Monday, September 03, 2007

To this I do solemly (soberly?) declare....

to blog five times a month. Yup. I'm sorry but the last three months have just been plain bad. Three posts per month? Bah! (August only counts as three because the rant about raverly is more.... rant than blog) So that way I will have blogged approx. 70 times in 2007, and since the new spiffy blog layout, I've gotten kinda inwardly competitive about blogging more than before. So at least this will put me above 2005, but I don't know if I can beat 2006, and if it happens, good, but I don't want to force myself to blog cause then you'll be reading the same blog entry time after time (ie. bitching about something). If my life gets uber interesting and I'm ontop of things, then who knows, maybe I'll blog a tonne and beat 2006, or maybe my life won't get interesting, and I'll still be motivated to blog and blog lots and lots (ie. bitching about something).

I guess, and don't take this the wrong way~I adore blogging and all the excellent friends I've made through it and the doors of communication it has opened~, but I think that because before I had a lot to bitch about, and more free time, and blogging was a really neato fantastico fun thing for me to do. And blogging still is really fun and cool, but I'm finding that a) teacher education is taking up a lot of time (who knew?) and b) I have a lot of things now competing for my interest. It's like... ohmigod this is SO cool I totally need to blog about it.... and ten minutes later... ohmigod this is SO cool I totally need to blog about it..... ad nauseum. The rough part is getting to the blog before I fall asleep while reading Adrienne Gear (and not because she's boring, she's wonderful, she came to our class and rocked the freaking cazbah). So yeah, ranty blog means that I will blog more because I love it, but not become OCD about it.

So here's a fun list of things I've noticed to end the long ranty blog.
  • PDA is gross. I don't care how much you are in love, nestling your head between your girlfriends ample bosom on public transport is icky!
  • Spike sheds like a demon and in the six days I have been gone has learned a new meow that basically means 'you left me for six days so now I expect food and pets every second'.
  • The thing about having a really good friend housesit for you is that you come home and discover she's taken photos with your camera, not dirty photos or anything... just really random photos. It's a good thing, my friends are crazy, but it's a good thing.
  • Taking a break in Vancouver versus Prince George? Kinda like comparing the finale to the fireworks celebration of light to.... that rock over there.
  • Packages from Dhaka sealed in cloth with string and wax are the COOLEST packages to get!
  • Hello Kitty has a cereal, and it's pink!
  • Angela got married!
  • My Mom still makes the best dinners ever and I'm really glad she recommended the Beatrix Potter movie even though I missed the middle part I'd still recommend it to you.
  • Jim is getting better at Mariokart.
  • My sister is crafy.
And with that I bid you goodnight.

ETA: So this turned out to be this huge ranty email that I was not planning, so I just want to clarify, I don't think that people who blog more than me have uninteresting lives and have nothing else to do, not at all. I'm saying this is a new issue for me, stricking balance in my blog. I read some people's blogs and fall off my chair at the amount they do, it's all relative. Just wanted to note, is all. I was actually planning on writing about how much I love teacher school (seriously, I knew there was a lot going on behind the scenes but I had NO idea!). That will have to be another post. :P


brooke t. higgins said...

Isn't it funny the inner commentary we have about our blogs? My goal is to get 100 posts for 2007, with an additional goal of posting 10 times a month for the rest of the months in the year. So sometimes that means a shorter post than I'd like, but I have to keep all my fans happy, right? Umm, cuz I have this crazy notion that I have fans... hehe.

Anyway, you've been missed. I'm so glad teacher school is going so well for you. I hope you continue to really really really enjoy it. :)

Angela said...

Hm. I suppose this means I should actually blog about getting married, and maybe post some photos, eh?

jenn said...

Yeah, I just blogged about sucking at blogging lately. I can't comment more as I'm supposed to be out buying groceries.

Right now.

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