Thursday, February 14, 2008

I'z be getting a nephew- gar!

and he shall be a pirate! Gar! Yes-the Jenn and Jim team are having a boy and so the question becomes...

which shall I knit first?!?! (the point being that I want to knit ALL of these, but I know that may not happen before the beeb is born, or even before he is, you know, 24, but whatever. If he is anything like his parents, he'll enjoy these at 80 so)

Knitted Goodness Number One: Kitty! by Judy Head.
This adorable kitty is not to be found in your local walmart. He's unique and tres fun! Can be used with a variety of funny and serious voices and is easily litter trained.

Knitted Goodness Number Two: Sally The Eco Fairy by Yeaaaahhh! She's an ecological fairy! Yeaaaahhhh!!!!

Knitted Goodness Number Three: Norberta by Kate Kuckro
this is the second appearance of Norberta on my blog. I should just go ahead and knit this fluffy wonder eh?

Knitted Goodness Number four: Pasha by
Is there anybody here who doesn't want to squish that belly? Squish it!

Knitted Goodness Number Five: A Squid by Kristi Schueler
I've seen some knitted squids with little people caught in the tentacles. How cool would that be?

So... the order you would like to see them knit, please post below. Suggestions of additional knitted goodness are acceptable, but remember this is only the big knitted looklook category. There are more to come. Thanks!


Annika said...

My favorites are Sally and the Squid. (Doesn't that sound like an adventure story?) But i think you need to knit Norbert(a) first.

julia said...

we vote for squid first - it seems very newborn appropriate. then the penguin, then norbert, kitty (he'll be what, 5 or 6 by then?) and then eco fairy.

this order isn't due to liking some more, but more the age continuum

Anonymous said...

This beeby boy is so lucky to have you and Julia as aunties. All of these are so cute - and he will love any and/or all of them! Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Norberta, all the way. So cute.

brooke t. higgins said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. This is difficult. I say:
1. squiddy
2. norberta
3. pasha
4. kitty
5. sally

I have little to no reasoning for this order.

Sheena said...


jess said...

i don't like squids (thanks, 20,000 leagues under the sea...) so here's my list.
1) norberta all the way
2) pingue the penguin
3) i forget the top thing's name. it's cute but it also frightens me a little. i'd be overstimulated by it if someone shoved it in my face.
4) eco fairy

and finally 5 - squiddy. it's cute - i just couldn't cuddle with it. but then i'm not a baby boy so what do i know? squiddy could be the coolest catch ever. xo jess

jenn said...

Jeez, you're such a slacker - KNIT THEM ALL!!

I vote for squid and fairy (together at last).

Is a love story.