Friday, March 20, 2009

Blogging Again Part I of II

Holy crap I have an apartment! I was very concerned it was winning: the laundry, the dust, the paper, the yarn, the books... augh. It was very overwhelming and the whole working like a crazy woman wasn't helping. Before my Mom came I spent many repeats of Rihanna on my 'walk-in closet' situation. You see, I couldn't walk in my walk-in closet anymore. It wasn't good. I ended up with a walk-in closet, many shirts I had forgotten I owned and am very pleased to have back, and two and a half bags destined for Big Brothers.

When Mom got here she helped me a lot with, well, everything and also helped me with my living room. It was actually nice because a good friend gave me two bookshelves so for once I actually had space for all my stuff. We also moved things around which is fun and exciting. Spike is exhausted from the day.

Here is the daybed moved up against the far wall (ignore the rumpled look- it's still in process) with my shoerack beside it and my new knitting on it (see Part II). On the wall is a Georgia O'Keefe and a Shaun Tan both from the Vancouver Art Gallery- remants of shows I've seen. Oh- and my frog calendar.
Here is the wall my table use to be against. We put the table there and put my PNG painting on the wall (my Renoir is also up there- my most favorite ever). Mom is eating an orange. A lot of yarn is on the bottom part of my shelf in those clear structured bedding bags- very helpful.
The flip side wall from the table. You can see the new bookshelf from Jess with the new TV stand- which I love! Do you love my way of storing the dpns?
Makes me very happy.

And not many pictures of my bedroom but I did want to show you my new yarn storage system (besides the yarn in my living room and on my daybed). Jenn bought me one of those spiffy things that hang down from your ceiling and I put very special yarn in it. My knitting needles and magazines went on one shelf, my knitting books on another, and more yarn on the top and other one there.

I am tired.


Jenn said...

Oh, your apartment looks wonderful!!!!


That must have been so much work for you two. And great timing. I was just thinking that if we visit in April Malcolm would destroy so many things - but now we might be able to contain the damage!


Anonymous said...

Love the DPN holders! You're so cunning. :) I give you huge kudos for doing a spring cleaning. You're my hero.

Angela said...

I think I'm going to steal you dpn holder idea and expand it to all my needles. Beautiful!

jess said...

LOVE the new look for your apartment!!!!! yay for organizing and for showcasing all of your creative power.

and, i couldn't tell you on facebook since my bro's on it, but i finished my very first sweater. it's for my niece and i finished it!!! i'll send you pics once i've totally finished it.

and i'm in agreement with everyone here since i too think the dpn idea is great!
xo j