Sunday, July 20, 2008

So yeah...

We won't talk about this absence. Moving on.

AUGH facts:
ripped my nose ring out last night! Now, no nose ring just a bruised bloody spot on my nose :( Will get it re-pierced as soon as it heals. And yes- it hurt and yes- I tried to get the stud back in but I just couldn't. It was 1:30 at night and between the pain and the blood I probably gave up too soon but alas.

saw a man holding a double barreled shotgun while getting a money shipment from a bank. This isn't a gun-rights/control AUGH... this is a 'oh my god that man over there is holding a double barreled shotgun!' augh. It was very late at night and all I could think (besides AUGH) was if it is so dangerous to get the money that you need to carry in your hands a massive shotgun, why do it in the middle of the night? I'm sure there is some reason but still.

so this dude who seemed new to Vancouver asked me on the bus about one of the stops and since I'm a nice person I kindly told him it was the next stop. He started chatting and I was like, whatever- he's getting off on the next stop and I'm a nice person so I'll chat back. Then the stop came and I was like 'oh, here's your stop' and he said 'oh- I'm going downtown'. Jerk. So that was just a line to start talking and you know your way around Vancouver. Double jerk. And one thing I've noticed that I won't go into here cause it's a difficult issue to talk about but there is a type of guy who has pick up lines and will very quickly start asking inappropriate questions and will come into your personal space bubble and I realized he was one of them. Than he continues to talk and I'm pissed but I'm a nice person so I wasn't rude. Than he started asking questions like 'do you like to shop downtown' (in which I answered 'no') and do I like live music (again-no, I don't like anything. Ever. Leave me alone) and do I like Paul McCartney? Again- no. Can't he see I'm disagreeable? But then he started singing to me. Yes- singing. On the bus. PUBLIC TRANSPORT! And there was a line on the song to do with 'kissing girls' in which he leaned into my personal space bubble and made a kissy face at me. And imagine that but right then my cell phone went off (nobody else could hear it but believe me, it went off) and I had to reach into my purse and answer it (all along polietly apologizing about answering my phone) and lo and behold, it was my friend Sheena (amazing since she was in Seattle and not on her cell phone) and yeah, had to take that call. So I had an imaginary conversation with my friend Sheena for about 15 minutes until my stop at which point I got off and DID NOT say goodbye. That's right. I'm mean when I need to be. Still. AUGH.

So last night (bear with me on this one) I madea hot chocolate and when I picked it up the handle of the cup was really hot so I jerked my hand a little causing the hot chocolate to spill on my cellphone and jeans. My cellphone is mostly okay, the side thingies are sticky but it works, but I took the jeans off right away cause, you know, hot. I ran them under some water in the sink so the hot chocolate wouldn't fester and then...*** and this requires a back story. I had a bath yesterday after a very long walk around the sea wall and had a glass of orange juice which I did not finish while in said bath, so you can go ahead and guess what will happen here*** and then I threw my jeans into the bath tub cause they were wet and I would wash them in the morning and yes. When I threw them into the bath tub hitting the orange juice getting it everywhere. So I just turned the shower on for a couple of seconds and did the laundry in the morning.

WHEEEE facts: (which will be quick cause Jason is here)

I have a two week job teaching ESL so I can buy groceries next month when I get paid!

I was hired with the Vancouver School Board! This requires its own post cause it was amazing- I have a job I don't have to move I have a job but yeah. More on this later.

I'm going to get a kitten! Soon! When I can get one for free!

I'm going to The Dark Knight tonight with my parents!

I was able to hang out with Jubbers for an awesome amount of time beore PNG and she did this awesome post that I would like you all to read. She's cool.

And also... I do have the coolest family ever. Evidence.

I have an uber haircut. I need to get some good photos. Its got some long pieces in the front and growing shorter till the back which is really short. So it's weird because when I look in the mirror it is like I still have a lot of hair but it's all an illusion cause there's none in the back. But it's all good.


Anonymous said...

Dude! Not comfortable with creepy transit all! Shudder.

Next time, start telling him about your positive results for Hepatitis C. I know this works because when the guy on the Skytrain sitting next to me said it to me, I got off the train and waited for the next one. ;)

Glad you're okay, except for the unfortunate incident with the hot chocolate!

jenn said...

yay for updates!!

Angela said...

Good to see updatey-ness!

Sorry about the creepy guy, and the hot/chocolate orange juice fiasco, and the double-barrelled shot gun, and the nose ring.

Hurray for jobs, and awesome families, and new kittens, and fantastic hair cuts!

Sheena said...

Ew, dude sounds creepy! Glad I called at the right moment! ;)

Anonymous said...

So about that whole thing where your mom worries about you living in the big city......enough said! But you are right about your hair, it looks so darn cute. And after the whole eyebrow piercing fiasco, I am not sure why you want any more face-variety rings of any sort. (Ears don't count!)
Love Mom

jenn said...

You need to blog again. I did. So you have to, too.