Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Tea helps

I now have three jobs. I teach, I knit, and I serve coffee. The coffee thing happened not even a week ago (and I've already worked a night shift alone) so that hasn't totally sunk in yet. It's a very, very sweet side job: a nice, relaxed atmosphere, nice coworkers, good tips, and um... FREE SOY LATTES! Sorry I yelled but I get excited sometimes. I seriously think the money I'm going to save in not having to buy soy lattes is going to be worth the job alone- tips and being paid are just gravy.

And knitting is still good- it has seriously put a crimp into *my* knitting and last night I had to bribe myself with ice cream (soy) to knit but it is alllllll good. I've knit over 30 scarves in just over two weeks.

And teaching is fine. I'm pretty sick so I couldn't work today or Monday- which is hard. It is so hard to turn down work. I wig out. I cry. I get irrational and start to think about how many scarves I would have to knit in order to make up the day. I start to think about picking up more shifts at the coffee shop (I'm working 20 hours there a week). I start thinking about the tutoring job someone emailed me about. I start thinking about my student debt. I think about how I ate out last week instead of saving money to pay off my debt. I start to lose my mind.

I realized what my problem is. I'm not use to making money. At all. Not even remotely. And the responsibility is causing me to become obsessed with it. Thankfully due to some self talks and a very tearful phone call to my Mom I've come to some enlightenments. Wanna hear them? Sure you do.

1. I'm going to be okay.

2. I'm freaking sick. And even if I do take a sick day it's okay because I have TWO other jobs. I'm sick. I was exposed to 120 kids last week- it was bound to happen.

3. I love all my jobs. How fortunate am I that I can say that?

4. I'm going to be okay.

So I'm okay now. I was uber-productive due to guilt today which was good thing because this apartment is stellar clean. Oh... I just realized I did laundry and should go get it. Whatever. But I did realize that money is stressful and I have to make sure it doesn't get the upper hand. Evil money. But nice money. Evilly nice money.

This blog post was brought to you by Buckleys, Extra Strength Tylenol, and Stash Premium Tea. Any incoherence on the bloggers part is most likely due to one or all of them.


jenn said...

Money, jobs, mmm soy lattes. Is all very confusing! And fun!

Sheena said...

Hey Love, I'm glad you know you're going to be okay!
You know what would kind of be a cool idea? Every time you have a free soy latte, put that money you would have spent on it in a savings jar or something. Then you can really see how much money you've saved in a month!
Also, lunch is on me next time! :)

julia said...

ok, as someone who also gets freaked about money, might i suggest the following...

you have your budget right? so you know your basic needs budget. after it's been 'satisfied' for the month, you can make a plan with the rest. so you can say, after i make xxx dollars, the rest is split 30% savings, 20% extra loan payoffs, 30% infrastructure fund (for clothes, household items etc), and 20% yoner's entertainment fund...

or does that just make it more obsessive. sorry, i'm an enabler.

brooke t. higgins said...

Holy Shnikies. You have three jobs and you still knit 30 scarves in two weeks?

I want what she's having.

I mean, not the sickness. The uber energy drugs, of course.

You're awesome!

Annika said...

Wait, the 30 scarves ARE one of the jobs, right? Otherwise you're nuts.