Thursday, August 09, 2007

two second post

1. My bed arrived and was assembled but is faulty. Sigh. So the new part comes on Friday and my question to you is the pillow scheme.... a)one colour theme and if so what colour? b)season theme and if so what season? or c) rainbow theme?

2. I have spent the last four years growing out my hair from an unfortunate choice to shave my head (I looked like a monkey) but now I am seriously considering cutting it short (I'm still looking for a pic of the cut I want). Do you think I'm completely mad for thinking of cutting it short or do you think I mean, hey, hair grows back... so yeah, what do you think?


julia said...

you have curly hair - therefore in order to limit this discussion to those with informed opinions, you should only ask other people with curly hair. i would ask jess. and sarah harmer. that's it.

and you did look like a monkey. a cute monkey, but definitely a monkey.

Eileen said...

1) I think an autumn theme would be nice. Browns and greens.

2) How short exactly? Curly hair can be quite difficult to maintain at a very short length. Chin-shoulder length mioght be quite nice. But if you feel confident that you can maintain it, I say go for it. Hair grows back. (You really shaved your head?! Actually, in that case, you'll know all about the difficulties of maintaining short curly hair, so I say do it if you want to.)

Jennifer said...

Hi Leone ... to cut or not to cut. Hmmmmm. I myself have naturally curly/poofy (it wouldn't fit in my grade 9 year book photo)/crazy hair and it is short - like really short. I have to get it cut like every 2 weeks in order to keep it in control.

Somedays I wish it was long again so I could just braid it or pull it back. I try but can't handle it. It is bain of my existance at times. If you don't go too short, then fly at it. As you know, it grows back and you have had it short before. If you are going to go above the ear short, then make sure you find a hairdresser who will take you on and not charge you full price each time. They call me 10 min Jen at my place when I call to make an appointment.

Did you ask the cat what he thought?

from Carmen's friend Jen who works at UNBC

jenn said...

Ask Jess and Melly too. And UNBC Jen had some really good points about cost as that would be a factor.

I like your hair a whole lot - is this due to the puppy comment? Because that was totally hilarious, but I don't think it is true. I lurve your hair. But still want you to cut it if that will make you happy!!

And yeah, it grows. That is what hair does.

Angela said...

1. rainbow

2. I am firmly in the "hair grows back" camp, but I also don't have curly hair.

Jim said...

Monkeys are sooo cuuuuute!