Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wait... what?

It's Christmas Eve!!!! OMZG! When did this happen? I'm posting just to post on the last day that I am 26. Crazy. Seriously, crazy amazing year 26 has been. I'm thinking 27 will also be interesting in that my life has changed so much this year 27 is all new territory.

Well, all the presents are wrapped. And despite waiting eight hours for a seven hour delayed flight I'm home and despite cancellations and a five hour delay Julia and Jason are home too! Apparently Julia traveled here from PNG just to continuously tease me about John but it's all good. :P

My stint at YVR was fine because I brought a tonne of knitting- I'll post pictures soon. I started to gap out at the five hour mark because all I had eaten was two bags of chips and M&Ms and NO coffee. I had a killer caffeine headache. And then when we got on the plane there was a delay waiting for people but thankfully they showed up because if they hadn't we would have had to wait for them to take off their luggage and then there was a technical problem that had to be dealt with and then it took us around 15 minutes to get to the one operating runway. I took some awesome photos of the mountains for you. I'll get those later.

Okay, I'm going to bed a 26 year old and I'll blog tomorrow as a 27 year old. Freaky. (well, not really all that freaky but I really feel like this has all crept up on me!)


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Last Minute Xmas Shopping For ME!!!

1) Never Not Knitting Calendar by Stephanie Pearl McPhee

2) Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarns by Carol Sulcoski

3) Wrapped in Crochet by Kristin Omdahl

4) Knitted Lace of Estonia by Nancy Bush

5) It Itches by Franklin Habit

6) Inspired to Knit by Michelle Rose Orne

7) Spider Man Sticker Collection (Glow in the Dark)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Past 24 Hours of Leone: A Fancy Pants Play

(I have no idea any more how to put a play together so if I make a mistake I don't care)

Scene 1: 2:20 pm- Elementary school that Leone has been working at for 10 days.

Oh my, the teacher I've been replacing is fer sure coming back tomorrow so I won't be here tomorrow. AND I don't work at the coffee shop tomorrow... that means my first day off in a month! Oh the things I will do... phone Sheena, go to Slumdog Millionaire with John, finish xmas shopping, knit, read, go for a walk, get groceries, clean out my walk in closet....

Leone's Immune System: Finally I get a break! I've been working overtime. I'm just going to go on a short vacation. No need to lock the door behind me. I'm sure everything will be fine.

Leone starts to sniff.

Scene 2: 4:00pm- Leone arrives for closing shift at cafe.

Leone: I can't stop sniffling! Ah well, tra la la la la.

Phlegm: Oh.... this looks like a fun place to hang out! Hey Snot!

Snot: Why hello phlegm! How are you? I've been here for a bit- the door was unlocked! Say, is that Cough I see coming this way?

Scene 3: 9:00pm- still at coffee shop

Leone: Here's your coffee *sneeze hack whimper* and your muffin. Have a good *cough* evening!

Leone's Boss: Holy you look like crap.

Cough: I just got a text from Sinus Pain- he's on his way!

Cut to a shot of Maui or something

Leone's immune system is sleeping off a hangover on the beach.

Scene 4: 4:30am- Leone is helping friend who stayed over at her place get ready to go to the airport

Friend: Wha wha wha wha

Leone: Huh?

Snot: Where's Random Crap? I thought she said she would be here?

Sinus Pain: Oh, she's over hanging out in the ears.

Scene 5: 5:45am Leone lying in bed comatose.

Spike: Hey! Watcha doing? Can I drink your water? Can I sit on you and purr in your face? Can I knock the kleenex off the bed? Can I get my claw stuck in your pillow? Augh- my claw is stuck! Freak out freak out freak out! Sorry I scratched you but my claw was stuck. What if I sit on the dresser and yowl at you? Hey! I'm in your dresser! No I don't think I'm too heavy to be in here. Hey my claw is stuck in your blouse! I'll just drag it behind me into the hallway. Can you hear my yowl from out here? Watcha doing?

Scene 6: 11:30am in Safeway

Leone is trying to figure out what drugs to buy.

Leone: Cough wheeeeze hack sniffle sneeze sneeze *blow nose* whimper

Other customers avoid her. Bad Hair makes many cameo apperances during this scene to dance jigs.

Scene 7: 1:15pm

Leone is making split pea soup. Leone's Immune System returns from day trip.

Leone's Immune System: AUGH! What the hell? Where's the door? Who are all you people? Jesus christ just look at the kitchen! What is wrong with you! I'm so overwhelmed! *faint*

Leone: Hack cough *sigh* sneeze snort hac cough whimper

The End (it's not a happy nor a good play- it's just this).

And a random LOLcat to make everything okay.

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


A couple of things...

1) Yeah, I'm still alive. Working like a crazy crazy person... like crazy. So tired if anyone is kind to me I start to cry. It's a good time. Working another 13 hour day tomorrow.

2) Kinda knitting. Started a toque and finished two cowls... the first one is uber neato made out of Noro Iro- the Scrunchable scarf pattern.
This one is the heart pattern from Vogue knit on huge needles and yarn doubled over. And that bottom picture? Yeah my hair looks like that all the time.

3) Got a little bit of xmas shopping done (do not feel like it's xmas at all! I can play xmas music and even with the snow it's not working). Spike is very happy I bought him this big bag!

4) The only reason I'm still alive is when I eat like this and actually get a good nights sleep.
5) I'm also busy cause I'm kinda seeing someone. Yeah, I know. We've only been dating for two weeks. His name is John and he's very tall, a librarian tech-guy, 31, very sweet and soft spoken, and we have the same politics. And he likes hockey. And no, I don't have his picture. He's got auburnie hair and has a beard. Seriously what more do you need to know? Oh, he's cooking me dinner tonight.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

You've probably already seen this but it bears repeating...

See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die

And yes- I'm going to bed.

Heh... bears.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Crash and Burn

So I haven't had a day off since Grad and yesterday I worked from 9-3 at a school, then 4-930 at the cafe, and then today I worked 9-3 again. At around 3:20 as I was walking uphill towards my French class I started to feel tired...

then really really tired...

then I started to hurt on the inside...

by the time French class started I was mostly dead. My French teacher even said (in her awesome French accent) 'Leone you look dead'. I agreed.

I was suppose to go shopping downtown but when I entered the book store I saw that my bus was right outside the other doors- just waiting- so I hurried and the bus driver waited and let me on! Unheard of for an express bus. When I was on the bus I wasn't so tired I was falling asleep- I can't sleep on public buses- but I started to sympathize with people who do. I often mock people who sleep on the bus, mostly because I'm a bad person (but also because they do funny things) but I have always been thankful that I have never been so tired I sleep on the bus. I value sleep quite a bit.

Got home and stayed up long enough (and believe me- this took every bit of will power I had) to put on a load of laundry and then stayed up long enough to put it in the dryer but then I fell asleep and didn't go back down to get them for three hours. Thankfully no one needed the dryer. I don't like it when strangers touch my laundry.

So in retrospect, my plan for the evening falling through was a good thing. I don't think I would have been the best dinner buddy. Falling asleep in my sushi. And now I'm going to go have a bubble bath and go back to bed. Sweet dreams.