Saturday, November 01, 2008

What have I done?

Well, I've only blogged 32 times in the past ten months so let's see how I do blogging 30 days in a row o_O

At least if I fail I can get one of those 'Nablopomo FAIL' badges. Thank goodness failing is cool now.

This also resulted in me finally downloading photos onto my new computer and it works just fine. Still need to do something about how huge my photos are but I'm going to work really hard at keeping them organized and named. I don't want them to get like they were on my old computer. I'm going to try to keep this computer as cluttered free as possible. No un-neccesary downloads, no random folders with stuff I have no idea what to do with, and so on and so forth. I know eventually things will get messy, but for right now I want to at least try.

So finally... here is a photo of my dearly loved old computer

And the new one! (And a new printer too!~ it's very noisy and Spike has already tried to kill it)
There is (to be expected) a photo of Malcolm on my background now. Duh.

Well... I don't want to blog too much tonight/morning. Firstly I'm tired (subbed from Monday to Thursday this week! Go team!) and also I don't want to go too much into stuff as I need to save stuff for November in case all I do is work and have nothing interesting to say. So I'll leave you with some random pics and notes.

I am attempting crochet again! I met a lovely crocheter at a knitting get together a few weeks ago and was inspired~ this is the sweet pea shawl from Happy Hooker by Stroller. It's chunkier yarn than recommended so I chained less (but I lost count so I don't know how much less). It's not without its flaws on the first row but ah well (I had seven remaining chains when I needed ten, so I just skipped three instead of four than four instead of five~ you see I don't think that even made sense to me). It'll be fine. And the colour is lilac- not the camel shade that it's showing up on my monitor.

Oh yes, and here's a photo of Spike with the new computer. If he wants attention he just sits or lays in front of the keyboard and stares.

Well, goodnight. I have a busy weekend planned and need to do something about my hair before I go to bed. I went as Medusa (as usual) and now have very frizzy hair after bobby pinning 14 snakes into my hair (spiders too!). Kinda a lame halloween though~ and I now officially hate fireworks. In a good side I've over 130 dollars in tips to spend on yarn! Woo!


Annika said...

Ooh, I love the sweet pea shawl. But I get too bored with crochet patterns so I haven't tried making it yet.

Anonymous said...

I like that PC setup