wow! Your place is HUGE! Even without the bedroom.. Show pictures of that soon, yes?

Dogeared said...

Yay for the new place! It will come together soon [hug]