Tuesday, December 16, 2008


A couple of things...

1) Yeah, I'm still alive. Working like a crazy crazy person... like crazy. So tired if anyone is kind to me I start to cry. It's a good time. Working another 13 hour day tomorrow.

2) Kinda knitting. Started a toque and finished two cowls... the first one is uber neato made out of Noro Iro- the Scrunchable scarf pattern.
This one is the heart pattern from Vogue knit on huge needles and yarn doubled over. And that bottom picture? Yeah my hair looks like that all the time.

3) Got a little bit of xmas shopping done (do not feel like it's xmas at all! I can play xmas music and even with the snow it's not working). Spike is very happy I bought him this big bag!

4) The only reason I'm still alive is when I eat like this and actually get a good nights sleep.
5) I'm also busy cause I'm kinda seeing someone. Yeah, I know. We've only been dating for two weeks. His name is John and he's very tall, a librarian tech-guy, 31, very sweet and soft spoken, and we have the same politics. And he likes hockey. And no, I don't have his picture. He's got auburnie hair and has a beard. Seriously what more do you need to know? Oh, he's cooking me dinner tonight.


yarnpiggy said...

Glad to hear you're alive! And busy working, busy knitting, busy shopping, and busy...mind-my-own-busy. :-)

We'll be wanting a full report on the dinner.

knitpixie said...

Yay for being alive! 13 hour days suck. Hope dinner is awesome. Boys who can cook are handy to have around.

jess said...

like how you threw in the last and final point.

way to get a boy just before xmas..... wise woman, you... :)

xo jess