Friday, August 08, 2008

August... we are hardly getting to know you

That's my new hair. It's not the best shot (but check out that rack!) of how I tend to style it but yeah.

I'm very grumpy tonight. Not having the best evening. I'm a little sad. But it's okay. I'm just self-indulgent and mopey.

And yeah. About the blogging. It's half laziness and half my computer is slowly but surely starting to die. Could be the heat. It takes me about 20 minutes to load up photos just off of my camera and even longer to get them onto blogger. And I love photos so my blogging has been hurting.

So I'm doing another photo documentary that I so love to do. If you are new to this blog you would think I'm freakishly egotastic since I'm in about four of the photos but if you know me you know I am egotastic so it's all good.

Here is Jubbers and I hanging out at the airport before she took off for Papua New Guinea (she's very selfish like that, jetsetting off to exotic locations for year long vacations- I tell you- that girl!). But seriously, both my sisters rock so much. I'm very blessed.

This is Spike in a very 'Spike' pose. His head is resting on the windowsill and his back legs are all splayed out. Spike has been a little worrisome of late due to our crazy heat and my sauna of an apartment. He's only eating about half as much as he use to but I make sure he drinks a lot of water and am keeping a very close eye on him. He's still active and crazy (well, except when it's boiling in the apartment and we are both lying comatose on the floor in front of the fan). When it was crazy hot the other day I decided to douse him in cool water. I have the scratches to prove it.
This is me doing something I have been unable to do for five years. I am using a biore nose strip without cutting it into pieces with scissors so it works around my nose ring. I have no idea what possessed me to take a picture but here you go.

7am this morning I started my Zetor shawl for the Ravelympics (link only works for members) (and here is the site if you wanna sign up). Basically you pick a project and start on the first day of the summer olympics and have to finish by the end of the closing ceremonies. I hope to keep you updated. That's seasilk by Fleece Artist by the way. Yummy.

This is a present from Sheena (Sheena= awesome) for getting hired by the VSB. It's a skull cookie cutter and a skull icecube tray. My first attempt at cookies were with pillsbury which according to one of my friends who knows the first thing about baking said they were too fatty to keep the shape.
And to end of a happy note... this is me biting my first paycheck in over a year.
Oh yeah.

And yes, the title refers to me freaking out yesterday when I realized it was the seventh of August already and I had barely realized it was August at all. Trying to explain to ESL students the concept of 'time flies' is really challenging fyi. And oh yeah, my job was extended for three extra weeks so if I ever blog in jibberish you know why. It's good, don't get me wrong, just by the time Friday rolls around I'm a little, you know, crazy.


Sheena said...

Haha! I can totally see the shape of the skull cookies!

And thanks; you are awesome too!

Also, love the pic of the Biore strip! So those work well? I've been considering them.

julia said...

i have two awesome sisters too, so i understand :)

miss you kiddo,

Angela said...

Love the hair, and I'm looking forward to seeing the shawl done, it looks lovely!

jenn said...

i am holding sleeping beeb.

good post